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The Top Donut Shops in Northern Colorado

It’s always donut season and, for that, we are eternally grateful. Whether it’s a classic glazed or a bacon-topped creation, these deep-fried, doughy treats make every meal better; so go ahead, have one with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here in NoCo, that’s not hard to do. Whether you’re in Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley or Windsor, you’ll find a delicious spot to come back to again and again — especially when there’s a new daily donut every day of the week! To make your search easy, we tracked down the region’s essential donuts. So get to reading and get to eating!


1. Fort Collins Donut Company

234 N College Ave A1 | Facebook

FoCo DoCo combines our love for local with everyone’s favorite food: donuts! Their Colorado-style treats use the best ingredients from around the state, like Palisade peaches and locally harvested honey, to craft donuts from scratch without adding unnecessary sweeteners or preservatives. With the help of their donut-making robot, every treat is made to order and fried in Colorado sunflower oil then served alongside coffee from Fort Collins roaster The Coffee Registry.


2. The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm | Fort Collins  

1957 Jessup Dr | Facebook

The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm Artisan Village Donuts

Photo courtesy of The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm 

The Farmhouse is already one of our go-to fresh fare destinations for brunch, lunch and dinner but we think it should be on your must-eat donut list too! Located inside a renovated 133-year-old building, the restaurant focuses on elevated country and healthy farm fare, including fresh eggs from the backyard chicken coop.

The Daily Doughnut has come in mouth-watering flavors like Spiked Bourbon and Chocolate, Chocolate Glaze with Raspberry Drizzle and Chocolate Pork Belly with Vanilla Drizzle. Each one is presented so beautifully, you may want to order a second just for Instagram!


3. The Donut Haus | Loveland

265 E 29th St | Facebook

Loveland’s Donut Haus Bakery began more than three decades ago in Estes Park when a German immigrant started selling homemade donuts out of a local gas station. When Lois Marth came along, she helped make the donuts for years before eventually buying the business in 1997. Mary Ann joined the team shortly after and in 2003, they moved the Haus to Loveland. Today, the Loveland bakery operates independently but you can still buy donuts from the old Estes Park gas station (for more info, see number six below).

At The Donut Haus, they bake between three and four thousand donuts every day, 20 gallons of glaze and two tons of dough each week. Stop in for a scratch-made donut, bagel, pie, cake, brownie or breakfast burrito and you’ll soon have a new favorite spot in Loveland!


4. Peace, Love and Little Donuts | Fort Collins

632 S College Ave | Facebook

Peace, Love and Little Donuts Fort Collins donut shops

Photo courtesy of Peace, Love and Little Donuts

Peace, Love and Little Donuts may have opened their Fort Collins location in May 2017 but the atmosphere inside is straight out of the 1970s. With music of the era bumping at all times and tennis ball-sized donuts served with funkadelic toppings like maple bacon, Oreos, cereal and more, you can get your groove on day and night; over the weekend, the shop is open until 10 p.m.!

The concept of Peace, Love and Little Donuts originally began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a passion project of Ron, Marci and their five kids. Today, you can get their handmade and hand-decorated treats in more than 25 cities, but FoCo is Colorado’s first one!


5. Red’s Dogs & Donuts | Greeley

2608 11th Ave | Facebook

Red's Dogs and Donuts Greeley Colorado Doughnuts

Photo courtesy of Red’s Dogs & Donuts

Red, otherwise known as David Cohen, has been a culinary impresario for over 25 years. And in Greeley, his two favorite foods come together at this local’s favorite, Red’s Dogs & Donuts. When it comes to sweet treats, Red’s offers both Potato Doughnuts and Donuts. Under the “classic” category, you’ll find potato doughnuts, cake donuts, glazed, iced and sprinkled. “Evolved” includes seasonal fresh fruit fritters, PB&Js, chocolate and cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls, and specialty potato doughnuts filled with apples and cinnamon, maple icing and crispy bacon and other creative concoctions. Stop in to meet Red and see the entire menu of meals, snacks and treats!


6. Mr. Yo’s Donut | Windsor

1296 Main St | Facebook

Mr. Yo’s is a hidden gem in Windsor known only to the locals and the donut connoisseurs — but we’re spilling the secret because these fried treats are worth it. With everything from sugar-coated and chocolate glazed to coconut and cereal-topped donuts, it won’t be hard to choose a dozen. The trick is narrowing it down! Stop by every day for the classic coffee and donut combo, then come back for each holiday to see what themed creations they have available!


7. Donut Haus | Estes Park

342 Moraine Ave | Facebook

Where to find donuts in Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park, Greeley and Windsor Colorado

We mentioned this charming and historic donut spot when we told the story of Loveland’s Donut Haus, ranked number two above. Operating out of a Phillips 66 gas station more than 50 years ago, German immigrant Dieter d’Alquen developed the shop’s original recipes which are still in use today. The current owners, Karen, Diane and Katy, purchased the historic (and mouth-watering) business in 2008 and have kept it as authentic as possible.

The menu includes all the classics like buttermilk cake donuts, cream-filled donuts and delicious donut bars in addition to sticky buns, fried cinnamon rolls and the Cheesecake Roll, a lightly fried butter roll topped with fresh cheesecake and cinnamon!


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If we missed your go-to NoCo donut shop, let us know in the comments below!

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