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Fort Collins’ Holiday Twin Drive-In Theater is Open for the Summer

If there’s one business designed for the age of social distancing, it’s a drive-in movie theater. And thankfully, we have one of our own right here in Fort Collins — and it is officially open for business!

Holiday Twin Drive-In opened their non-existent doors on May 1 with a new set of guidelines and the approval of the Larimer County Health Department.

This historic theater has been serving Fort Collins and the surrounding communities for more than 30 years, and is one of only six drive-ins currently operating in Colorado. It hosts two giant screens, which play a double feature of current movies every night during the spring and summer — and summer 2020 is no different! Well, it’s a little different.

Read up on this year’s guidelines and enjoy a movie in a nostalgic setting under the stars at Holiday Twin Drive-In!



Holiday Twin Drive-In Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Holiday Twin Drive-In

All tickets must be purchased in advance online in order to limit interaction between customers and staff. Simply visit the Holiday Twin website to see a list of upcoming showtimes and purchase your tickets.


Half Capacity + Parking

The drive-in is operating at half capacity, which means about 200 cars for the main area and 90 for the smaller area. Vehicles will be parked about 10 feet apart, with just one car between poles instead of two.


Stay In or Near Vehicle

People are instructed to stay in or next to their vehicle except for picking up food from the snack bar or visiting the restroom. And while you are doing either of those, keep the following in mind:


Online Ordering + Pickup for Concessions

Holiday Twin Drive-In Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Holiday Twin Drive-In

All snack bar items must be purchased online on their website. Choose from their wide selection of snacks, including burgers, popcorn, soda, nachos, hot dogs, soft pretzels, fries, churros, candy and much more. You will receive a text message or email when your order is ready for pickup, which you can pick up outside on their new patio.



Holiday Twin is limiting access to their restrooms, allowing three people in the women’s restroom and two in the men’s restroom at a time. The restrooms will be sanitized every 15 minutes.


Overall Rules

Guests must practice social distancing at all times (maintaining 6 feet from other people) while at Holiday Twin Drive-In. All employees will be wearing masks at all times, and guests are asked to wear a mask when using the restroom or picking up food from the patio. Anyone who violates the theater’s policies will be asked to leave the premises. And as usual, those who are sick or at a high risk of serious complications from COVID-19 should stay home altogether.


Hosting Events

Holiday Twin Drive-In Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Holiday Twin Drive-In

If you think Holiday Twin is only good for sharing larger-than-life movies with the masses, you’re wrong! They have hosted a number of private events, including a graduation celebration for Dunn Elementary — and most recently, they announced an upcoming event of epic proportions.

Holiday Twin is hosting Colorado’s Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival on June 26–27, which usually takes place along the Colorado River in Eagle County. Five bands will play live and broadcast their audio through the drive-in’s radio frequency and utilize the twin outdoor screens to project live video of the performances. For more information and tickets for the Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival, check out their website.


Stay Up to Date

Policies and details surrounding COVID-19 are subject to change as the summer goes on. For the latest information about Holiday Twin Drive-In and their operations, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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