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Photo of Jeff Berthiaume

Jeff Berthiaume - Loan Officer

Mulberry jberthiaume@groupmortgagellc.com 970.419.2372 www.jeffberthiaume.com

NMLS# 680356 | LMB100047899

Jeff is located in our Mulberry Office and has been lending for 17 years. His favorite hobbies include golf, snowboarding, traveling, and racquetball.

Photo of Tara Doak

Tara Doak - Loan Officer

Harmony tdoak@groupmortgagellc.com 970.229.2510 www.tarabuiltloans.com

NMLS#680348 | LMB100047896

Tara Doak is located in our Harmony Office and has been lending since 2002. She enjoys anything outdoors, snowboarding, biking, running, shopping, traveling, hiking, and cheering for the Broncos.

Photo of Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis - Loan Officer

Horsetooth sellis@groupmortgagellc.com 970.377.4904 www.scottellismortgage.com

NMLS#680236 | LMB100047900

Scott is located in our Horsetooth Office and has been lending since 2002. His hobbies include working out/weightlifting, adult rec. softball, youth sports coaching, and home improvements/landscaping.

Photo of Joey Hansen

Joey Hansen - Loan Officer

Colorado Springs jhansen@groupmortgagellc.com 719.694.1207 www.joeyhansen.com

NMLS#96996 | LMB100050764

Joey is located in our Colorado Springs office and has been lending since 2002. She loves the distinct seasons that Colorado offers, and plays in the great outdoors as much as possible with her husband and two young sons. She also loves to cook gourmet meals as long as she has a good recipe to follow. If there’s no such good recipe, then she simply loves to eat gourmet meals.

Photo of Jason Peifer

Jason Peifer - Loan Officer | Sales Manager

Mulberry jpeifer@groupmortgagellc.com 970.419.2374 www.jasonpeifer.com

NMLS#655431 | LMB100047902

Jason is located in our Mulberry Office and has been lending since 2001. He enjoys the outdoors and activities it offers.

Photo of John Polansky

John Polansky - Loan Officer

Centerra jpolansky@groupmortgagellc.com 970.679.1553 www.johnpolansky.com

NMLS#684916 | LMB100047895

John is located in our Centerra Office and has been in the lending since 2001. He is bilingual and enjoys being outdoors and is active in sports including open water swimming and rowing.