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This year marks The Group’s REALTOR® Megan Wachtman’s 21st year in real estate. Megan has consistently grown her business while simultaneously raising her family. In a career known for long work hours, unpredictable schedules, and clients who have ongoing needs, Megan has reached the point most strive for: balance in work-life. Instead of the 80 hour work weeks she once pulled, she now works approximately 30 hours a week. She drops off and picks up her three kids – Sophia (14), Khloe (12), and Harper (6) – from school each day, and finds time to give back to her community through volunteering on the Larimer Search and Rescue Team. “The amount of time I had to invest in becoming certified for Search and Rescue was more demanding than real estate!” Megan laughed. “But it is so worth it.”

She’s a Top Producer for a reason and that’s strong work ethic and a nonstop commitment to working smarter, not harder. “I am a naturally goal-oriented person,” Megan explained. “I went to Wayne State in Nebraska for two years on a track scholarship and sports taught me to work toward goals.” She grew up in a town of 800 people in Iowa, the daughter of the town’s Mayor who also worked as the area’s Fire Chief. From her small-town upbringing, Megan learned connection and the value of getting to know people authentically; it has served her in her real estate career and fed her ongoing desire to understand those around her. “I love the emotion of real estate, the rollercoaster ride with clients. Some people shy away from that piece, but I gravitate toward it. I’m all in with the ups and downs and honestly find closing day a little bit depressing; I get to know people so well during our time working together and then suddenly I am not talking to them multiple times a day!” Megan explained. “I love surrounding myself with people I know and trust and I consider my clients to be in that pool, along with my co-workers and friends.”

In the beginning, Megan worked seven days a week for three years straight. “I wasn’t a mom yet and was able to just pour everything into work. I concentrated on buyers and I was on a team for a while at RE/MAX Alliance. I eventually ventured out and spent the following five years solo.” Megan did countless open houses, showed thousands of homes, and commented on how things have changed since those early days. “Back then, there was high inventory. It wasn’t unusual to show a client 30-35 homes before they bought one. Now we’re seeing houses go within a day, even in just an hour or so and this isn’t unusual. There is tremendous demand, low interest rates, and a lot of spending money out there.” In her first seven years at 8z, Megan worked as Managing Broker, only moving away from this role as she became a Partner and decided to focus more on her immediate business versus the heavy recruiting and training that was part of her role previously. She is currently a Broker Associate/Partner at The Group Real Estate. Megan’s career has allowed her to see the changes in the industry more than just once; she has worked as a REALTOR® through the era of short sales and foreclosures, bubbles (plural), and unpredictable world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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