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11 Spring 2021 Interior Design Trends to Incorporate in Your Home

Spring is almost here! While we love decorating and updating our homes at the turn of each season, there’s just something about spring that feels bright, cheerful and filled with hope. Bring those emotions into your interior with these interior design trends we can expect to see in spring 2021! 

We’re anticipating that we’ll all spend quite a bit of time at home this spring, so it’s important to make it feel like a sanctuary — a place you feel uplifted, comfortable and inspired. 

From overall themes, like a focus on comfort and nostalgia, to specific colors you can expect to see, here are a few ways to bring your home to life this spring. 


Green Kitchen Cabinets 

Painting kitchen cabinets is a simple yet powerful way to add a pop of color to your kitchen landscape. And according to interior designer Rachel Street, host of DIY Network’s Philly Revivalgreen is the color for kitchen cabinets in 2021. She told Insider, “Because green is a mix of blue and yellow colors, it works with both cool color palettes and warm, cozier kitchen designs.” Green provides so many options, from the bright and bold to the calm and subdued shades, like sage, olive and mint. 



Spring Home Decor Trends | Cottagecore

The cottagecore trend has taken the Internet by storm, especially on TikTok. Also known as farmcore or countrycorecottagecore is a style of dress, design and décor reminiscent of what you might find in a cottage in the countryside. It’s all about gardening, greenery, floral Chinaware, farmhouse tables and rustic details. It’s a whimsical aesthetic centered on natural living — and bringing the outdoors in. Is there a better time to explore this nature-inspired craze than spring? We think not. Here are a few ways to bring cottagecore into your home! 


The Pantone Colors of the Year 

The Pantone Colors of the Year for 2021 are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a light gray and bright yellow that perfectly embody a message of happiness supported by fortitude. Ultimate Gray is emblematic of solid and dependable elements, like stone and concrete, while Illuminating is a warming yellow, offering up a bright and cheerful feeling. Spring is the perfect time to add this cheerful yellow and grounding shade of gray to your home — here are a few ways to do so! 


Vintage + Nostalgia 

Spring Home Decor Trends | Vintage + Nostalgia

There was a focus on all things nostalgic in 2020, as many of us longed for comfort and all things familiar during such an uncertain time. This emphasis on the old and pre-loved is extending into 2021 and beyond — in the form of vintage furniture and sentimental pieces of décor around the home. If you’re looking for a “new” secondhand piece of furniture and other one-of-a-kind knick knacks for your shelves, look no further than these vintage and antique shops in Fort Collins. 


Sustainability + Natural Fibers 

Sustainability has been a focus in the interior design and home builder world for several years now — and it’s only going to become more prominent. Homeowners are seeking furniture and décor made with sustainable materials and natural fibers. Many are steering towards craft, handmade furniture made with care, rejecting the cheaper “fast furniture” that saw a rise in the early 2000s. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind investment piece, look no further than Baldwin Hardwoods in Fort Collins or Miikana Woodworking in Loveland! 



Spring Home Decor Trends | Houseplants

This “trend” has been around for several years, but it’s something we can get on board with year after year, and season after season. Especially as our vegetable gardens and flower beds begin to bloom in the spring! Bring the outdoors in by adding a few more houseplants to your living spaces. Some of the best garden centers in Northern Colorado have an exceptional houseplant selection — especially Bath Garden Center & NurseryGulley Greenhouse & Garden Center, and Loveland Garden Center! 


Ocean Hues 

Pantone isn’t the only brand that releases a “color of the year” on an annual basis. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2021 is Aegean Teal 2136-40, an “intriguing, balanced and deeply soothing” hue that promotes natural harmony. It is a calming ocean blue shade — one that brings a sunshiny feel to our homes this spring and beyond. Not to mention, Benjamin Moore’s accompanying Color Trends 2021 Palette is bursting with springy hues, from Rosy Peach to Chestertown Buff. 



Spring Home Decor Trends | Friluftsliv

Is friluftsliv the new “hygge”? This one’s a little less about the interior of your home and more about your outdoor spaces — which is where you’ll be spending much of your time this spring, summer and fall. The Danish concept of friluftsliv translates to “free air life” — the Nordic concept of getting outdoors. This is a concept reminiscent of the pandemic, when many small gatherings and holiday celebrations were moved outside and outdoor spaces became much more important. 

Spend a little extra time creating an inviting space on your outdoor patio or deck this spring with comfortable seating, twinkling string lights, large tables, potted plants, and other elements that promote friluftsliv. 


Neutral Earth Tones 

While pops of color are all the rage in the spring, there’s nothing quite like those neutral, earthy tones to create a clean, calm and sophisticated environment in your home. Earth tones, like shades of brown, burnt umber, terracotta, beige, taupe and tan will continue to be popular well into 2021. And if you’re missing color, have no fear! These neutral tones pair quite well with whatever bolder, brighter color(s) you prefer. 



Spring Home Decor Trends | Grandmillennial

A common theme for 2021’s trends is sentimentality and nostalgia. This extends into the “grandmillennial” craze, also known as “granny chic.” It’s a modern twist on the homey, comfortable design elements found at grandma’s house, intended to spark nostalgia and promote tradition. This can look like floral wallpaper, antique paintings, crocheted throws, embroidered artwork, velvet sofas and other vintage elements. This is the perfect blend of old and new! 


Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is back. Well, it has been for a few years now! We love wallpaper and its ability to add a bold print, loud colors and a beautiful repeating design to our spaces — especially accent walls, bathrooms and other nooks and crannies around the home. If you’re intimidated by the commitment required to install wallpaper, consider the renter-friendly peel-and-stick solution! Check out Chasing Paper, which has dozens of unique peel-and-stick wallpaper designs to choose from, from the modern to the traditional, and everything in between. 


Happy Spring! 

What spring interior destrends are on your radar? Let us know in the comments below! 

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