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9 Reasons Our Agents Love Living in Northern Colorado

Happy Valentine’s Day! In celebration of this love-filled holiday, we are sharing the things we love most about living in Northern Colorado. But it wasn’t difficult to list out some of our favorite features. Just look around — the mountains, the sparkling lakes, our charming downtown areas, the beautiful homes — there sure is a lot to love about NoCo, from Wellington to Loveland and Fort Collins to Greeley.

When considering a move to a new area, there is no better resource than the real estate agents who live and work there. They are knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the community, from the best neighborhoods to live in and the most desirable school districts, to the restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and other important lifestyle factors.

And after several years of living here, our agents sure have developed a crush. Consider this our collective love letter to Northern Colorado!


Big City Living With Small Town Charm

Northern Colorado offers the best of both worlds, including all the amenities you expect from a larger city coupled with the small town charm we all adore.

“The quality of life is my favorite thing about living in Northern Colorado. It’s big city living with small town charm. From outdoor activities to world renowned craft beer, Northern Colorado has it all!”

Tom Flanagan


The Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Northern Colorado

Todd Fields listed off a wide range of perks of NoCo living (including a fellow Groupie!), including the cost of living. When compared to some of our southern neighbors, including Boulder and Denver, Northern Colorado is relatively affordable. Plus, you can go out of town a little to discover even more affordable housing prices in places like Greeley, Wellington and Windsor.

“I love the people, the outdoors, the location near many famous parks, the cost of living, Kevin Bolin, the charitable community, and the weather.”

Todd Fields


The People

At the end of the day, it’s all about the people. And our people are some of the best! There’s a certain down-to-earth quality Coloradans have. We take the time to say “hello” to our neighbors, pause for conversation in the grocery store aisle, or help someone with a flat tire.

“I love living in Northern Colorado because of the people, the beautiful Rocky Mountain backdrop and the endless outdoor activities. The breweries are not a bad addition to this beautiful place either!”

Nicole Jewell


The Views

Reasons We Love Living in Northern Colorado

We will never tire of the views we get to experience on a daily basis — from the towering mountains to the peaceful plains, and of course all the rivers and lakes lined with pines and aspens.

“I love that wherever you go, the views are incredible. We get great cloud formations coming off the mountains. Sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, moonsets — I never tire of looking at the sky!”

Dennis Barnes

“I love walking around McIntosh Lake — morning, noon, or sunset. The views never disappoint!”

Anne Dorozenski


The Sense of Community

A person is only as strong as the community around them. It’s easy to build relationships and develop community in Northern Colorado, as people are eager to welcome newcomers and take care of each other.

“My favorite thing about living in Northern Colorado is the sense of community. I love seeing neighbors take care of each other.”

Shelly Goldrich


Outdoor Recreation + Horsetooth Reservoir

Outdoor Recreation in Northern Colorado

To say we have access to outdoor recreation is an understatement. And much of it centers on Horsetooth Reservoir, the Cache la Poudre River, Lory State Park, Pawnee National Grasslands, and even the renowned Rocky Mountain National Park, which are all just a short drive away. Whether you like to hike, bike, kayak, rock climb or camp, there’s something for you to do outdoors in Northern Colorado.

“I love the amount of outdoor adventures and activities at our fingertips! The trails around Horsetooth Reservoir are my go-to’s for mountain biking and trail running!”

Kim Doll

“I love spending a warm, sunny day on my boat at Horsetooth with family and friends.”

Matt Thompson


Access to Denver

Northern Colorado welcomes many Denver transplants in search of a lower cost of living, a family-friendly feel, and an overall slower pace of life. However, once you’re here, you can still hop on I-25 to access the many things you love about Denver, including its restaurants, bars, breweries, major events, the airport, Broncos games, Red Rocks, and more.

“I love that it’s not Denver/Boulder but it’s easy to visit both.”

Todd Fields


The Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizations in Northern Colorado

NoCo residents love to give back by donating their time, money, or other resources. Just take a look at the many nonprofits and charitable organizations in Loveland and the many ways Larimer County organizations gave back throughout the pandemic.

“From the Bohemian Foundation, to WomenGive, to Respite Care and so many other phenomenal local charities — there are so many generous donors living here and giving back to their community that gives so much to them.”

Shelly Goldrich


The Beautiful Weather

Sure, we may have a longer snow season than other areas, but that snow is countered with an impressive sunshine record. In fact, Fort Collins gets about 237 sunny days a year! And don’t even get us started on the fall weather coupled with bright yellow aspen leaves…

“I love the weather! It’s so great to live somewhere with four seasons, but where it can snow one day and you can play tennis the next! All the sunshine — more than just about anywhere else in the US — is a bonus!”

Kathy Arents

“We have the best weather. There is so much beautiful sunshine even in the winter. And the best weather season is fall. Enjoying long hikes on the beautiful warm dry days with the golden sun shining, followed by a beer on one of our local brewery patios — it’s hard to beat that!”

Abbey Boeding


What do you love about living in NoCo?

Tell us your favorite features of this region we love so much!

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