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2017 Home Design Trends From Local Interior Designers

Last year, home decor was all about being bold and standing out. We saw a lot of patterns, matte black color palettes, bright accent colors, large-scale lighting, and unique architectural details. Perhaps as a result of 2016’s creative and rambunctious style, 2017 seems to be all about blending. Many of the emerging trends serve to balance the loud details of the past with a calmer and more natural atmosphere.

After all, Pantone’s Color of the Year is all about bringing the peaceful character of nature into our homes. And the trends chosen by our favorite Northern Colorado designers serve similar functions — whether it’s merging old and new, unifying color palettes, or mixing textures.

Read through our round-up of 2017’s design trends from the local designers who know best, and choose one to bring into your home this year!


Acrylic Decor

2017 Home Design Trends

Photo courtesy of Hayven Design

Acrylic decor is light as a feather and clear as glass. With it, you can make a space brighter and more modern. According to Hayven Design, “It’s fun and unexpected and really makes [the] room appear larger since acrylic takes up no visual space… and, of course, goes with just about everything!”

How to incorporate it into your home

Because of the simple look and versatility, acrylic decor fits anywhere. Hayven mixed it with bright jewel tones in the photo above which really lets the color stand out and even adds a bit of shine.

“A Glass dining table can add sophisticated style and ample seating to a smaller space without looking cramped and cluttered. The same goes for an acrylic coffee table. You can have a place to put your drink without taking up extra visual space,” said Hayven.

And the Acrylic Eames chair — as shown in the photo above — is comfortable, affordable and compact enough for any room!



2017 Home Design Trends

Photo courtesy of Style Reboot

According to Lisa at Style Reboot, wallpaper is back on trend for 2017 — but not the old-fashioned styles we’ve all learned to avoid.

She explained, “In the first house I designed in Old Town, I was consumed with the painstaking and expensive removal of 100 years of layered wallpaper from every single wall and ceiling. It scarred me to the point that I firmly believed I would never use it again.”

“[But] these new wallpapers are not those that our grandmothers favored,” she said.

Bold, creative and performance-oriented patterns can add texture, art and thoughtfulness to any decor. In the photo above, Lisa used hand-painted wallpaper scrolls as art pieces. She said, “It just goes to prove that ‘never say never’ is a wise adage and that design keeps evolving in an exciting way, which is why I love my job.”

How to incorporate it into your home

Today, wallpaper comes in a variety of types. You can get art pieces like Lisa, you can update a piece of furniture with a textured pattern, or you can use removable styles which are perfect for changing decor and temporary spaces.


White Palettes

2017 Home Design Trends

Photos courtesy of Restyle Design

A white color palette is a great way to add light and make a room feel more spacious. The once modern mainstay is now being incorporated into every style. Susan at Restyle Design explained, “I am seeing a major trend towards white painted finishes and away from the rustic warm woods we are used to seeing in Colorado homes … [but] it doesn’t have to be boring! Add interest through tile selection, countertop choice, hardware and lighting.”

How to incorporate it into your home

According to Susan, “You don’t necessarily have to purchase new cabinets. Simply painting your current set can change the look of the room without having to change the countertops or backsplash.” The kitchen above had alder cabinets, granite countertops, natural stone backsplash and bronze hardware. Susan painted and refaced the cabinets, added soapstone granite countertops, a textured white backsplash, polished nickel hardware and lighting for a whole new look.



2017 Home Design Trends

Photo courtesy of Interiors 

Texture is an easy way to add character to any room. Whether you’re going for cozy and rustic or clean and modern, carefully selected textures can take your style to the next level. According to Morgan at Interiors, “Adding texture gives layers and depth to your home, allowing it to be experienced from a tactile and visual perspective.”

How to incorporate it into your home

In the photo above, Interiors turned an unused space into a cozy reading nook. “This textured look can quickly be achieved in your home by mixing fabrics and materials.” Using neutral colors, soft textiles and a variety of patterns, Interiors was able to increase the warmth and the character of this space.

Do the same in your own home with a fur rug, or toss a woven throw onto your leather couch!


Mixing Design Styles

2017 Home Design Trends

Photo courtesy of Forte Design Studios

Megan at Forte Design Studios is looking forward to mixing old design styles to create brand new atmospheres. Inspired by the idea that all clients and all people are unique, she sees a lot more classic styles with personal twists. She explained, “A home can offer a special reflection of who we are. And just as we do not have only one style to us, our homes do not either.”

She said, “In this photo, you can see the grand, stone fireplace and warm, acacia wood flooring blended with the sleek, laminate cabinets and bursts of bright, orange color.”

How to incorporate it into your home

In her own work throughout Northern Colorado, Megan discovered a brand new style. What she calls “Mountain Modern” is a blend of warm mountain inspiration from The Front Range and clean contemporary or modern decor. “This style harmonizes the dance between the bold impact of rustic finishes and sleek, minimal materials.”


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