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The Most Unusual Things to Order from 12 Northern Colorado Food Trucks

Like most Fort Collins locals, food trucks are one of the many things we love about summer. All you have to do to find proof is search for food truck events in town. To start, you’ll probably find the Lagoon Summer Concert Series, Tuesdays’ City Park Food Truck Rally and the Colorado Brewers’ Festival.

And because we love our mobile eateries so much, Northern Colorado is the perfect setting for unique menus and out-of-the-box kitchen concepts. The next time you get a craving, consult our list of unique dishes from some of our local favorites. You won’t be disappointed!

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Umami Mobile Eatery: Thai Nachos  

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Umami Food Truck Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of Umami Mobile Eatery 

Umami Mobile Eatery is inspired by Umami, the fifth mouth-watering taste you can’t pinpoint, but it makes you want to eat more. With influence from the founder’s global travels, you’ll find menu items packed with soy sauce, curry, chili-marinated pork, sriracha and other enticing flavors!

The Thai Nachos —  an innovative twist on the classic Mexican dish — feature a bit of everything. On top of locally made tortilla chips, you get signature Umami peanut sauce, onions, cilantro, Sriracha raita, sesame seeds and your choice of soy ginger chicken, sweet chili pork or seasoned tofu.


The Tramp About: Any burger

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The Tramp About Food Truck Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of The Tramp About

The most common review of The Tramp About food truck is something like, “I wish I could eat this every day!” Their truck, just like their food, was made from the ground up and features a ten-foot bar for mobile seating.

Though the Cubano sandwich may be the most talked-about item, if you want flavors you’ve definitely never tasted before, opt for one of the burger specials. In the past, they’ve put beet-cured pork belly on a burger, Brussel sprouts and bacon, Alfredo sauce and even a crab cake!


La Piadina: Dessert Piadina

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This Fort Collins truck serves one of Italy’s finest street foods — piadina flatbread sandwiches complete with homemade dough and scratch-made sauces. Right off the bat, this is a one-of-a-kind menu in Fort Collins so order anything — from the prosciutto, arugula, and cheese to the grilled eggplant option. But be sure to finish your meal with the Dessert Piadina. The warm, fresh flatbread is topped with Nutella spread, apricot or strawberry jam and walnuts!


Austin Taco: Monthly Taco Feature

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Austin Taco Food Truck Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Austin Taco and Sarah Barlow

Tacos at Austin Taco are made with simple ingredients and old family recipes. They’re lovingly prepared and stuffed in an open tortilla with plenty of characteristic, weird Austin flair. Whether you’re craving a signature breakfast option, veggie, or BBQ-filled shell, there’s an option for you.

But for their weirdest weird tacos, you’re going to want to order the Monthly Taco Feature. That’s where they get the most creative and downright strange! In the past, they’ve served bacon-inspired concoctions, a Buffalo Chicken dish and John’s Denver Taco inspired by Colorado breakfast classics.


The Goodness: The HogFather

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The Goodness Food Truck Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of The Goodness

Since 2013, The Goodness has been serving down-to-earth, feel-good, gourmet goodies out of a truck inspired by our beautiful front range location. You can order comfort food classics with a twist — including a beer-simmered Bratwurst and a burger topped with bacon and brie.

Their most famous dish — and their most innovative — is the renowned HogFather. The main feature of the sandwich is pork loin stuffed with Italian sausage and wrapped in prosciutto. Then it’s slow smoked, sliced and served on a rustic roll with lettuce, tomato and house-herbed aioli.


Mac’N: Whiskey Apple Mac

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Mac'N Food Truck Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Mac’N and Steven Conley Photography

There’s nothing to complain about when it comes to creative mac n’ cheese. Some of our favorites include words like housemade BBQ chicken, diced lobster tails and homemade pickled veggies. Every time you track down the turquoise truck, you can choose a regular menu favorite or a specialty mac.

And if you happen to come when they’re serving Whiskey Apple Mac, don’t miss out! The pasta comes with gooey cheddar, Honeycrisp apples sauteed in WL Weller Special Reserve bourbon, and crispy toppings for added crunch.


Ripe Tomatoes: Fungo  

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Ripe Tomatoes Fort Collins Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Ripe Tomatoes

Ripe Tomatoes brings wood-fired pizza to the streets with their mobile oven. Featuring seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, their pies are topped with some of the freshest ingredients in unexpected combos. No matter what you order, you’re in for a unique, Italian-inspired treat. Opt for a classic Margi with fresh BelGioioso mozzarella and organic basil or order the Fungo topped with organic Hazel Dell mushrooms, caramelized onions and a blend of three cheeses.


Sustainable Spoon: Local Beer Brat

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Sustainable Spoon is a notable FoCo food truck for a lot of reasons, most prominent of them is the fact that the mobile kitchen is solar powered! From healthy, local ingredients to solar panels, they’re doing everything they can to promote sustainability in NoCo. And they’re doing it while serving mouth-watering dishes like the Local Beer Brat! Cooked in a local craft brew, your brat comes with your choice of onions, sauerkraut, stone ground mustard and ketchup.

For a similar vegetarian option, choose the Beer Mac n’ Cheese! Made with sharp cheddar and gruyere cheese, this unique version offers all the flavor without all the calories.


Corndoggies: Maple Bacon

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Corndoggies Fort Collins Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Corndoggies and Natalie Santelli

Corndoggies combines a couple of our favorite things — local, artisan food and, you guessed it, corndogs. And their mobile kitchen brings waffle-wrapped, raspberry-jalapeño jam dipped and footlong creations straight to you. First things first, you’re going to want an order of Beet Fries or Fried Brussel Sprouts. Then, if you can’t decide on your dog, order the Maple Bacon, a sweet breakfast sausage served inside a waffle with Belgian ale maple syrup.


Nomad Street Cuisine: The Nomad Burger

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Nomad Food Truck Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Nomad Street Cuisine

The style and character of Nomad Street Cuisine are classic bohemian, but the food is innovative and serious. Everyone who gets a taste will probably find themselves craving another Godfather Panini or street-style Reuben in the near future. The next time you track them down, we suggest ordering the famous Nomad Burger. The six-ounce patty is topped with bacon jam, Cambozola cheese and Arugula on a Brioche bun.


Revolution Artisan Pops: Rhubarb Jasmine

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Though normally operating out of a Fort Collins storefront, this local food truck serves tasty ice pops made with the freshest local ingredients. The handmade creations have no preservatives and no dyes; they’re just sweet local treats with ingredients from NoCo spots like Morning Fresh Dairy, Harbinger Coffee, Savory Spice Shop and The Garden Juicery.

Next time you want something delicious and unusual, order the seasonal Rhubarb Jasmine pop. Made with fresh rhubarb from Miller Farms and jasmine tea from Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, it has a short season, but it’s worth the wait!


Ba-Nom-a-Nom: Pineapple Melon

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Ba-Nom-a-Nom Food Truck Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Ba-Nom-a-Nom and McKenzie Coyle Photography

When you think Ba-Nom-a-Nom, think soft-serve ice cream, but it’s vegan, healthy and made with 100% fruit! These healthier treats come in a variety of fruitful combos and you can even get soda floats — including a classic Root Beer Float made with fresh banana and root beer soda.

The Pineapple Melon popsicle is made with two summer favorites — watermelon and pineapple. Choose it for an unexpected combo and refreshing taste.


What’s your go-to order?

Share your favorite FoCo food truck meal with us so we can give it a taste next time!

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