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The Best Bakeries in Loveland, Colorado | Pastries, Bread, Cakes + More

With all its beloved local businesses, from coffee shops to restaurants and boutiques to art galleries, what’s not to love about Loveland? Today, we’re zeroing in on the many bakeries in Loveland, creating our favorite sweet treats and other baked goods, like pastries, bread, cakes, donuts, cupcakes and more.

The next time your sweet tooth craving strikes, head to one of these bakeries in Loveland for your sugar fix! These locally owned bakeries will have something just for you, warm and fresh from the oven.


The Donut Haus

265 East 29th Street Suite A

The Donut Haus Loveland, CO

Photo Courtesy of The Donut Haus

The story of The Donut Haus began more than three decades ago in Estes Park, where German baker Dieter d’Alquen made donuts out of an old gas station, which people would line up around the block to taste. Lois Marth helped bake these light, fluffy donuts at night before purchasing the business in 1997 and opening a second location in Loveland in 2003. Ever since, The Donut Haus has provided handmade donuts, bagels, pies, cakes, brownies and breakfast burritos for the community at their “haus” in Orchards Shopping Center.


Zetta Marie’s Patisserie

1002 North Taft Avenue

Professional pastry chef Rosetta (or Zetta) Stevenson operates Zetta Marie’s Patisserie, specializing in Classic European pastries and international desserts. Zetta was inspired to open the bakery by her grandmother who owned a restaurant, an aunt who owned a catering business, and her mother who owned a toy making business. Choose from the delicious variety of cakes, tortes, medallions, cookies and other pastries, all made by hand and with care by Zetta.

COVID NOTE: At this time, Zetta Marie’s Patisserie is operating by appointment only, and is also offering pickup and delivery options. Click here for more information about ordering.


Just a Pinch Bakery

630 East 29th Street

Just a Pinch Bakery Loveland, CO

Photo Courtesy of Just a Pinch Bakery

Former Texas residents Stanley and Megan Martin opened Just a Pinch Bakery in Loveland after discovering there was no kolache to be found in town shortly after moving. What is a kolache, you ask? Pronounced ko-LAH-chee, a kolache is a traditional Czech pastry made with a soft yeast dough wrapped around a fruit or cheese filling. Just a Pinch creates 16 kolache flavors daily — some sweet, some savory, some for breakfast, and some for lunch. Visit their new location adjacent to the post office on East 29th Street to try this unique pastry yourself!


B Sweet Cupcakes

425 East 4th Street

B Sweet Cupcakes Loveland, CO

Photo Courtesy of B Sweet Cupcakes

Established in 2010 and located in Historic Downtown Loveland since April 2011, B Sweet Cupcakes is the perfect place to stop for a sweet treat. Whether you need one or one dozen, you can enjoy flavors like Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Coconut, Cake Batter and Almond Poppyseed, Apple Pie and Raspberry White Chocolate, and creative specialties like Death By Chocolate and Snickers. They also bake cupcakes with fillings and serve gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan options, too! While they specialize in cupcakes (making over 150 different flavors), they also make other baked goods, including cookies, brownies, scones, muffins, small cakes and cupcake cakes. You can find their cupcake truck all throughout Northern Colorado — track it down by following B Sweet Cupcakes on Facebook and Instagram!


The Cupcake Gypsies

415 North Cleveland Avenue

The Cupcake Gypsies Loveland, CO

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Tiedgen Photography via The Cupcake Gypsies

The Cupcake Gypsies offer the best of both worlds, as both a wandering food truck and an adorable brick and mortar in the heart of downtown Loveland. Wherever you track down The Cupcake Gypsies, you’re in for a treat — literally. They create an assortment of cupcakes, plus cake pops, cakes, donuts, empanadas, muffins and much more — either to grab on the go or offer for guests at your upcoming wedding or event. Head to their storefront or track down the truck (on Instagram or Facebook) to taste the deliciousness for yourself!


Mary’s Mountain Cookies

248 East 4th Street + 6055 Sky Pond Drive

The giant cookies at Mary’s Mountain Cookies come straight from founder and baker Mary Johns’ kitchen—though they’re now made in 100-pound batches with industrial mixers to meet demand. When your craving hits, you can find Mary’s cookies at their Northern Colorado locations in Fort Collins and Loveland, including their spot in the heart of downtown Loveland. Don’t forget you can turn any cookie into a cookie ice cream sandwich, too!


Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Loveland

3525 Mountain Lion Drive

Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Loveland

Photo Courtesy of Peace, Love and Little Donuts

The concept of Peace, Love and Little Donuts originally began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a passion project of Ron, Marci and their five kids. Today, you can get their handmade and hand-decorated treats in more than 25 cities, including Loveland and Fort Collins! This psychedelic donut shop is all about “delicious, fun and shareable donut experiences that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth.” With ‘70s music bumping at all times and tennis ball-sized donuts served with funkadelic toppings like maple bacon, Oreos, cereal and more, you can get your groove on all day long at Peace, Love and Little Donuts of Loveland.



What sweet treats in Loveland are we missing out on? Let us know in the comment below!

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