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12 Centerpiece Ideas to Inspire Your Fall Tablescapes

Fall is all about coziness, comfort and being together. We spend more time indoors, in front of fireplaces, curled up in blankets, cooking meals and baking sweet treats. As the weather turns colder, we also tend to spend more time around the dining table.

To ensure your dining space is festive and flattering, we put together a few ideas for decorating for the season — with a few DIY projects thrown in. So before you start cooking, get decorating! And have a happy and cozy holiday.


Choose a color palette

Whether you’re embracing fall colors or you’re venturing outside the box, choose a palette and stick to it. Instead of looking cluttered, this will help your table look put together no matter how much or how little you decorate.

Linda at It All Started With Paint, copied the color palette for her fall table from the rest of her home decor. By bringing in the greens and blues from her living room, she makes the table a part of the home instead of a statement piece. We particularly love her wreath chair ornaments!

Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of It All Started With Paint

We love the way Chelsea incorporated artichokes into her tablescape to add interest to the traditional pumpkin centerpiece decor. She not only maintained a simple color palette — she also kept her patterns consistent. The striped and plaid patterns in the tablecloth, pillows and napkins may be subtly different, but they maintain a fall theme.

Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Making Home Base 

Jennifer’s fall table has a lot of interest! There are flowers, a pile of pumpkins, peanuts and even squirrels. Because she maintains a color palette of yellows and greys, the centerpiece doesn’t look overbearing. In fact, the whole table looks welcoming and bright! See more here.


Keep it simple

The table is a gathering place for friends and family and — most importantly — for sharing a meal. Your food shouldn’t be overshadowed by the centerpiece. If you keep it simple, the meal and the company will be the main focus.

This fall table from Lynzy and Co. is simple, but elegant. The colors and textures make the centerpiece look as though it’s a part of the table, not just decoration. The foliage and white pears add a bit of life, while the candle refreshes the space and, quite literally, adds light. And there’s still plenty of room for a large gathering and a full meal!

Farmhouse Style Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Lynzy and Co.

In Courtney’s fall tour post, she discusses her desire to keep the tablescape simple so the family and the food can stand out. Her burlap runner adds texture and length to the table and pulls in the colors from cozy throws and pillows on the chairs. Scents from fresh rosemary make the space feel even warmer and more welcoming — and add a touch of fall. We love the way she incorporated greenery into her place settings!

Simple Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of A Thoughtful Place

With just a runner, a vase and hydrangeas, Summer keeps her tablescape simple. But instead of placing the runner lengthwise she flipped it to cover the table’s width. This unexpected turn of events makes the simple decor more interesting and eye catching. We love the fact that she incorporated blues and golds rather than the traditional fall color scheme!

Simple Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Simple Stylings

Add a statement piece

Adding a statement piece is a good idea in any decor. You can use it to draw the eye to a certain spot in the home — or for our purposes — to the dining table! For your next tablescape, use these pieces to make the dining area stand out.

The tablescape from Jennifer’s Fall Home Tour is composed entirely of muted and neutral colors. This draws the eye directly to the gold peacock figurine — creating a conversation piece and a showstopping dining space. The gold is a perfect choice because it ties in the flatware at each place setting.

Statement Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Decorating Delirium

Courtney’s Chalkboard Runner DIY is the perfect statement piece because it can get everyone at the table involved. For fall, she added burlap, succulents and some muted flowers to embrace the season.

Chalkboard Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of A Thoughtful Place

This fall tablescape uses vibrant color as its statement. Draped over eucalyptus, off-white candles and a basic runner is a bright, eye catching string of orange and yellow berries. We love the use of classic fall colors to tie this table together!

Simple Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of The Chronicles of Home

Embrace the season

Decor is the perfect way to highlight everything we love about each season. So when you’re decorating your table for fall, don’t forget the pumpkins! And everything else we love about fall: plaid patterns, cozy textiles, oranges, yellows and reds.

Kelley Nan fully embraces fall harvest at her table with a centerpiece reminiscent of a pumpkin patch. Complete with vines, she uses different colors and sizes of pumpkin to add color and layers to her tabletop.

Modern Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Kelley Nan

We love the way Courtney spiced up her pumpkins with custom labels that can incorporate simple messages or used as name cards for your guests. Courtney glued blue flowers to hers to tie in the color scheme, but you could use any color or size to create your very own statement piece!

Rustic Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of A Thoughtful Place

With a nod to colder weather and the coming snow, KariAnne used pine cones and dried hydrangeas as her centerpiece. A fall staple in this year’s decor trends, hydrangeas are great for adding life to a tablescape and dry beautifully. This table will easily transition into winter as well!

Pinecone Fall Centerpiece Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

Share your decor ideas!

How are you decorating for the season? Share your go-to decor traditions and let us know which of these tablescapes was your favorite!

For more decor ideas, check out our Home Inspiration section.

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