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14 Easy Ways to Decorate for Spring

Spring is here! After you’ve finished the less fun task called “spring cleaning,” you can move onto the much more exhilarating process of decorating your home for this cheerful, colorful season.

Add some life and color to your home with these springy home decor tips, from simple additions like houseplants and bouquets of flowers to more complex projects, like installing open shelving and floral wallpaper.


Plant an Indoor Vertical Garden

Take your green thumb to the next level (quite literally!) by creating an indoor vertical garden in your home. You may have seen these spectacular works of art in airports, hotel lobbies or restaurants — and now is your chance to bring a small-scale version into your own space. HGTV created a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own living wall, including location requirements, display options, plant selection and basic maintenance.


Add Pastels

Spring Decor Inspiration

Often associated with Easter, pastel hues are the perfect way to give a subtle nod to spring. Plus, muted pastel tones have picked up momentum in the interior design world in the past several years! Consider adding a few blush, mint or light yellow pillows to your living room or bedroom, incorporating pastel vases, lamps or other accessories, or even creating a pastel accent wall with a can of paint!


Put Fresh Flowers in a Vase

Spring Decor Inspiration

One of the most simple ways to spring-ify your home is to keep a steady rotation of fresh blooms on your kitchen counter or dining room table. Pick a handful straight from your garden or pick up a bouquet at the grocery store or floral shop on your way home! Cheerful flowers are sure to brighten your mood — and fill your home with a pleasant scent.


Add More Natural Light

Removing something sounds a little counterproductive for a list of decorating tips, but in this case — it truly will add a lot to your home. Consider removing heavy drapes or window coverings, or at least replacing them with something lighter and more translucent. This will add more natural light to your space and help you maximize the longer days and ever-present sunshine this spring and summer.


Incorporate Natural Materials

Spring Decor Inspiration

Spring is synonymous with being outside — especially in Northern Colorado. Bring the outdoors in by adding some natural materials to your home’s interior. If you’re looking for new furniture or decor, consider materials such as wicker, rattan, hemp or jute. You can even start small by adding wicker baskets, a jute rug, or rattan wall accents!


Add Pops of Color

Spring Decor Inspiration

You don’t have to paint your entire living room pink to add some color to your life! Consider adding pops of bright color in the form of throw pillows, blankets, or other accessories. These little touches go a long way in making your home a cheerful, welcoming place to be.


Branch Out With Floral Prints

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, add some floral prints to your home. This can range from floral pillows to wallpapering an entire room, and everything in between — like a floral loveseat. Floral prints also range from soft and sweet to bold and exciting, depending on the mood you’re looking for!


Make a Floral Wreath

Spring Decor Inspiration

Welcome spring by hanging a fresh floral wreath on your front door. We love this simple DIY tutorial using fresh flowers from the grocery store (or wherever you buy flowers). All you’ll need is some floral wire, floral tape, and fresh flowers and greenery!


Add Some Houseplants

Spring Decor Inspiration

Add a few new plants to your houseplant family this spring — or start a plant family altogether! If you’re looking for some low-maintenance plants that love the sun we enjoy here in Colorado, consider aloes, snake plants, bromeliads, ZZ plants, jade and other succulents, pothos, rabbits ears, cacti, and more.


Create Open Shelving

Open shelving makes a space feel more light, airy and clean — just the feelings we’re trying to experience this time of year. Consider adding open shelving to your kitchen cabinets or elsewhere in the home and display your favorite dishes, glassware, and other accessories. Not sure where to start? Follow this detailed tutorial for creating this sought-after look in your own home.


Replace Your Bedding With Linen

Spring Decor Inspiration

Store your cotton sheets until fall and replace them with lighter, breathable linen sheets. This is also the perfect time to try out a new shade for your bedding, like a pastel, off-white or another springy hue.


Go Green

Adding shades of green (think: forest green, sage, emerald or mint) to your interior is one of the most quintessential ways to “go green” at home. But you can also “go green” in an eco-friendly sense by recycling, composting, buying groceries and cleaning supplies in bulk, and more.


Add Citrus Accents to Your Dining Table

Spring Decor Inspiration

Citrus fruits aren’t just for eating! They can actually double as decor this time of year. Place a large bowl in the center of your dining room and fill it with oranges and/or lemons and fresh pieces of greenery, or place them into a wide cylindrical vase. The best part about this? You can eat your fruit as the season goes on, replace when needed, and keep the display up throughout the summer as well.


Make This DIY Rope Star Mirror

Here’s another way to get crafty this spring! This DIY rope star mirror is sure to brighten up any space in your home, whether it is displayed in your entryway, living space or bedroom. All you’ll need is some jute twine, a 14-inch round mirror, painter’s tape, and some nails — all of which will cost you less than about $25 total.


Happy Spring!

How are you decorating for the season this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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