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The 7 Best Winter Cocktails in Fort Collins

Winter is in full swing in Fort Collins! While you’re not hitting the slopes, snowshoeing or sledding down a mountain, you’re most likely found curled in front of the fire with a warm drink. But you don’t need to stay in to get a cozy concoction!

We found some of the best winter cocktails in FoCo so you can celebrate the season while you’re out on the town. Try our favorites and let us know which ones you love! At our local distilleries, you can even buy a bottle of handcrafted booze to recreate the cocktail at home!


RARE Italian

RARE Martini

Winter Cocktails in Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of RARE Italian

Made with Malfy Con Limon Gin, Cocchi Americano (Italian White Vermouth) and a lemon twist

RARE’s version of one of the best known classic cocktails features Malfy Con Limon Gin, a deliciously smooth lemon-infused Gin from Italy, and a good portion of the Italian White Vermouth: Cocchi Americano. It’s served simply chilled, up with a lemon twist. Great to start a meal, finish a meal, or just because it’s snowing outside!

The Ronzio

Winter Cocktails in Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of RARE Italian 

Made with Exotico Blanco tequila, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Dolin Rouge Vermouth and stirred with coffee beans

Move over Margarita! Ronzio translates to “buzz” in english, which refers to the inclusion of both coffee beans and spirits. Adding an exciting twist to the classic “Martinez” cocktail, RARE replaces the original gin base with Exotico Blanco tequila. The Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur adds a touch of sweet cherry, balanced out with Dolin Rouge Vermouth. Then, it’s all stirred with a handful of coffee beans.



The Cold Sweat

Winter Cocktails Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of Social

Made with Suerte Reposado Tequila, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, 10 year Tawny Port, brown sugar syrup, pistachio extract and served with spicy candied almonds

Social serves the Cold Sweat cocktail from a bottle. They craft each mix with fresh ingredients, then bottle it. Serving 2 – 3 people, the drink is a great option for a date or a small group. The rich flavor from tawny port, pistachio and brown sugar will keep you cozy and the tequila kick will warm you up in no time!


Mainline Ale House

Salted Caramel White Russian

Winter Cocktails in Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Mainline Ale House

Made with vodka, Ricardo’s Coffee Liqueur, cream, caramel and coarse ground sea salt to garnish

Mainline’s Salted Caramel White Russian adds a cozy touch to an already delicious classic cocktail. The richness and flavor make it the perfect wintery dessert drink, but we won’t judge if you have one with dinner too.


Elevation 5003

Funky Franklin

Winter Cocktails in Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of Elevation 5003

Made with Franklin Coffee Liqueur, Narrow Road Vodka, hot chocolate and topped with marshmallow fluff and chocolate art

Elevation 5003 makes their liqueurs and liquors in-house, then adds them to some of the most delicious cocktails in town. The Funky Franklin is a chocolate concoction with hints of coffee, marshmallow and a vodka bite.

Hot Ginger Toddy

Winter Cocktails Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Elevation 5003

Made with Lunarshine Corn Whiskey, Falernum Liqueur, honey, lemon juice, hot water and garnished with candied ginger

A local favorite, Elevation’s Hot Ginger Toddy adds a flavorful spin to a winter classic. The whiskey will warm your belly and the warm drink will warm your hands! Buy the distillery’s original liquors to make your favorite cocktails at home.


CopperMuse Distillery

White Island

Winter Cocktails in Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of CopperMuse Distillery

Made with Vertueux Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, cream, cream de coconut, shaken and topped with a float of Vicieux Black Vodka

CopperMuse’s White Island packs a punch while maintaining coziness all at the same time. A twist on the classic White Russian, this version takes you straight to the dark side with sweet coconut flavor behind a strong black vodka float.


Stay cozy!  

If we missed your favorite winter libation, let us know!

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