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5 Places to Find Delicious Craft Cider in Fort Collins and Loveland

It’s no secret Fort Collins is a craft beer haven — not to mention Northern Colorado as a whole. So by now, we’re pretty well versed in the local craft beer scene. With the coming of fall, we have seasonal beers to look forward to, but we also get to take full advantage of the season’s tastiest harvest — apples!

To help you track down NoCo’s best ciders (both hard and nonalcoholic), we created a roundup of the tried and true favorites: the original cider houses that bring the crisp flavors of the region to life. Check out our top five and let us know which ones you can’t get enough of!

The best cider in Northern Colorado includes:

Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar + Summit Hard Cider, Branch Out Cider, Climb Hard Cider, CooperSmith’s Pub and Colorado Cherry Company

Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar + Summit Hard Cider

215 N College Ave, Fort Collins | Facebook

scrumpy's fort collins colorado hard cider

Photo courtesy of Summit Hard Cider and Perry Company, LLC

Some of FoCo’s favorite cider can be found at Scrumpy’s Pub. Home to Summit Hard Cider, this locally-owned spot offers ciders made in-house along with 48 rotating taps. Here, you’ll find everything from beer and cider to wine and mead. While most of the beers are brewed in Colorado, all of the cider is made right here in Fort Collins! Of the Summit Hard Cider options, you can choose from 15 flavors — fruity, dry and everything in between but if you’re as indecisive as we are, the cider flight might be your new go-to.

Scrumpy’s also operates as a restaurant and their mouth-watering menu landed them on our blog post The Best Places to Get Dinner in Fort Collins, According to Yelp. You’ll also find them in our round-up of dog-friendly businesses and list of winter date ideas so pull up a chair and get ready for some of the most fun flavors in Fort Collins!

If you’re craving Summit cider, but you’re headed to a different NoCo dinner spot, see if it’s on the list of places that serve Summit — including local favorites like Pinball Jones, The Waffle Lab and The Fox and Crow.


Branch Out Cider

Where to buy | Facebook

Branch Out Cider was acquired by Scrumpy’s in 2016, but even before the Fort Collins cider authority took over, Branch Out was creating some outstanding apple-inspired beverages. In an effort to reduce excess waste in the Fort Collins community, this operation (now with the help of Scrumpy’s and Summit Hard Cider) harvests undesirable apples and turns them into mouth-watering adult beverages.

If you have an apple tree in your backyard, find out how to join the Community Orchard! If you just want a taste for yourself, you can find Branch Out Cider on tap at The Fox and the Crow, Scrumpy’s (of course), and a few other local favorites. Or, stop by Wilbur’s Total Beverage to take some home with you! Check out the full list of places to buy here.


Climb Hard Cider

2707 W Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland | Facebook

Climb Cider Loveland Colorado Hard Cider

Photo courtesy of Climb Hard Cider and KatiLyn VanNosdall

Climb Hard Cider has been a NoCo cider destination since they opened their doors in 2014. Serving up seasonal flavors year-round, you can sip a classic apple dry or try something more adventurous like Horchata and Elderflower blends! For the most current tapping follow the team on Facebook or check the tap list online.

No matter which style you choose (or styles, if you opt for a flight), you’re promised a delicious, naturally gluten-free and crisp flavor every time. And trust us, you’ll probably want to take some home with you! When you do, remember to bring your empty bottles back to the Loveland tasting room. Not only will you get 50 cents back per bottle, you’ll be helping Climb and the community to be a better, more eco-friendly place. And, you’ll have the opportunity to get more cider!


CooperSmith’s Pub

5 Old Town Square, Fort Collins | Facebook

CooperSmith’s is already a FoCo favorite for craft brews, but did you know you can find ciders on their tap list as well? In between the beers on their huge lineup, you’ll find four unique options. Scrumpy Cider is a classic, refreshing apple taste with alternating apple blends throughout the season. Cyser is a style of apple mead and they make it by fermenting clover honey with freshly pressed juice. The Ginger Apple Perry is a pear cider and Two Pecks Cherry Cider is brewed with fresh pressed apple juice and tart cherries.

Try a cider next time you go to CooperSmith’s for a pint and a plate of artisan pub food. You won’t be disappointed!


Colorado Cherry Company

Loveland + Lyons | Facebook

Colorado Cherry Company Nonalcoholic cider

Photo courtesy of Colorado Cherry Company

Colorado Cherry Company is a fourth generation, family-owned and operated business with locations in Lyons and Loveland. No matter which front range shop you find yourself in, you’ll be surrounded by sweet, savory and delicious creations from relishes and mustards to fruit spreads and, you guessed it, ciders! Their non-alcoholic fruit ciders have become famous throughout the region and you can even get them shipped directly to your home — which you may want to do once you get a taste! Whether you opt for the famous Black Bing Cherry Cider, classic apple or any one of their fruit-packed options, you’ll likely find a new favorite. With no added sugar, the natural flavors and sweetness can shine through.


Where do you sip cider in NoCo?

Share your favorite places to find craft cider in the comments below!

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