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Meet The Group’s Financial Services Department

Patty Weible recently joined The Group as CFO, bringing decades of experience and a passion for helping Realtors serve their community. With Patty at the helm, The Group’s Financial Services department gives our Realtors the precise support they need.

Keep reading to learn more about the team and exactly how they support our Broker Partners.


Meet CFO Patty Weible

The Group Inc Finance support Fort Collins real estate

Patty got into finance in college, hoping it would give her a leg up in the business world. “I decided I should pick something challenging because it would help me when I tried to find a job after school. I’d heard from other people that if you understand the finance side, that’s really important to adding value to a company,” she says.

So, she earned her undergraduate degree in business and finance and later went on to get an MBA in International Business. After more than 25 years working in a variety of Colorado industries, including tech, education and health care, this is Patty’s first foray into real estate. But those previous jobs shaped her perspective on working in finance and she’s embraced a people-oriented approach that makes her a perfect fit for The Group.

During her time at other companies, Patty enjoyed working with her sales teams. “That was always my favorite role,” she says. “I could really relate to them. I enjoyed helping them drive and grow the business, supporting them in ways that make their jobs easier and ensure our financial practices are streamlined [at The Group]. I really look forward to supporting the Realtors at The Group.”

The business of helping people buy and sell their dream homes has a lot of moving parts. As contract employees, real estate brokers own their businesses and, for the most part, they can manage them as they see fit. But at The Group, Realtors find an unprecedented level of support. The Financial Services department—made up of Patty, Cheryl Dutro and Kristin Kendall—plays a key part in that, keeping businesses and transactions running smoothly.


Supporting the Job

The Group Inc Finance support Fort Collins real estate

First and foremost, The Group’s Financial Services department provides a number of services that help Broker Partners do their jobs as efficiently and worry-free as possible. This includes having established relationships and accounts with vendors so that Realtors aren’t digging into their own pocket for marketing costs such as photography and printing. The Realtors still cover the expenses out of their business, but it’s taken out of their commission checks on the back end.

“They don’t have to worry about that piece of the business by fronting the money, and waiting to get reimbursed. And the vendors know that when they submit their invoices to us, we’ll pay,” says Patty.

The Group has affiliated businesses that the Financial Services department works in conjunction with, including The Group Guarantee Title, LLP, Group Mortgage, LLC, The Source Property Management and Ninja, LLC training. With mortgage and title services in our family of companies—each one critical in the real estate purchase and sales process—we bring unmatched convenience and professionalism to our customers who choose to use our affiliated businesses. We also offer property management services to assist our investor customers.

The Financial Services department also oversees programs that directly affect buyers and sellers, thus helping Broker Partners provide the best customer service possible. The Group has programs such as Guaranteed Move, which is a fee based program in which The Group guarantees a home sale in order to free a seller up to make a purchase without the stress of an uncertain contingency. They also have a Home Improvement Loan program in which The Group pays for home improvements and takes it out of the net sale proceeds. This helps the Realtor and the seller market homes that need otherwise out of reach updates.


Money Management

The Group Inc Finance support Fort Collins real estate

On top of the direct business support, the department helps Broker Partners manage their own financial needs, from disbursing into income and tax accounts to shares in the company stock, and even giving to charitable organizations like Group Gives, United Way, Realtors for Kids and more. We can also put their money into retirement savings or college savings accounts for their children. This means we can give Partners the flexibility to deposit commission checks in a variety of ways or into multiple checking and savings accounts. “We handle all of that out of our office,” says Patty. “We talk with individual Partners about how they want their commission checks disbursed and then provide that support.

In addition, since every Broker at The Group is also an employee owner, a portion of each commission check can be applied toward purchasing corporate stock. But managing all of that can be complicated. The Financial Services department manages stock purchases and is responsible for issuing dividend checks each year. Once Partners reach the minimum 500 shares and become voting members, Patty and her team provide support and help decide what amount each Partner wants to keep purchasing.

For Patty, the presence of all of these programs and support systems is just one indicator of The Group’s commitment to its customers and its employee-owners. And that is ultimately why she’s been so thrilled to join the team. “People just love working at The Group, and that’s so impressive to me,” she says. “To have that camaraderie and vision, it’s really motivating. Having a solid culture like The Group has means a lot, and I want to add to it.”


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