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14 Meaningful Thanksgiving Crafts to Make With Kids

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays — as it involves lots of quality time with friends and family, football games, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and of course, lots of delicious food. But above all of that, it provides the opportunity to reflect and remember all there is to be thankful for. From simple things like coffee and sweaters, to more important things, like a roof over our heads and incredible relationships, there is so much to be thankful for. And it’s so important to pass along a spirit of gratitude to the littlest members of our family!

Get crafty this year by creating one of these fun, simple Thanksgiving crafts, all of which are focused on expressing gratitude in unique ways. This is an interactive way to keep your little ones busy while helping them reflect on all the things they are thankful for. That’s the reason for the holiday after all!


Gratitude Turkeys

From Happiness is Homemade

Happiness is Homemade
Photo Courtesy of Happiness is Homemade

This colorful turkey is made with a few simple supplies, including things you might already have on hand, like an empty toilet paper tube, a paper plate and a paper cup. And the best part? Your child gets to write all the things they’re thankful for on each of the feathers!


Thankful Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

From Charleston Crafted

DIY Thankful Thanksgiving Wall Hanging Charleston Crafted
Photo Courtesy of Charleston Crafted

This project doubles as an exercise in gratitude and adding festive fall decor to your wall! This thankful Thanksgiving wall hanging has a rustic feel to it, using natural materials like a stick, leaves and acorns. It has “THANKFUL” across the top and little tags dangling below, where you can write down what you’re thankful for.


Thankful Pumpkin Centerpiece

From Burlap + Blue

DIY Thankful Pumpkin Centerpiece Burlap and Blue
Photo Courtesy of Burlap + Blue

If you have an uncarved pumpkin left over from Halloween, repurpose it and create a thankful pumpkin centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast! This simple project will only take a few minutes to complete. And you can even display small blank pumpkins for your guests to fill in themselves!


Thanksgiving Handprint Tree

From Crafts By Amanda

DIY Thanksgiving Handprint Tree Crafts by Amanda
Photo Courtesy of Crafts By Amanda

Kids grow up so fast, so it’s important to savor each stage they go through. Capture their current age by tracing their tiny handprints to create a family Thanksgiving handprint tree! You’ll love looking back on this in the years to come, as you remember all you were thankful for — and how much everyone has grown.


Thankful Turkey (& Treat Box)

From Red Ted Art

DIY Thankful Turkey Red Ted Art
Photo Courtesy of Red Ted Art

This adorable turkey craft is both easy to make and eco-friendly, as it utilizes egg cartons — something we usually have plenty of in the recycling bin. Plus, it serves as a display of all you’re grateful for and a storage container for your favorite fall treat, like candy corn! This makes for an adorable addition to each place setting — and you can leave the feathers blank for guests to fill out.


3-D Thankful Tree

From Messy Little Monster

DIY 3-D Thankful Tree Messy Little Monster
Photo Courtesy of Messy Little Monster

This bright, cheerful thankful tree makes for a 3-dimensional, eye-catching table centerpiece. You can opt to use silk leaves, DIY paper leaves, or even real leaves if you can!


Pumpkin Pie Thankfulness Activity

From Crafts on Sea

DIY Pumpkin Pie Thankfulness Activity Crafts on Sea
Photo Courtesy of Crafts on Sea

Recreate everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert — pumpkin pie — with this cute and simple pumpkin pie thankfulness activity. You’ll paint on a paper plate, write down what you’re grateful for on the dollop of “whipped cream,” and display the pieces of pie on a garland for everyone to see!


Framed Thankful Tree

From Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Create a special keepsake you can treasure for years to come by making this framed thankful tree. You’ll create your own tree shape and fill the branches with colorful scrapbook paper leaves, where you’ll write what you’re grateful for. Each family member could have a specific leaf color or you can mix and match! 


Gratitude Box

From My Joy-Filled Life

We love this simple gratitude box made using an empty tissue box and pieces of festive scrapbook paper. Once your masterpiece is complete, have each member of your family write down something they are thankful for each day leading up to the holiday, place them in the box, and then read them together around the Thanksgiving table!


Turkey Spinner Craft

From ConservaMom

DIY Turkey Spinner Craft ConservaMom
Photo Courtesy of ConservaMom

This fun, interactive turkey spinner is a unique way to display what you’re thankful for — and is easy enough for kids to complete with minimal adult supervision! The end result allows you to rotate the spinner to reveal all there is to be grateful for.


Thankful Paper Bag Placemats

From C.R.A.F.T.

DIY Thankful Paper Bag Placemats CRAFT
Photo Courtesy of C.R.A.F.T.

These easy-to-make paper bag placemats kill three birds with one stone: helping guests of all ages express what they’re grateful for, keeping the little ones entertained, and marking who should sit where. You’ll use crumpled brown paper bags to make placemats each guest can draw and write on!


Simple Gratitude Tree

From Kids Activities Blog

DIY Simple Gratitude Tree Kids Activities Blog
Photo Courtesy of Kids Activities Blog

If you want your kids’ crafts to blend in with your neutral decor, this one’s for you! This simple gratitude tree utilizes real branches and small rocks for a natural look — and you can use any pattern for the leaves made out of scrapbook paper.


Marbled Clay Gratitude Leaves

From Rhythms of Play

DIY Marbled Clay Gratitude Leaves Rhythms of Play
Photo Courtesy of Rhythms of Play

All kids love playing with clay — and the end result of these marbled clay gratitude leaves is stunning! You can either hang the leaves on a mobile or bare branches to create a gratitude tree effect.


Brown Paper Bag Turkey

From Crafty Morning

Paper bag puppets are a classic, interactive craft that will entertain for hours — and this brown paper bag turkey has a special sentimental twist. After adorning your turkey with colorful feathers, eyes, a beak and a gobble, you’ll write what you’re thankful for on the body.


Happy Thanksgiving!

May you have a joyous holiday filled with lots of turkey, time with family, and thankfulness.

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