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Northern Colorado is an amazing place to live!  I am incredibly thankful for the 25 years I have been here. April (my high-school sweetheart and wife of 23 years) and I feel supremely blessed to raise our family in such an amazing part of the country.  Our 11 children (not a typo, see photo) have benefited tremendously from the exceptional lifestyle available to those who call this place home. We love to hike, ski and picnic in the glory of the Rockies. 

I found great fulfillment enabling people to realize their dreams for their homes during the decade I spent as a residential contractor. That experience has also given me the ability to recognize quality in home construction, and how to spot potential issues. As an avid real estate investor and manager for many years, I have seen firsthand the incredible benefits that can be realized through real estate, and many of the pitfalls to avoid.  I love to share the lessons I’ve learned to help others on this exciting journey.

After my contracting career, I worked for 9 years in the renewable energy industry, facilitating the development, financing and interconnection of large-scale solar projects. My roles in both the housing and energy industries instilled a high appreciation for finishing well and finishing on time. As a result, my real-estate clients benefit from my relentless pursuit of the goal and from my passionate quest for quality.

My aim is to operate with complete integrity, display exceptional competence and provide superior service to all my clients.


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Professional Qualifications

Broker Associate/Partner, The Group, Inc.
Member of the Fort Collins Board of Realtors
Member of the Colorado Association of Realtors
Member of the National Association of Realtors
Former licensed contractor in Fort Collins


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