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Where to Buy Locally Raised Eggs and Meat in Northern Colorado

Farming and agriculture have been a part of Northern Colorado history since the beginning of Northern Colorado. Long before the railroad brought trains to our region, the lands brought farmers, ranchers and homesteaders. Today, that history lives on in local, family-run farms and businesses in each and every community.

And these farms and ranches offer a lot more than just food. Our area’s farming families are providing sustainable practices, workshops and classes, agritourism experiences, children’s camps, farm dinners, and so much more.

The best way to support their efforts is to shop local — and you can do that at weekly markets throughout the summer. To track down your community’s farmers market, check out The Ultimate Guide to Northern Colorado Farmers Markets.

To track down the region’s best local meats and farm-fresh eggs often available year-round, keep reading!


Amy’s Grass Fed Beef | Bellvue


Amy’s Grass Fed Beef is a small, family-operated farm raising only forage fed, hormone and antibiotic-free cattle, which roam on high-altitude mountain pastures. Grass fed and grass finished, the beef is then processed at a small, custom plant in Evans, Colorado and sold by the whole, half and quarter. To place your order, call or complete the website order form.


The Boar and Bull | Loveland

Beef and pork | Facebook

The Boar and Bul Where to buy locally raised meat and farm fresh eggs in Loveland

Photo courtesy of The Boar and Bull

The Boar and Bull opened in downtown Loveland in 2014 as both a butcher shop and a tavern. Locally- and veteran-owned, the team sources some of the world’s best meats from no more than 100 miles away then crafts them into locally-famous pulled pork and brisket sandwiches, bacon, ribeye and more. And, if you’re hoping to take some of that meat home, you can get a full lineup of beef and pork cuts from the butcher.


Craig Angus Ranch | Fort Collins

Beef and pork | Facebook

Craig Angus Ranch has been producing top quality beef since 1978. Customers can choose from grass fed or grain fed cattle and can buy a whole, half or quarter cow. Pork is also available once a year each summer and can be purchased whole or half. For full details on pricing, processing and ordering, check out the website.


Good Grin Farm | Fort Collins

Eggs | Facebook

This homestead, urban farm in Fort Collins produces primarily fruits and vegetables from non-genetically modified seeds and without the use of any chemicals. In addition to these sustainable products, you’ll also find farm fresh eggs from chickens raised with love and plenty of room to roam. During the summer, you can purchase eggs and produce at the on-site farmstand. Or, contact the family to inquire year-round.


Jodar Farms | Fort Collins

Eggs, beef and pork | Facebook

Local meat and eggs in Fort Collins Loveland Greeley farm fresh eggs

You may recognize the name Jodar Farms from menus at restaurants throughout the Front Range. That’s because this Fort Collins farm produces some of the best meats and eggs in the state! The team creates habitats that allow the animals to practice their natural behaviors so they can be raised using free range and pasture-based growing methods to finish with the best tasting, most sustainable products.

Beef and eggs can only be purchased through a CSA membership at Jodar Farms and is offered in both winter and summer. Pork packages are also available; these offer whole hog, half hog and custom meat bundles.


Laughing Buck Farm | Fort Collins

Eggs and pork | Facebook

Laughing Buck Farm is a fun and educational farm offering programs and special events for families and children throughout Northern Colorado. In addition to camps, classes and lessons, the team sells farm fresh eggs and organically raised, sustainable pork fed on a diet of garden thinnings, windfall apples, goats-milk whey and kitchen leftovers. The best way to snag your products is to email Farmer Rosemary at laughingbuckfarm@gmail.com.


Living Water Ranch | Livermore

Beef and lamb | Facebook

This family-owned ranch began when the Stahla family learned just how much better grass-fed meat can taste. After purchasing their Livermore ranch just a few years ago, they got to taste the results for themselves and now offer it to customers throughout the region. Sold by the half, the quarter and by individual cuts, this is one of the few places you can pick and choose your cuts of grass-fed, Colorado grown beef. Check out the price list here.


Long Shadow Farm | Berthoud

Eggs, lamb, chicken and turkey | Facebook

Long Shadow Farm Where to buy locally raised meat and farm fresh eggs in Berthoud

Photo courtesy of Long Shadow Farm

This small, family-owned farm is an educational passion-project for this Berthoud family. They began in the summer of 2007 with the intent of learning to sustain themselves off the land and have since raised lamb, chickens, ducks and turkeys for both eggs and meat, gotten plenty of dirt under their fingernails, and created a CSA program to share their harvests with the community. Though they occasionally raise one or two other animals as well, you can most often find cuts and organs of lamb, turkey and chicken as well as chicken and duck eggs. Learn how to buy here.


Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch | Loveland

Beef | Facebook

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch Where to buy locally raised meat and farm fresh eggs in Loveland

Photo courtesy of Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

Though famous as a dude ranch, wedding venue and family getaway, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch also offers their very own grass finished beef. A tradition since the mid-60s, their herd of Charolais, Red Angus, Lowline Angus and Devon roam throughout adjacent forest land and across the grounds of the 3,200-acre ranch. For information on purchasing, click here.


WiMo Farms | Berthoud

Eggs, chicken, duck, turkey, lamb and beef

For just over five years, WiMo Farms has been offering their raw Jersey milk, seasonal eggs and grass-fed, organic meats to families all over Northern Colorado. Driven by their own family’s needs, WiMo began as a way to feed themselves the healthy, biologically available, real foods they needed. Today, you can regularly purchase lamb and beef and, seasonally, you can find eggs, chicken, duck and turkey.


Windsor Dairy | LaPorte

Beef | Facebook

In 2015, the long-standing Windsor Dairy sold their dairy farm and no longer offers raw milk, raw milk cheese, raw pork or raw eggs. However, the family still operates a small family farm at home where they raise grass fed and grass finished beef available as quarters, halves or whole cows. For pricing and purchasing information, click here.


Woolly Goat Farm | Fort Collins

Eggs | Facebook

Woolly Goat Farm is a small farmstead offering classes, camps and workshops year-round in addition to CSA memberships and farmstays which offer a bed and breakfast overnight experience. The farm’s different CSA membership options include a farm share of produce, an egg share, a bread share and an edible flower share. For eggs, you simply pay $65 upfront then receive one half dozen eggs per week May through October! To get yours, click here.


Support your local farmers  

The best way to ensure Northern Colorado is consistently supplied with sustainable and better tasting foods is to support our local farmers! For more information on the easy ways you can do that, check out The Ultimate Guide to Northern Colorado Farmers Markets and 12 Community Gardens + CSA Farms in Fort Collins.

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