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Winter-Inspired Drinks from Northern Colorado Coffee Shops to Sip on This Season

For many, coffee is an essential part of everyday life. And that daily ritual is made all the better with seasonal, innovative coffee drinks, especially during the fall and winter! This winter, enjoy delicious lattes and non-caffeinated drinks alike, made with flavors like white chocolate, peppermint, cocoa, caramel and créme brûlée — all from locally owned coffee shops in Northern Colorado, from Fort Collins to Loveland and Greeley to Windsor.

Skip the Starbucks drive-thru and support these local coffee shops this holiday season! These innovative, seasonal drinks are sure to make your winter a little warmer.

COVID NOTE: Most coffee shops are offering takeout only at this time, some with outdoor patio seating available. Check the website and social media accounts of each coffee shop before your visit, to ensure you have the latest updates in regards to their online ordering system and other COVID-19 policies and procedures. As always, wear a face covering and practice social distancing during your visit.


Créme Brûlée, Candy Cane Coffee + More | Colorado Coffee Company


This beloved family-owned company has been serving Colorado for 25 years, starting out in 1994 as one of the first coffee shops in the region at Foothills Fashion Mall in Fort Collins. Now, Colorado Coffee Company has two locations in Loveland, where they serve delicious lattes, freshly roasted coffee, and bags of beans to brew at home. Choose from a number of flavored coffees, including Créme Brûlée, Candy Cane and Little Drummer Boy, which has notes of butterscotch, rum and caramel. Or make a latte with their peppermint syrup! No matter what you order, pair it with one of their cinnamon rolls, which are considered the best cinnamon rolls in town.


Smokey Mocha Latte | Dark Heart


Dark Heart Loveland, CO

Photo Courtesy of Dark Heart Coffee Bar

We love Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland for its moody vibes, top-of-the-line coffee and robust food menu. But this time, we’re focusing on their Smokey Mocha Latte, made from single origin Askinosie cocoa, hand whisked with pure maple syrup, a dash of smoked paprika, and espresso, then integrated into silky latte style milk and garnished with black sea salt. It tastes like a salted 70% maple chocolate bar in a cup!


Mocha | Bean Cycle Roasters

Fort Collins

Bean Cycle Roasters Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Bean Cycle Roasters

A landmark of Old Town Fort Collins, Bean Cycle Roasters has been a part of our community since 2004. Both a roaster and a coffee shop, the team shares their space today with Half Crown Creative Space and Makerfolk to provide our community a place where we can drink coffee, hang out, think, collaborate and shop local makers. And this winter, pick up a delicious chocolatey mocha, which you can order online in advance and take for a stroll through Old Town to get all your holiday shopping done. While you’re there, be sure to pick up a 12-ounce bag of their Winter Blend coffee to brew at home!


Hot Chocolate | John Galt Coffee


John Galt Coffee is a local coffee shop in the heart of Greeley known for its manual brewing methods and cozy environment. Step inside their quirky, industrial shop (with a mask on!) to admire the manual brewing process in person if you’re a coffee lover. But, if you’re looking for a warm, comforting afternoon treat, try their hot chocolate! Plus, it’s something the kids will love, too.


Ritual Hot Chocolate | Bindle Coffee

Fort Collins

We can’t leave one of our favorite Jessup Farm destinations out of the conversation! Because Bindle Coffee sure knows their coffee. Husband and wife owners Andrew and Jenn Webb care deeply about where their coffee beans come from and how both the farmers and consumers are treated. And they roast those beans inside their beautifully transformed 19th-century mechanic’s shop! But today, we’re here for the hot chocolate. Their Ritual Hot Chocolate is made with a dairy-free, housemade Ritual Chocolate sauce with Morning Fresh milk (or another dairy-free milk option). According to Morgan, one of their baristas, there’s no better hot chocolate in the Continental U.S. Pair it with an orange glazed cinnamon roll for a truly sweet experience!


Snow Shoe, Old Town Sleigh Ride Latte + More | Cuppy’s Coffee

Fort Collins

Cuppy’s Coffee opened in March 2008 and has always been locally owned and operated. Alongside Caffe’ D’arte coffee, you can order homemade bakery treats as well as made-to-order gourmet sandwiches and salads. And all of it is served in a cozy coffee shop atmosphere we love! This winter, they have several seasonal drinks on the menu, including the Snow Shoe Latte, made with white chocolate and caramel, the Old Town Sleigh Ride Latte, made with vanilla, cinnamon, marshmallow and white chocolate, and the Fireside Brittle Latte, made with chocolate, caramel and toffee nut. See the full menu here!


Nutty Englishman | Genoa Coffee & Wine

Fort Collins

Genoa Coffee & Wine Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Genoa Coffee & Wine

As the name implies, Genoa Coffee & Wine is a coffee destination by day and a wine bar by night. Plus, they have an excellent food menu, no matter when you’re visiting! One of their seasonal drinks includes the Nutty Englishman, a barista favorite. It’s a latte made with almond, toffee and hazelnut syrups, topped with caramel drizzle! They also have a delicious peppermint latte, which you’ll have to try the next time you visit Genoa Coffee & Wine.


Snowy Latte, Coco-Berry Mocha + More | The Human Bean

Multiple Locations (Fort Collins, Greeley, Windsor + Loveland)

The Human Bean Northern Colorado, CO

Photo Courtesy of The Human Bean

The Human Bean is a locally owned and operated coffee shop with nine double-sided drive-thru locations and a mobile coffee truck serving the entire Northern Colorado region, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and Windsor. This winter, choose from one of their many seasonal lattes, including their Snowy latte, which is made with a sweet Ghirardelli white chocolate syrup, or their Coco-Berry Mocha, a coconut and raspberry mocha made with local chocolate milk. And if you’re looking for a cold drink, try their Frozen Hot Chocolate With Salted Caramel, a blended treat made even better by combining salted caramel, caramel drizzle and a little bit of cracked sea salt. See the full menu here!


Snow Shoe Latte | Mugs Coffee Lounge

Fort Collins

A staple of the Fort Collins community since 2002, Mugs Coffee Lounge is a locally owned, family-owned, economically focused and community-centered coffee shop in the heart of Old Town. Stop by this cozy, welcoming shop for a comforting cup of coffee this holiday season, before you take the time to admire all the twinkling lights lining Old Town Square. Don’t miss their Snow Shoe Latte, made with white chocolate, caramel and raspberry!


Happy Sipping!

Let us know what seasonal coffee drinks we’re missing out on! Comment below with your suggestions.

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