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7 Haunted Hotels You Can Stay At In Colorado

While we love a good ghost story any time of year, there’s something extra creepy about sharing haunted tales during the month of October. We’ve already uncovered a handful of real haunted places in Fort Collins, including the Avery House and Centennial High School, but this time, let’s pan out to include haunted destinations throughout Colorado. Better yet, let’s explore some haunted hotels and inns you can actually stay the night at, so you can sleep amongst the ghosts and witness the paranormal activity for yourself.

If you’re feeling brave, book your stay at these haunted hotels in Colorado, home to some permanent guests who just can’t seem to check out. But beware — you might just want to keep one eye open!


The Stanley Hotel | Estes Park

Stanley Hotel Estes Park, CO

You simply can’t get through a conversation about famous haunted landmarks in Colorado without mentioning The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. This place has a long and detailed history, but we’ll state it simply. It once housed the upper class during the turn of the nineteenth century, and most notably, horror novelist Stephen King, providing inspiration for his 1977 novel, “The Shining”. Paranormal activity has been reported in the state rooms on the hotel’s main floor, various guest rooms, the fourth floor and the concert hall.

Feeling brave and want to experience the hauntings for yourself? Luckily, you can request the Spirited Tour during your stay at the Stanley Hotel. You will get booked in a Classic Queen or a Spirited King room, guaranteed to be on the fourth floor, at a discounted rate. Plus, you’ll receive one Night Tour ticket per registered guest, which must be used during your stay. PS Colorado residents staying at The Stanley receive 10% off regular rates!

Maybe you’ll be inspired to write the sequel to “The Shining” during your stay — or maybe you’ll check out early instead.


Brook Forest Inn | Evergreen

Built in 1909, Brook Forest Inn is a quaint Victorian-style hotel in Evergreen outfitted with vintage furniture and decor. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, and is one of the town’s most long-enduring landmarks. And it has quite the story! In 1943, a stable hand named Carl murdered his lover, a chambermaid named Jessica, before taking his own life in the livery. The two are said to still roam the halls, along with a little boy (believed to be the son of the inn’s owners) who died of influenza. Guests have reported seeing mysterious apparitions and hearing unexplainable giggling and voices. If you don’t believe it, The American Foundation for Scientific Paranormal Research actually investigated these claims and discovered magnetic anomalies in the room where Carl killed Jessica!


Windsor Hotel | Del Norte

Built just after the town of Del Norte was founded in 1871, the Windsor Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Colorado. It occupies nearly half of a city block in this former mining and ranching town, serving as the main social and community center for the area throughout the late 1800s. The town prospered until the early 1970s, at which point the hotel began to decline, to the point it was almost demolished in 1993. Thankfully, it still stands to this day — with lots of stories to tell over decades of guests, including a woman named “Maude” who can’t quite seem to check out of her room.

Maude stopped at the hotel during her travels during the San Luis Valley, and one fateful day she purchased a gun from across the street and shot herself in the Windsor. Today, many claim to hear her moaning and screaming during their stay!


Hotel Colorado | Glenwood Springs

Hotel Colorado Glenwood Springs, CO

Photo Courtesy of Hotel Colorado

Step back in time at Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, a historic hotel built in 1893 by Walter Devereux, a silver baron and one of the town’s early settlers. No expense was spared in the construction of what was then called the “Grande Dame,” as it housed the wealthy and elite, who enjoyed amenities such as tennis courts, a Victorian garden, a bird sanctuary, and a stunning indoor waterfall.

Today, the hotel is said to be inhabited by several spirits and mysterious activity has been reported in the middle of the night by both guests and staff. A few sightings include: an elevator moving between floors with no passengers, a young girl wearing Victorian clothing playing with a ball throughout the hotel, and a female apparition appearing over sleeping male guests.


The Strater Hotel | Durango


The Strater Hotel was built in 1887, fueled by the vision of Cleveland pharmacist Henry Strater, who believed the town of Durango would soon prosper. At that time, the hotel became the place for social gatherings of all kinds, until it declined following the financial devastation of the silver panic in 1893. Over the years, the hotel underwent a number of renovations, but has retained its original charm and history. In fact, the lobby itself is a living history museum of sorts, filled with shadow boxes depicting stories of the old west and mining times. The hotel has 88 unique guest rooms, plus its very own theatre, restaurant, saloon and spa. But that’s not why this hotel made our list!

According to HauntedPlaces.org, the hotel was built on old railroad tracks and is now haunted by apparitions wandering in from the rail line. The most common character seen is the ghostly figure of a man wearing a white shirt standing on the railroad tracks who vanishes suddenly. Another is a railway engineer wearing period clothing wandering through the hotel lobby at night. Some say the hotel staff refuses to work alone on the upper floors!


Colorado Grande Hotel & Casino | Cripple Creek

Colorado Grande Hotel & Casino is situated in the small mountain town of Cripple Creek. Visitors come for the slot machines, but stay the night to witness its unusual sightings. Many have encountered a famous ghost named Maggie, a redheaded Irish woman who is often seen around the slot-machine area, who is sometimes accompanied by a male ghost. Some have even reported that security cameras have caught footage of Maggie playing slots, but the footage mysteriously went missing. The hotel has embraced their permanent guest by naming the hotel restaurant “Maggie’s Restaurant” and their casino reward program “Maggie’s Club.”


The Patterson Inn | Denver

The Patterson Inn Denver, CO

Photo Courtesy of The Patterson Inn

The Patterson Inn (originally called the Croke-Patterson Mansion) was constructed in 1891 and has long been considered the most haunted house in all of Denver. It is situated on a quarter acre in the upscale neighborhood of Capitol Hill, and features all the comforts of modern amenities with an intentional nod to its historic past. Each of its nine luxurious suites is designed around a unique theme, from The Prague to The Antoinette.

Over the years, reported hauntings include dog suicides, the former caretaker’s ghost roaming the property, the ghost of a little girl buried deep in the basement floor, and more — in fact, there is enough activity to make up a book and a documentary. Plus, it was featured on an episode of Portals to Hell!


Good Luck!

Let us know what strange phenomena you discover after your stay — we’re dying to know!

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