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11 Things You’ll Only Remember if You Lived in Fort Collins in the 90s

Who doesn’t love a good ’90s throwback? It’s the decade that brought us Beanie Babies, Guess jeans, mood rings and Wonderwall. There’s no doubt (pun intended) you’d love to relive it — and now is your chance!

If you lived in Fort Collins in the ’90s, there are a few things you’re sure to remember. We did some reminiscing and listed our top 11. Take a trip down memory lane with us and relive some of these ’90s staples!


Ordering food over the phone at Round the Corner

Fort Collins in the 90s Round the Corner

You looked forward to Round the Corner trips every week — not only did you get to order food over the phone, but they had some of the first gourmet burgers in town!


We only had six breweries

Fort Collins in the 90s

Somehow, we made it through the ’90s with just six breweries: New Belgium, CooperSmith’s, Old Colorado Brewing CompanyOdell Brewing, CB Potts and Budweiser. Today, they’re all thriving and we have about 15 others!


Foothills Fashion Mall 

Fort Collins in the 90s

This was the place to hang out and shop in Northern Colorado. People even came down from Cheyenne!


The original Thursday night concert series

Before our new summer concerts started — Thursday Night Live Presented by Bohemian Nights — we had the original, wild and crazy weekly events. It was the place to be for every middle school and high schooler in Fort Collins. Do you miss seeing Barney every week?


The beginning of NewWestFest

Fort Collins in the 90s

NewWestFest held its first concert in 1989 and proceeded to grow each year throughout the decade. They didn’t join forces with Bohemian Nights until 2004.


Swenson’s Ice Cream Shop

You still dream about the ice cream and remember the toy train that ran around the whole shop.


The City Park Train

Fort Collins in the 90s

A City Park landmark since the 1950s, the children’s train was bought by the City of Fort Collins in the ’90s and reached its heyday. If you miss it as much as we do, check out the Facebook group trying to bring it back.


Friday night ice skating parties at EPIC

Fort Collins in the 90s

Whether you were an old pro or you fell down every few feet, you were at EPIC on Friday nights for ice skating, just like everyone else in town.


Cruisin’ Old Town

Every Friday and Saturday night, you could count on Old Town being filled with muscle cars and tricked out trucks as they cruised the streets.


Switching schools: the new Fort Collins High opened in 1995

Fort Collins in the 90s

When Fort Collins had so many high school students we had to build a new building!


Spring Creek flood

We ended the decade with one of the largest natural disasters Fort Collins has seen. But our community rallied around victims and neighborhoods and bounced back stronger than ever!


Photos courtesy of: Lost Fort Collins, I Worked at Round the Corner, New Belgium Brewing, Odell Brewing, CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewing, Friends of the Fort Collins Railroad, Downtown Fort Collins, City of Fort Collins



Share the things you remember from living in Fort Collins in the ’90s!


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