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Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in Fort Collins, Mapped

We scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And here in Fort Collins, we have several reasons to do so. Our local ice cream makers, churners and popsicle creators offer handmade flavors, decadent toppings, tasty collaborations and even cookie ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

We rounded up our favorite local spots for ice cream in Fort Collins so you can get all of that and more. You can use our map to find the one nearest to you and learn more about each business in the article below.

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Ben & Jerry’s

1 Old Town Square | Facebook

The Fort Collins Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop is locally owned and located right in the heart of Old Town Square. In the shop, you’ll find more than 30 fair trade ice cream flavors from the classic chocolate to the crazy Ben & Jerry’s creations we love. They also offer vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options as well as other sweet treats like freshly baked brownies and cookies.


Kilwins Chocolates & Ice Cream

114 S College Ave | Facebook

The Kilwins story begins all the way back in 1947 when they opened their first shop dedicated to sweet treats and classic Americana. Today, they continue that tradition from locations all over the East Coast, South and Midwest. In Colorado, you can find Kilwins Chocolates & Ice Cream in Fort Collins and Boulder, and these shops are the only western locations. In the Fort Collins shop, you can taste candies, chocolates and ice creams handmade in the kitchen using fresh, premium ingredients and the original Kilwins recipes.


Mary’s Mountain Cookies

123 N College Ave #106 + 2842 Council Tree Ave #167 | Facebook

Mary's Mountain Cookies Fort Collins Colorado

Photo courtesy of Mary’s Mountain Cookies

It’s not an uncommon sight in Old Town to see kids and families racing to Mary’s Mountain Cookies. Feel free to join in because the quarter pound monsters are worth it! They come straight from founder and baker Mary Johns’ kitchen—though they’re now made in 100-pound batches with industrial mixers to meet demand. And every single cookie can be made into an ice cream sandwich with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, strawberry and more! You can find the treats at two locations in Fort Collins, one in Loveland and three others around the country.


Old Town Churn

234 N College Ave Suite D | Facebook

Old Town Churn Fort Collins best ice cream

Photo courtesy of Harry Warter via Old Town Churn

Old Town Churn is another Colorado headquarters for Little Man Ice Cream. Little Man’s original location can be found in Denver and is housed inside a 28-foot-tall cream can. In Fort Collins, the team opted for a 26-foot-tall ice cream churn in The Exchange to represent our city’s agricultural roots. From the window, you can order Little Man’s famous handmade flavors in addition to several flavors exclusive to Fort Collins and Old Town Churn.

To learn more about Old Town Churn and The Exchange, check out our article Your Guide to The Exchange in Fort Collins.


Revolution Artisan Pops

130 W Olive St | Facebook

Revolution Artisan Pops Fort Collins best ice cream

Photo courtesy of Revolution Artisan Pops

If you’re craving ice cream but want a convenient alternative, choose Revolution Artisan Pops. This Fort Collins original was founded in 2015 and their brick-and-mortar shop, Revolution Meals, Gelato, and Pops, is located right in Old Town. There, you can taste unique, sweet popsicles made with the freshest, natural ingredients. The team also partners with local businesses like Harbinger Coffee, Nuance Chocolate and Happy Lucky’s Teahouse to create unique flavors, including Harbinger’s Coffee & Sweet Cream, Nuance Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Hibiscus.


Walrus Ice Cream

125 W Mountain Ave | Facebook

Walrus Ice Cream Fort Collins best ice cream

Photo courtesy of Walrus Ice Cream

Walrus Ice Cream is Fort Collins’ favorite local spot for ice cream. In the same location and with the same recipes, Walrus has been crafting handmade treats in town since 1987. Today, they offer 29 daily rotating flavors all homemade without eggs or gluten. And they also offer sherbet, sorbet and low-fat frozen yogurt for healthier alternatives and special diets.


Do you have a favorite?

If you have a favorite local spot for ice cream, tell us about it in the comments below!

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