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7 Laundry Rooms You’ll Actually Want to Do Laundry In | Northern Colorado Homes for Sale

Most people don’t like doing laundry — surprising, we know. Maybe it’s because we put it off as long as possible or maybe it’s because we prefer to pretend our dirty clothes just don’t exist, but in many cases, the laundry room is often overlooked in home design.

However, when it comes to functionality and decor, we think there are plenty of opportunities for these spaces to shine! To prove it, we rounded up the most impressive homes with stunning washer and dryer stations. Snag some inspiration for your own home or make one of these Northern Colorado properties your own! Let’s make laundry day a little better.

Mountain Style Laundry Room

Windsor Homes for Sale | 800 Doce Lane, Windsor, CO

800 Doce Lane, Windsor, CO | Listed by Kathy Boeding

This lakeside home in Windsor uses the front range atmosphere to its advantage in nearly every room, using subtle details including stone, log and other wood materials. The mountain serenity continues into the laundry room where you’ll be able to wash, dry and fold with plenty of dark oak cabinets for storage. We love the multifunctional mud area that takes advantage of the large space!

Style + Function in FoCo

8456 Golden Eagle Road, Fort Collins, CO

8456 Golden Eagle Road, Fort Collins, CO | Listed by Chris McElroy

Even the hopeless organizer can find solace in this home’s sleek walk-in closet. The washer and dryer are nestled into the space just as seamlessly as the shelving, drawers and hanging rods. We might go on a shopping spree just so we can spend more time in here!


Live, Luxe, Laundry

Timnath Homes for Sale | 5900 Riverbluff Drive, Timnath, CO

5900 Riverbluff Drive, Timnath, CO | Listed by Kathy Beck

This Timnath home brings elegance and functionality to one of the most frequently overlooked spaces. With so much luxe style and charm throughout the rest of the home, we love seeing that echoed in the laundry room! Dark espresso cabinets and shades of gray create a sense of luxury you’ll appreciate during laundry hour.

A Well-Designed Space  

Bellvue Homes for Sale | 3400 N. County Road 25, Bellvue, CO

3400 N. County Road 25, Bellvue, CO | Listed by Leone Coryell

There’s no reason to keep design trends out of the laundry room and this home’s functional space is the perfect example. The contrasted white and dark wood complement the pastel green door beautifully. And with plenty of cabinet space, a sink and natural light, you might be making excuses to do laundry just so you can be in here.

Wash, Design, Repeat

Windsor Homes for Sale | 1846 E. Seadrift Drive, Windsor, CO

1846 E. Seadrift Drive, Windsor, CO | Listed by Eric Hansen 

There’s something about dramatic lodge-style woods that we can’t get enough of — maybe it’s our love for Colorado’s signature mountain style. This Windsor home has a laundry room that merges a charming statement wall with a bold, wood door. And it’s all accented by an entire wall of beautiful cabinetry.

Built-in Functionality

Fort Collins Homes for Sale | 110 N. Sherwood Street, Fort Collins, CO

110 N. Sherwood Street, Fort Collins, CO | Listed by Nicole and Keith Huntsman

In this home, a traditional basement laundry space is transformed with an elaborate built-in. With storage above, below and to each side, keeping your home organized and making your family spick and span will be a breeze!

Industrial Chic

Fort Collins Homes for Sale | 5119 Bulrush Court, Fort Collins, CO

5119 Bulrush Court, Fort Collins, CO | Listed by Jim Hauan

Like many people obsessed with home design, we love cement counter tops. So when we saw this washer and dryer nestled under the industrial chic material, we were sold! This home’s laundry room takes it a step further with even more functionality — a bench and storage built-in with charming style.

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