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Introducing The Group’s New Brand

We’re excited to announce that we have engineered a new system. As the real estate industry has evolved, so has our brand. Logos have also changed. They now need to be a phone app, a social media profile, a web browser icon, and still work on traditional form factors such as letterhead and billboards.

Logos are often misunderstood. They are not works of art. Most people wouldn’t frame a corporate logo and hang it in their living room. Logos serve a different purpose. They are a vessel. A container that holds the brand experience. Our goal was to design a new logo that was clean, modern, and elegant, but was also a vessel for our company. Ultimately, we rebranded to better serve our customers.

The Group Logo



In our fifth decade in business, we haven’t lost sight of what sustains our success – it’s the people, businesses, and communities of Northern Colorado. And we believe as much today as when we were founded in 1976, that it’s our responsibility to contribute our time, money, and professional skills to help make this region one of the country’s most desirable places in which to live.

The Group logos throughout the years


From its inception, The Group has done things differently. The way our company is structured. Our culture and values. Even the way we market properties. Not only did we design a new logo system, we also created a flexible messaging system. This new ecosystem will help us communicate our value proposition, market our properties, and better serve our customers.


Engineers build bridges. Developers build apps. Architects build buildings. Visionaries build the future. Visualizing and creating a world they envision, even when others don’t.

Even after four decades, we’re still building. Building trust. Building causes. Building community. Inspired to always build our best. Then continue building with a vision for the future. When you build amazing things, those things, in turn, build you.


The rebrand was crafted with love and it was only fitting to launch the new design on Valentine’s Day. The entire team is hard at work building amazing things. Stay tuned!

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