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6 Easy DIY Crafts To Do With Kids From Colorado Bloggers

Entertaining little ones indoors can sometimes be a difficult task. But with a little creativity and support from our crafty community, it doesn’t have to be! Take a break from screens and schoolwork to engage in one (or several!) of these easy, interactive crafts you can do with your kids. They will love the process of creating — and knowing they made the finished product with their own two hands.

Not particularly crafty? Don’t worry! These Colorado bloggers will take you and your little ones through the process step-by-step.


Faux Leather Hair Bows

From The Denver Housewife

Faux Leather Hair Ties | Colorado Bloggers

Photo courtesy of The Denver Housewife

Make something the kids can wear long after the project is complete! These faux leather hair bows are simple to make — and give the flexibility to incorporate whatever colors, designs and styles you want. You’ll print out a PDF file template, cut it out, trace the template onto the faux leather (or fabric), and cut out the shapes with fabric scissors. Then, assemble the bows using detailed instructions from Jamie of The Denver Housewife!


Rainbow Stained Glass

From Building Our Story

Rainbow Stained Glass DIY | Colorado Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Building Our Story

Bring some color and light into your home with this adorable, easy-to-make rainbow stained “glass” project from Censie of Building Our Story. Use wax paper, white glue, a paint brush and rainbow colored tissue paper to create your very own rainbow to display on the window and watch the sunlight illuminate your masterpiece!


Two-Ingredient Homemade Playdough

From Clarks Condensed

2 Ingredient Homemade Playdough | Colorado Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Clarks Condensed

This toddler-friendly activity is as fun to play with as it is to make! Use body lotion and cornstarch to create your very own playdough — using food coloring to make the dough your kid’s favorite color. Not only will this craft entertain your child during the creation process; it will also keep them occupied long after as they mold and create shapes with the finished product.


Crayola Canvas Art

From The Denver Housewife

DIY Crayola Canvas Art | Colorado Bloggers

Photo courtesy of The Denver Housewife

We’ve all seen this gorgeous, creative project while scrolling through Pinterest. But have you taken the time to make it with your kids? Create your very own Crayola canvas art with a large pack of crayons, a blank canvas, a hot glue gun and glue, newspaper, and a blow dryer. Melting the crayons feels as much like a science project as it does an art project!


Paper Flower Note Cards

From Me and My Inklings

DIY Paper Flower Note Cards | Colorado Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Laura Kelly Designs

Send some love in the mail — with a personal, creative touch — with these paper flower note cards from Laura Kelly of Me and My Inklings. Use colorful paper scraps (or even cereal boxes or magazines for an “upcycled” project) to create these cheerful note cards. Then, go the extra mile by having your child writing an encouraging note to a friend, family member or neighbor. And check out her Rainbow Hunt Collage Art — as people all over the country are making rainbows and placing them in windows, on doors and in the yard as a sign of promise to kids of all ages that times will get better.


Color Rocks

From Building Our Story

DIY Color Rocks | Colorado Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Building Our Story

Help your littlest one learn their colors with this fun, interactive craft. Painting rocks is a simple activity that helps them learn during the process (including color mixing) — and well after the project is complete, as they can match the two corresponding colors together and name the colors if age appropriate. Plus, Censie of Building Our Story has a tutorial for creating your very own felt bag to store their beautiful rocks!


Looking for more creative ideas?

As of March 16, 2020, Magpies Boutique & Studio in Fort Collins is offering “art to go bags” filled with all the supplies you’ll need for crafting at home at this time, available for delivery ($7) within an 8-mile radius.

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