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The Best Locally Made Kombucha in Northern Colorado

Over the last several years, kombucha has been making waves all over the world — and if there’s any region to embrace this unique, healthy, fermented drink with open arms, it’s Northern Colorado. We definitely know how to brew fermented beverages — especially in Fort Collins. After all, Fort Collins is known as the unofficial craft beer capital of Colorado!

There are several brewers in Northern Colorado creating this gut-friendly bubbly and sharing it with the masses — either in bottle form or on tap at your favorite restaurant. Get to know these kombucha companies based in Northern Colorado, from Fort Collins all the way down to Boulder. Suitable for avid kombucha drinkers and newbies alike, these kombuchas are unique in taste and healthy in nature!


Turtle Mountain Fermentary | Fort Collins

Established in 2014, Turtle Mountain is perhaps the most well-known kombucha company in Northern Colorado. This woman-owned business was started by two sisters who began sharing their kombucha creations at farmers’ markets in the region, at a time when people asked “what is kombucha?” Today, they operate a tasting room and distribute their kombucha all throughout Northern Colorado. Their unique and flavorful brews are created a bit differently than most. All of their kombucha is brewed with Yerba Mate tea, a South American herb jam-packed with nutrients and a different type of caffeine than what is found in black tea or coffee. This makes Turtle Mountain Kombucha ideal for kids and those with caffeine sensitivity. Alongside kombucha, they also create fermented veggies, including Raw Sauerkrauts and their notorious Colorado Kimchi.

Learn more about the sisters behind Turtle Mountain Fermentary in our exclusive interview!


Wild & Free Fermented Tea | Fort Collins

Wild & Free Fermented Tea | Northern Colorado Kombucha

Photo courtesy of Wild & Free Fermented Tea

The team at Wild & Free Fermented Tea is made up of individuals passionate about optimizing their own health — and sharing the health benefits of kombucha with others. Each batch of Wild & Free kombucha is made with organic ingredients that have been carefully selected and intentionally crafted. They create flavor combinations that will both serve and satisfy — with delicious options such as Elderberry Ginger, Basil Grapefruit, Juniper Rose and more. You can find Wild & Free Fermented Tea on a number of taps and in bottles throughout Northern Colorado, or simply get some delivered straight to your door!


Cliffhouse Kombucha | Jamestown

Cliffhouse Kombucha is handmade in small batches by a family in Jamestown, a tiny village located in the foothills of the Rockies. The father, Rudiger, has been making kombucha continuously since 1985, when he received both a culture and recipe from his mother in Germany. He began making kombucha for himself and his family and friends until a restaurant in Jamestown began carrying it in 2005. And the rest is history!

The family makes each batch themselves out of the commercial kitchen attached to their home, which is 100% solar-powered! Cliffhouse Kombucha comes from naturally carbonated small batches and is made with 100% organic and fair trade tea and sugar. Nothing is added after the fermentation process, which ensures the highest nutritional potency. You can find Cliffhouse Kombucha in Boulder, Denver, Arvada, Louisville, Lafayette, Jamestown, Longmont and Fort Collins — specifically at Alley Cat Coffee House, Ft. Collins Food Co-op, Tasty Harmony and Alimentary.


Life’s a Buch | Fort Collins

Life's a Buch Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Life’s a Buch

Life’s a Buch is a small craft kombucha company new to the scene in Northern Colorado. Founder Rachael Walker started the company in 2018 after years of dealing with gut issues and formulating a recipe in her basement apartment. She makes each small batch with local ingredients, and values unique and consistent flavor profiles. Life’s a Buch flavors include Blueberry Chai, Pineapple Mint (their most popular!), Apple Cider, Turmeric Ginger, Berry Lemonade and Cucumber Basil. Order a six- or 12-pack online or find them at these locations throughout the region.


Soham Kombucha | Fort Collins

Soham Kombucha is a small kombucha maker focused on creating a light, effervescent drink full of probiotics, antioxidants, healthy acids and B vitamins — and free of GMOs. You can sample their latest creation by picking up a growler with some delicious Ethiopian food at their home base of Raska International in Fort Collins. Or you try a cup or fill a gallon at one of the many locations carrying Soham Kombucha throughout Colorado, including Happy Lucky’s Teahouse in Fort Collins and several spots in Denver.


Knuckle Puck | Mead

Knuckle Puck | Northern Colorado Kombucha

Photo courtesy of Knuckle Puck 

Based in Mead (the city, not the other fermented beverage!), Knuckle Puck creates raw, unfiltered, craft kombucha made with ingredients that promote health benefits, including probiotics, enzymes, and vitamins. Plus, Knuckle Puck uses organic and local ingredients whenever possible. In addition to their seasonals, Knuckle Puck creates some incredible flavors, including Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry Lime, Pineapple Jalapeño, Chocolate Coconut, and Cucumber Mint. They are currently working on opening a brewpub in Mead this October, where you can sip on their kombucha and beer! Until then, you can pick up Knuckle Puck Kombucha at a number of locations throughout Northern Colorado, from Greeley to Estes Park and Berthoud to Fort Collins.


Upstart Kombucha | Boulder

Upstart Kombucha is a well-known and well-loved kombucha company based in Boulder. Their kombucha contains all-natural, organically certified ingredients, and is 100% raw, vegan and gluten-free by nature. No juices or artificial flavors are added to any of their batches; instead, all ingredients are steeped together from the beginning. And Upstart keeps things extra simple by just creating four flavors: Berry Black, Lemon Ginger, Mint Green and Rose Bud. Pick up Upstart Kombucha at a number of places throughout Northern Colorado, including Lift Coffee Bar in Johnstown and Dark Heart Coffee Bar in Loveland — or visit their taproom in Boulder when it reopens after renovations!



What locally made kombucha are we missing? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you want to make your own, Elevated Fermentations in Loveland has all the supplies you’ll need to create your very own kombucha creations. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be added to this list some day!

Header photo courtesy of Wild & Free Fermented Tea

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