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15 Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins, Mapped

If there’s one thing — okay, two things — we love here in Fort Collins, it’s craft beer and dogs. Just take one look at the city and you’ll find a brewery on almost every corner — and dogs and their owners walking on the sidewalks between them. So thankfully, we can combine both beer and dogs at the many dog-friendly breweries in Fort Collins!

Bring your furry friend along for the adventure at these breweries in Fort Collins. We’ve fetched all the details you need to know before your visit, including which breweries allow dogs inside their taproom and which only allow dogs on their outdoor patio. Cheers!


Equinox Brewing

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins Equinox Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Equinox Brewing

Equinox Brewing has one of our favorite patios in Old Town, perfect for sipping their exceptional beers. They regularly rotate their styles and dispense them in a variety of ways — from regular taps to nitro brews. Adorned with a colorful mural, the beer garden is shaded with shade cloths and umbrellas to keep the intense Colorado sun out of your eyes. And of course, the patio is dog-friendly!



Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

As can be implied from their name, Funkwerks is a funky, unique brewery known for their specialty Saisons. Find out what they’re currently pouring, from mainstays to seasonals, and make a visit to their upbeat taproom. And their FAQ page says your dog (and cat, pig or other animal!) is invited as well — as long as they are friendly and remain leashed. You must pick up after your pet and remain aware of other customers around you, as well as their landscaping. Dogs are allowed both inside the taproom and out on the patio!


Gilded Goat Brewing

Dogs Allowed on Outdoor Patio

This family-owned brewery brews bold and balanced beer influenced by the Colorado lifestyle. Born from a love of old-world European pubs and a desire to recreate that community atmosphere back home, head brewer Charlie Hoxmeier and his team created a local brewery that has quickly settled into FoCo’s beer culture. Dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio at Gilded Goat, which offers shade for the hot days and furnace heaters for the cold ones.


Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

Dogs Allowed on Outdoor Patio

Horse & Dragon may not allow actual horses and dragons, but your dog is invited on their patio any day — as long as they are well-behaved and leashed. Sit at one of the pet-friendly outdoor tables and sip on one of their flavorful beers, whether you’re craving an IPA, pale ale, stout or sour.


Intersect Brewing

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins Intersect Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Intersect Brewing

Intersect Brewing is family-owned and neighborhood-focused so when it comes to kids and dogs, they’re all welcome! The brewery was founded as a place for friends and families to meet, unwind and socialize so they’ve created spaces inside and outside for you (and your dog) to do just that. Not only does Intersect have exceptional beers on tap, they also partner with local restaurants and food vendors to cultivate their menu, which has pizza, charcuterie, burritos, pretzels, and more!


Jessup Farm Barrel House

Dogs Allowed on Outdoor Patio

There’s so much to do at Jessup Farm Artisan Village — and your dog can come along for the adventure, especially on the patio at Jessup Farm Barrel House. Well-behaved/socialized dogs are welcome on the patio, as long as they are on a leash during your visit. This brewery utilizes tequila, whiskey, rum, bourbon and wine barrels to age their beers, creating a truly unique yet approachable lineup!


Maxline Brewing

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins Maxline Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Maxline Brewing

Dog-friendly, kid-friendly, community-friendly — Maxline Brewing is all about creating a welcoming atmosphere! Not only do they donate and fundraise for local nonprofits, they’re also committed to serving 30 hours per month volunteering and working at local farms. There’s always something going on at Maxline, from food trucks parked on-site to live music from May through October — and you can bring your dog along for all of the fun. Dogs are allowed both inside the taproom and out on the outdoor patio.


New Belgium Brewing

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

As well-known as the brewery has become, we still have a special place in our hearts for New Belgium. And how could you not, with its exceptional beer lineup, lively taproom and outdoor patio, and various happenings, such as events and tours? Dogs are allowed both inside the taproom (as long as they are always on a leash) and out on the patio, but not on tours. Bring your own food or buy food from a food truck, and pair it with one of their refreshing, award-winning brews.


