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Kitchen Trends We Love Inside These Fort Collins Homes For Sale

It has long been understood the kitchen is the heart of the home. As such, it’s also the heart of home design — and one of the most fun spaces to decorate! Whether your kitchen is spacious and open, small and quaint, or wide open to the rest of your home, simple updates can make the room jaw-dropping.

To fuel your home inspiration, we put together a list of the trendiest kitchens on the market right now. Scroll through these, find out which details make them special and mimic them in your own home. Or, skip the renovation and make one of these your own. They’re all for sale, after all!  

Whether or not you’re in the market for a new house, we can all get on board with stunning kitchen design, right? Enjoy!


Rustic Lighting

Industrial, rustic, modern — whichever style you choose, the right lighting can transform a kitchen. In these Northern Colorado homes, rustic adds a touch of warmth and softness to already beautiful designs.

Design with Amenities to Match

1917 ELBA COURT Windsor, CO 80550

1917 Elba Court | Listed by Chris C. Hau

We already love this home’s kitchen for its luxury stainless steel appliances — including a stylish vent hood, double ovens and a gourmet range. Rustic warmth comes from soft cream granite countertops, a stone pillar, the deep wood of the island and, of course, the stylish track lighting.

Rustic Decor in Every Room

Fort Collins Homes with Rustic Design and Decor Home Inspiration

3934 Ridgeline Drive | Listed by Marnie Long

This home doesn’t confine rustic decor to the chef’s space. In addition to gorgeous wood beams along the ceiling, a huge weathered wood island, intricate light fixtures and a stark white countertop in the kitchen, you’ll find shiplap and a beautiful statement light fixture in the adjacent dining room. Check out those trendy Edison Bulbs!


Dark Woods

Being in Northern Colorado, we love our lodge style homes. Dark woods in the kitchen add a hint of mountain atmosphere without overdoing it which results in a stark, modern space!

Balanced, Dramatic Design

4020 Portrush Lane

4020 Portrush Lane | Listed by Melissa DohertyAndrea Schaefer

This home merges nearly all the trends on our list — rustic pendant lights, gorgeous shades of gray and a stunning backsplash that reaches all the way to the ceiling. But the design choice we love the most is the dark wood cabinetry. Complementary to the stunning wood floors and contrasting the lighter island, the richness makes for a dramatic modern feel we love.

A Standout Space

2264 Gamble Oak Drive

2264 Gamble Oak Drive | Listed by David T. Muth

When you walk through this Loveland home, you’ll find room after room that’s glamorous, bright white and filled with natural light. This makes the deep, dark woods of the kitchen even more surprising and stunning. Off-white tiles, soft gray backsplash and cream colored granite mimic the colors found in the rest of the home to tie together the space beautifully.

Unity Created by Contrast  

3714 Shallow Pond Drive

3714 Shallow Pond Drive | Listed by Robin Strong

This home’s kitchen is all about contrast: white meets black on the kitchen island countertop and s-wave track lighting contrasts the sharp corners of the cabinetry and counters. To take it a step further, the light wood of the island makes it a statement piece against the espresso stained cabinets. Silver hardware in both places creates a sense of unity and a modern style we can’t get enough of!


Shades of Gray

Diverting just slightly from the bright white kitchens we’ve seen in recent years, shades of gray add depth to a bright space. You can opt for a subtle shift or a dramatic contrast — both of which are shown below!

Light and Dark

1115 Town Center Drive

1115 Town Center Drive | Listed by Wynn WashleLaura Jo Washle

Opting for deep grays and bright whites, this kitchen design went for dramatic contrast and it works. To take the idea one step further, the white subway tile backsplash has classic black grout and the black stone countertop of the island is inlaid with white rock. Overall, the kitchen has a farmhouse feel that is both modern and charming.

Bright White with Depth

4821 Shavano Drive

4821 Shavano Drive | Listed by Diane Iwanicki

The kitchen in this Windsor home is the closest we’ve come to a bright white design while still taking advantage of a gray palette. White brick, white granite countertops and a white island complement pale gray cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. On one side, a deep gray statement wall draws the eye to a luxurious farmhouse butler’s pantry!

One-of-a-kind Design

4725 Venturi Lane

4725 Venturi Lane | Listed by Christopher Reilly

This kitchen and dining room design uses shades of gray to tie together a one-of-a-kind layout. On one side, there’s an eat-in counter of soft gray with quartz counters; on the other is a wet bar of soft gray, quartz counters and white subway tile. In between is a statement wood wall, a spacious pantry and an appliance-filled kitchen. The palette makes the intricate layout feel more manageable and keeps the whole space subtle, simple and elegant.


Subway Tile

Thanks in part to Joanna Gaines, subway tile is here to stay. These Northern Colorado homes prove it can go with bright white palettes, dark palettes and everything in between!

Illuminated Design  

5822 Riverbluff Drive

5822 Riverbluff Drive | Listed by Kathy Beck + Brandi Garifi

Showing off the always stylish bright white color palette, this home’s kitchen features subway tile against white granite countertops, white cabinets and stunning stainless steel appliances. The white grout offers a stark, illuminating backdrop so these glamorous details can shine.

Deep, Dramatic and Subway Tiled

5900 Riverbluff Drive

5900 Riverbluff Drive | Listed by Kathy Beck + Brandi Garifi

This Timnath home uses a similar layout, but a completely unique color palette. This time, subway tile is set against espresso cabinetry and more intricate gray granite countertop. Complemented by these deeper colors, white grout and white tile stand out as one of the statements in this design.

Contrasted Textures

7142 Virga Court

7142 Virga Court | Listed by Stephanie Kirkland

The palette in this kitchen design would have put it in the “Shades of Gray” category if it weren’t for the beautiful sheen of the subway tile. Light matte gray and brushed steel appliances keep the shine low while quartz counters and the illuminating white backsplash add a unique texture contrast we love.


Farmhouse Sink  

Whether you’re going for a full farm look, or just want one of the trendiest sinks on the market right now, a spacious farmhouse sink is always a good idea. Do you prefer classic white or breathtaking stainless steel?

Two Sinks for Two Styles

8150 Open View Place

8150 Open View Place | Listed by Chris Doyle

For the chef who can’t make up her mind, this stunning Loveland home has a kitchen with two sinks: one set in the butcher block island and one stainless steel in farmhouse style. Though there are enough design details to fill an entire blog post, it’s these extra, luxurious amenities that take this kitchen over the top.  

Trends on Trends

3874 Ridgeline Drive

3874 Ridgeline Drive | Listed by Robin Strong

Without the rustic pendant light fixtures and the white farmhouse sink, this home’s kitchen would be pretty, but these small decor choices put this design miles above other standard kitchens. Because the sink is set into deep gray granite and mimics the white cabinetry, it stands out and ties the complex look together.

Farmhouse in a White Kitchen

6583 Rookery Road

6583 Rookery Road | Listed by Marnie Long

This breathtaking kitchen merges multiple trends we love: a gray palette, rustic lighting, subway tile and even herringbone backsplash which is a rare and pleasant sight! Paired with a white farmhouse sink set into a stunning white stone countertop, this a room we wouldn’t mind spending all day in!


Which design trend is your favorite?  

Let us know which home or trend you love the most! Which designs are you stealing for your own home design?

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