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Guaranteed Move Offers Peace of Mind for Homeowners, Sellers and Buyers

As one of the biggest decisions we make in our lifetimes, it’s no surprise to hear homebuying and selling can be a frightening endeavor. You’re not alone if you’re worrying about listing your home and it not selling as quickly as you like. In fact, you’re of the same mind as a great majority of homeowners, even in a hot real estate market like Northern Colorado.

At The Group, Inc., our main goal is to help people make the right decisions and to provide the tools for them to do just that. “In the shifting world of real estate, we need to be able to adapt,” explained Troy Hiebsch, Group Financial Partners president and partner, “[Guaranteed Move is] another tool in the toolbox and it provides options that generally people do not have.”

Guaranteed Move is a new program offered by The Group, Inc. Real Estate. It guarantees to a seller that, if their home doesn’t sell right away, The Group will buy their property at a certain price and time, so sellers can freely commit to buying another property with peace of mind.

Once approved, sellers will list as normal with a Group Broker/Partner and still have the time to market their property with the opportunity to maximize their return. So essentially, you’re marketing your home as normal with a substantial safety net to fall back on if necessary.

Then, given you have a guaranteed purchase from a company with over 40 years of history in the Northern Colorado real estate market, you can make a much more persuasive argument with the seller of your new home!

Guaranteed Move selling your home in Colorado Fort Collins

“The bottom line is to help people move and offer peace of mind,” said Troy.

Over the past year, as the program has grown, Guaranteed Move has been paying around 96% of the market price for each home. So why wait, right? 


So how does it work?

Guaranteed Move selling your home in Colorado Fort Collins

If you’re interested in selling with a Guaranteed Move, your home will be inspected by the team and, if accepted, the price, timeline and details will be agreed upon prior to listing your home with a Group Broker/Partner. Following an inspection of the property, the team will present you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) and discuss the full logistics.

Basic underwriting criteria include a preferred listing price below $500,000, a location inside our Northern Colorado area of expertise and more. However, because homes are guaranteed on a case by case basis, criteria may be as strict or as flexible as necessary.

By looking at the projected price range for your home, the Guaranteed Move team will make an offer as your Guaranteed price all while allowing you to list your property on the open market to ensure you still get top value for your property. Then at sale — whether you sell on the market or sell to Group Financial Partners — there will be a 1% fee on top of commission.

If Group Financial Partners ends up purchasing your home, we’ll immediately remarket the property while you move into your new home with no more seller worries!


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Guaranteed Move selling your home in Colorado Fort Collins

To get started on the Guaranteed Move process, you can start on the website or contact the team! Additionally, your Group Broker/Partner will have all the details on getting the process started. To find your agent, you can peruse our realtors or track down someone specific here.

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