Obstacle Brewing and Grill

Dogs Allowed on Outdoor Patio

Obstacle Brewing and Grill was created as a place to support those in our community struggling to overcome various obstacles — and they do this by donating a portion of profits to local organizations on Mondays and other opportunities to give back throughout the week. But they also make great beer and a large food menu with a selection of burgers, sandwiches, subs, salads and more. Your dog is welcome on the enclosed outdoor patio, which is gated and shaded during the hot months and heated during the cold months!


Odell Brewing Co.

Dogs Allowed on Outdoor Patio

Odell may have a large following within the U.S. (and even across the pond in the UK) but over the years, the brewery has kept to its family-owned roots right here in its hometown of Fort Collins. Their brews are built on British styles, where innovation and creativity meet balance, consistency and quality. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the patio at Odell as long as they are on a leash. Dogs are not allowed in the taproom other than while you are purchasing your beer. And be sure to check the Fort Collins taproom page for dates when they do not allow dogs at the brewery due to capacity and safety concerns.


Purpose Brewing and Cellars

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins Purpose Brewing and Cellars
Photo Courtesy of Purpose Brewing and Cellars

Using special ingredients — from fruit and coffee to spices and wood — Purpose Brewing and Cellars strives to create beers that will inspire you to pause and appreciate the craft, the surroundings and the community. Every weekend, Purpose is serving up 4-5 unique beers that differ from week to week, which always includes a different barrel-aged beer and most of the time, a delicious sour. And your dog is invited to join in on the fun, both inside the brewery and out on the patio!


Rally King Brewing

Dogs Allowed on Outdoor Patio

Situated along the Spring Creek Trail, Rally King Brewing is about as “Fort Collins” as you can get, as bikers often stop here for a post-ride beer! The brewery is both kid- and pet-friendly, with a spacious and shaded outdoor patio for your pups and plenty of games to keep your kids occupied while you sip on a beer or two. There are also non-alcoholic beverages available for kids and adults alike!


Snowbank Brewing

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins Snowbank Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Miguel Molina via Snowbank Brewing

Snow and beer are quintessential Colorado elements and Snowbank Brewing Company capitalizes on this beautiful combination. They provide what they call “a departure from the traditional” as they focus on innovation and a passion for the Colorado lifestyle. And it wouldn’t be a Colorado lifestyle without dogs! Your furry friends are allowed both inside the taproom and out on the patio at Snowbank. Try one of their six flagship beers or a fruited sour, barrel-aged stout and some small-batch options. You’ll often find a food truck parked on site during the weekends — or you can bring your food!


Stodgy Brewing Company

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Situated in a historic building that has held a number of different businesses over the decades, Stodgy Brewing is a relatively new brewery in northwest Fort Collins. The name means simple and unpretentious, and also heavy and filling (as in, full of carbs), which perfectly describes this place — and the delicious beers they are producing. Dogs are welcome both inside and outside at Stodgy; you’ll both love the spacious outdoor patio with string lights and plenty of trees providing shade. Be sure to ask about the Dog Beer Biscuits for a special treat for your pup!


Zwei Brewing

Dogs Allowed Inside Taproom + Outdoor Patio

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins Zwei Brewing
Photo Courtesy of a Fellow Beer Drinker via Zwei Brewing

You can always trust a German-style brewery and Zwei is no exception. This brewery is run by two brothers who are passionate about brewing and possess some serious talent for making small-batch craft beer. Visit their comfortable and casual tap room — either inside at their bar or on their spacious patio at one of the beetle-kill pine tables. If it’s your first time, we suggest starting with Zwei’s classic Dunkel or Helles beers, but you can’t go wrong with any of their award-winning options. And of course, dogs are welcome at Zwei, as long as they are kept on a short leash and do not bark or cry. If you need treats, dog bowls or potty bags, just ask the staff!



We hope you (and your pup) have a ball at the brewery!

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