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The Most Jaw-Dropping Instagram Photos of Rocky Mountain National Park During the Winter

Over the last several years, Instagram has become a source for connection, conversation and inspiration. In fact, some of us turn to our favorite Instagram accounts for interior design inspiration, DIY instructions and holiday décor ideas. 

If you’re looking for a reason to visit Rocky Mountain National Park this winter, look no further. These gorgeous, snow-filled photos on Instagram just might convince to make the journey, whether you live right here in Northern Colorado or elsewhere throughout the country. And once you’re there, consult our guide to Rocky Mountain National Park in the winter, which includes information about snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, wildlife viewing and more. 


Dreamy Dream Lake in a Snowstorm 

Photographer Jeremy Janus made this photo (taken amidst a snowstorm) his first shot of the year — and with a view like that, it looks like it’s going to be a good year! As this photo proves, the views at Dream Lake never get old. 


Contrasting Trees 

By @yeahkaren 

Karen Jacot captures some breathtaking photos of Colorado, and this shot in RMNP is no exception. We love the stark contrast of the dark trees with the brilliant snow and blue skies. 

Pink and Orange Sunrise on Ypsilon 

The Hiking Mermaid is both an elopement photographer and a tour guide — and in this case and many others, an exceptional landscape photographer. The pink and orange sunrise reflected on Ypsilon Mountain is spectacular. 


A Frozen Lake Under Cotton Candy Skies 

By @wildersruth 

Colorado-based @wildersruth captures both the sunniest and snowiest landscapes in the state, including this gorgeous shot of a small frozen lake in the shadow of a mountain, complete with cotton candy pink skies. 

Winter Wonderland 

This Denverite is many things — an attorney, a parks enthusiast and certainly a talented photographer. This winter wonderland is magical. And the tiny subject in the distance shows just how massive those mountains are! 


Freezing Sunrise 

By @wildersruth 

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A post shared by Wilder (@wildersruth)

Here’s another inspiring shot from @wildersruth! He captured this spectacular sunrise in RMNP on a freezing, zero-degree morning. “It was so cold that my pants froze to a rock while sitting and waiting for the light,” the captions reads. “Once the sun finally started to come up, the cloud turned from blue to pink to a fiery orange. It’s always worth waking up early in the mountains. 


Pink and Blue Skies 

Rick Martinez showcases the stunning colorful skies found in the park on his feed, and this one is no exception. The hot pink and baby blue clouds perfectly complement the icy landscape and evergreen trees down below. 


Frozen Lake Pose 

Rachel Warwick risked it all to stand on this icy, frozen lake to get this idyllic shot. But the end result is certainly worth it! 


A Traveler’s Dream 

You can’t deny that RMNP makes for one of the most stunning backgrounds for your Instagram shots. Marina even traveled all the way from Texas just to get this photo! 😉 


Fire and Ice 

By @summitbid 

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A post shared by Summit Bid (@summitbid)

Kemper Simpich shares incredible mountain photography on his account, @summitbid. And this shot of Notch Top was one of his favorites from 2020! With that fiery orange sun reflection, it’s easy to see why. 


Classic Landscape 

It’s simple. It’s classic. But it’s jaw-dropping. Photographer Greg Fugate welcomed the new year with this landscape photo accompanied by an encouraging message to us all. 


Idyllic Chapel on the Rock 

Last winter, @thehikingmermaid captured the always stunning Saint Catherine of Siena Chapel, also known as The Chapel on the Rock. This chapel is both a functioning Catholic chapel and a tourist landmark open to the public! 


Icy Tundra 

Ice is the star of the show in this spectacular shot from Dalya and Danny of @sweetlittlejourney_. And they even share some tips for ice safety in case you get a bit too close! But in the meantime, this view ain’t bad. 


Full Moon Above Mt. Chapin 

This shot of a full moon above Mt. Chapin is simple yet captivating. Anna Oberg has mastered the difficult art of night photography! 


A Magical Snow Globe 

This day at RMNP was like living in a snow globe, with 3 inches of fresh snow on the ground and a mist of snow obscuring most peaks. And Jonathan of @jonathan_in_colorado captured it beautifully with this majestic photo focused on snow-capped trees. 


A Pair of Elk Resting in the Snow 

Elk are commonly seen throughout RMNP, and are especially exciting to see during the winter, when there are between 600-800 there as opposed to as many as 3,200 spending the summer at the park. Photographer Jerry Hodge Jr. captured this scene featuring two of these gigantic beasts resting peacefully in the snow. 



Which of these stunning photos is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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