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Why So Many People Are Moving to This Growing Northern Colorado Town: Berthoud

Last year, Northern Colorado saw significant growth in the region’s smaller communities. Considering job growth, the housing market, population increases and new businesses, both Berthoud and Windsor were huge driving forces for the region. Both experienced a long-awaited resurgence in new home construction and evidence of increased job opportunities that will likely keep driving demand for the foreseeable future. 

Today, we’re looking at Berthoud, also known as the Garden Spot of Colorado, to explain a few of the reasons this community is booming. Located just ten minutes from Loveland and 40 minutes from Fort Collins, this village was originally developed around the railroad line between Longmont and Cheyenne. Soon after, it became a bustling center for agriculture. Farmers found success with crops like alfalfa, wheat, sugar beets, barley and corn. Then, as a result, farmland, sheep and cattle ranches became the norm.

Over the years, Berthoud has maintained its railroad history, its agricultural roots and its small-town atmosphere while still representing one of Northern Colorado’s fastest growing areas. This is thanks in large part to the local farmers who love the land, the local businesses who support the economy, and the people of the community who stand together day after day.


1. The community

More than half of the Berthoud community is made up of married couples and families — which makes for a slow-paced and family-friendly atmosphere with frequent community events and outstanding educational opportunities. For example, Berthoud is home to Berthoud Historical Society which operates Little Thompson Valley Pioneer Museum and McCarty-Fickel Home Museum.

With an average household size of more than two and an unemployment rate under 5%, we have whole neighborhoods committed to building the local economy and constantly improving our schools. That list of schools includes Berthoud Elementary, Ivy Stockwell Elementary, Turner Middle School and Berthoud High School which all rank in the top half of the spectrum, according to GreatSchools

In just the last few years, we’ve also seen new local businesses pop up to help the economy thrive like Rise Artisan Bread, Berthoud Pizza Company and Berthoud Brewing Company. These new favorites have seamlessly joined the list of long-standing businesses like Grandpa’s Cafe which has been feeding area families for decades.

For a complete list of local eateries, coffee shops, annual Berthoud events and more, check out The Ultimate Guide to the Garden Spot of Colorado: Berthoud, Colorado.


2. The landscape

While the business of the railroad and the promise of agriculture success may have attracted residents originally, we think one of the largest pulls was — and still is — the landscape of Berthoud. After all, it’s called the Garden Spot of Colorado for a reason! The name calls attention to the town’s tree-lined residential areas and charming business districts which are nestled next to fragrant hay fields with the dramatic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.

This makes Berthoud a prime destination for people and families who want to enjoy recreation opportunities offered by the mountains, the lakes located within minutes from the heart of town, and the various open spaces within town limits. The long list includes Fickel Park, Pioneer Park, Waggener Farm Park, Bacon Lake, Loveland, Welch and Lonetree Reservoirs.


3. The housing market

Moving to Berthoud Colorado Real Estate Homes for Sale

We mentioned already that Northern Colorado’s smaller communities have been a huge driving force in the success of the local housing market. After just the first seven months of 2017, Windsor and Berthoud had a combined total of 921 new home transactions — 68 percent of all such sales to that point! And that number isn’t slowing down as we continue into the second half of 2018. By comparison, Fort Collins and Greeley, the region’s most populous markets, added up to just 403 new home sales combined.

Looking at data from our Annual Report for year-end 2017, the number of homes sold in Berthoud last year increased by a whopping 107%. That number grew from 218 in 2016 to 451 in 2017. In conjunction, the total dollar value increased 101% which means, even though we’re getting a huge number of new homes, the value of those and existing homes is still on the rise. Looking forward to 2018, we predict steady price increases which makes now the perfect time to buy. To search for your Berthoud dream home, click here


4. The growth  

New Housing Developments in Berthoud Colorado

One of the most impressive numbers from our Annual Report is the number of residential building permits issued for single-family homes in Berthoud. Taking into account both attached and detached, the number jumped from just 154 in 2016 to 435 in 2017. Looking forward to 2018 at the Loveland/Berthoud area as a whole, we predict a 12% increase in the number of home sales and a 9% increase in the sale price.

This is likely a response to job and population growth within the community. The current population is just over 6,000 which represents a 101% population increase since 1990 and a nearly 25% increase since 2000. While the growth has been noticeable, the city is readily providing more housing and the community has still maintained its small-town feel.

To meet the rising housing demands, there are more than 15 active developments in Berthoud in 2018! 


In summary

Berthoud is still a hidden gem in Northern Colorado. The steady growth of jobs, population and development within the town promises more attractions, more local business, a booming economy, and more reasons to #LoveBerthoud in the future.

If you have questions about Berthoud, you can start on the Berthoud community page which provides insights into the atmosphere, the schools, the jobs, the real estate and more. And, of course, you can always contact us directly.

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