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11 Ways to Practice Self-Care and Wellness in Fort Collins

In recent years, it has become even more important to practice self-care and focus on wellness in our fast-paced world filled with technology and busy schedules. Take a moment — or an entire day — to experience self-care and wellness with these indulgent, relaxing activities.

From buying new bath bombs and candles to attending a yoga class or getting a massage, there are so many unique ways to practice self-care in Fort Collins. Try one or two of these activities or see how many you can accomplish in one day!


Get a Massage at Amara

Amara Fort Collins

Photo Courtesy of Amara

Relax and unwind with a treatment at Amara, a massage therapy and wellness center listed on TripAdvisor as the #1 Spa & Wellness destination in Fort Collins! They offer several massage options, including a 30-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute massage, plus personalized options for pain relief, prenatal, relaxation and more. Call Amara at 970-484-2629 or visit their website to learn more about their inclusive, sensory wellness experiences.


Go for a Hike Along the Cache La Poudre River Trail

Sometimes the best way to practice self-care is by spending some time outside in the great outdoors. Stretch your legs, breathe in some fresh air, and go for a peaceful stroll along the Cache La Poudre River Trail. This primarily wooded 4.3-mile hike is fairly easy in difficulty and offers exceptional views of nature, including wildlife, the river, and beautiful trees.


Pick Up Bath Products from SALUS®

SALUS Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of SALUS®

SALUS® is a natural bath and body care company in Fort Collins that provides basically every single thing you need for a day of at-home self-care, including bath bombs, shower bombs, lotions, creams, soaps, bubble bath, facial care, body care, essential oils and much more. You can even create your own products with their extensive line of fragrances and essential oils — just head to their location in Old Town!


Try a HydraFacial® at Harmony Skin & Wellness Clinic

Harmony Skin & Wellness Clinic has been Northern Colorado’s premier aesthetic clinic since 1999. They offer a wide variety of skin treatments, and one of their most popular is the HydraFacial®. Relax while makeup, grim and dead skin are gently extracted from your pores, leaving your skin squeaky clean, nourished and well hydrated. Plus, all treatments include LED light therapy, your choice of aromatherapy oil, and massage of the arms, hands, shoulders, neck and scalp.


Sip on a Cup of Tea at Happy Lucky’s

Happy Lucky's Tea Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Kari Grossman via Happy Lucky’s

Since 2009, Happy Lucky’s has remained committed to quality, selection and community, offering an interactive and immersive tea experience at their Old Town shop. Peruse their collection of teas — the largest in the state of Colorado! — and choose one to take home or to enjoy in their tea room, outside on the patio, or at the tea bar while you watch the “leafsters” work.


Buy a Candle from Beldamia

Candles are an excellent way to bring a sense of hygge and relaxation to your home. And there’s no better source for local candles than Beldamia. These perfectly scented soy and beeswax candles are hand-poured in small batches right here in Fort Collins. You’ll find a mixture of sweet, floral scents alongside woodsy, spicy scents, such as Woodsmoke — a customer favorite! Shop Beldamia candles online or at Makerfolk in the heart of Old Town.


Indulge in Chocolate from Nuance Chocolate

Who says self-care can’t include a little sweet treat? And there’s no better place to indulge than Nuance Chocolate. The team at Nuance creates small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates made straight from cocoa beans roasted and ground inside their Old Town facility. You can pick up these delicious and authentic creations in the form of fresh truffles, single-origin and flavored bars, hot chocolate, and more!


Get a Manicure + Pedicure at Velvet Files

Velvet Files Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Velvet Files

Velvet Files was opened in 2014 in the heart of Old Town by long-time friends, Bonnie O’Brien and Liz Cain. All products used in their services align with their values focused on all things natural and non-toxic. Velvet Files offers a variety of nail services, including three tiers for both manicures and pedicures (The Swift, The Classy and The Velvet). Go big with The Velvet, their luxe treatment that includes an apple cider hand soak, cuticle care, a sugar exfoliating scrub, a deep moisturizing treatment and a hydrating massage — plus one complimentary beer or wine!


Book a Staycation at The Armstrong Hotel

If you live a bit outside of the city or in another Northern Colorado community, why not experience the best of Fort Collins with a luxurious staycation? The Armstrong Hotel has been a part of the downtown community since 1932 — but recently went through an impressive renovation in 2019. Plus, The Armstrong is situated directly above the speakeasy-style, jazz and cocktail lounge, Ace Gillett’s, so you don’t have to go far for both drinks and entertainment. Above ground, you’ll find 45 unique and eclectic rooms and suites in an upscale, comfortable setting and the resident hotel cat, Oreo!


Get Some Cozy Stuff from Cozy Cottage

Pick up something warm and cozy from none other than the Cozy Cottage in Front Range Village. This locally and family-owned shop offers a variety of home decor, antique furniture, jewelry, candles, seasonal merchandise, apparel and so much more. They sell plenty of chunky sweaters, thick jackets, warm flannels and other cozy apparel in both their shop and online.


Try a Yoga Class at Meraki Yoga

Meraki Yoga Fort Collins, CO

Photo Courtesy of Meraki Yoga

There are few things that embody both self-care and wellness as well as yoga does. If you are new to the practice, you will thrive at Meraki Yoga. Their warm environment and wide array of classes make it the perfect starting place for beginners. The team prioritizes quality over quantity when it comes to class size and teaching methods, which means you’ll find a tight-knit community of yogis, too! Better yet, their Introductory Offer provides 20 days of unlimited yoga classes for just $20.


Be Well!

How do you like to practice self-care or wellness? Give us your tips in the comments below!

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