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Haunted Houses and Tours in Northern Colorado

Candy, costumes and caramel apples are all necessary for a festive Halloween season. But it wouldn’t be complete without getting scared at least once or twice. Lucky for us, Northern Colorado has many options for the thrill-seekers this year.

You can get lost in a classic haunted corn maze, stay warm inside some of the best haunted houses in the state, or wander directly into the open woods and get chased back out by monsters! In Fort Collins, you can even tour real haunted Old Town hot spots and grab a brew along the way. Whichever frightening experience you prefer, there are plenty in the area. Check out our favorites and start planning your Halloween fright nights!


Jack Lantern’s Corn Maze | Fort Collins

Haunted Houses Near Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of Jack Lantern’s Northern Colorado Corn Maze

By day, the Jack Lantern’s Corn Maze is a pleasant harvest celebration, but when the sun goes down the monsters come out — and the zombies, demons and ghosts. Good luck finding your way through the huge maze by moonlight. New this year, you can also take a wild hayride right into the heart of the maze!


Scream Acres | LaSalle

Haunted Houses Near Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of The Fritzler Maze

By night, the Fritzler Maze turns into Scream Acres. Filled with visual and sound effects, monsters and chainsaw wielding madmen, you’re guaranteed a scare in this haunted maze. When the weather turns cold, you can venture into Ghost Haunt, an indoor, abandoned ghost town. The bravest participants can bring along a ghost detector and hunt ghosts along the way. End your night with at Zombie Paintball Slayer and hunt escaped zombies from a converted, zombie hunting school bus!


Harrington’s Haunted House of Terrors | Loveland

Each year, Harrington Arts Alliance puts together their most successful fundraiser and one of the most fun haunted attractions in Northern Colorado. This year, you can get scared (and support the art community) on the nights of October 21, 28, 30 and 31. For updates, follow the Harrington Arts Alliance Facebook page!


Creepy Walk in the Woods | Loveland

Haunted Houses Near Fort Collins

Photo courtesy of Creepy Walk in the Woods

Creepy Walk in the Woods is exactly what it sounds like. Different from all the other haunted houses and haunted corn fields in the area, this experience drops you right in the middle of Savage Woods. Unguided, you’ll have to find your way through frightening encounters and past terrifying monsters. This year, you can get scared October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29. Like them on Facebook to get $2 off admission!

Because of the sheer terror, the creators of the walk strongly urge children under 11 years not to participate. However, on October 29 and 30, join them for Kids Day from noon to 4 p.m. Characters will be dressed as Grimm’s Fairy Tale creatures from classics like Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!


Nightmare City | Greeley

Haunted Houses Near Fort Collins

Photos courtesy of Nightmare City / Lawrence Brown

Nightmare City began as a simpler set up in a family home, but 2016 is its debut year as a full-fledged haunted house next to the Greeley Mall. Inspired by all of our worst nightmares, each room is different and terrifying in its own way. Your journey through may feel disjointed, but that’s exactly what they’re going for; one minute you’ll be in a maniacal clown infested carnival and the next you’ll be running through a quieter, creepier bedroom.


Terror in the Corn | Erie

You may remember Anderson Farms from our favorite area pumpkin patches, but by night the farm is a much scarier place. Terror in the Corn is a three part haunt. The tour begins on a wild hayride through the cornfield. Then, when you’re left in the middle of the field, you’ll have to make your way through it only to find yourself in a haunted ghost town. Each part is along a single trail, so you won’t get lost — but you will get scared! Buy your tickets ahead of time and you can reserve your day and time to reduce your time waiting in line.


Haunted Field of Screams | Thornton

The main attraction at Haunted Field of Screams is the huge, terror-filled corn maze. As you wander — or run — through lanes of 16-foot high stalks, you’ll encounter chainsaw wielding madmen, escaped insane asylum patients, clowns, zombies and more.

If that’s not enough for you, you can try to find your way through Dead Man’s Night Maze. Another haunted corn maze, this one is much darker. Getting lost won’t be your biggest worry as you’re followed by monsters through the stalks.

Then, get your adrenaline pumping even more with the Zombie Paintball Massacre. Not your typical hayride, you’ll be attacked by zombies along the way. But you’ll also be equipped with high powered paintball guns — and hopefully make it back to safety!


The Frightmare Compound | Westminster

Founded in 1983, the Frightmare Compound was the first haunted house in the Denver area. Founder Brad Holder constructed and created the house over 16 years until he became fatally ill and, according to rumors, was buried on the grounds. After years of experience and honing, it has become one of the best rated haunted houses in Colorado — which means it’s not for the faint of heart.

Legend says excavation of the overgrown land around the haunted house led to discoveries of human and animal remains. More research showed the house was built on condemned and unholy ground in 1800. If you’re brave enough, you’ll enter the house via catacombs, crawl through swampland and finally through the terrifying two-story barn. And on the other side — if you make it — you’ll have gone through the most terrifying attraction in Denver.

Other attractions at The Compound include the Clown House, home to the bloodiest massacre in carnival history. And you can keep Halloween going into November with Lights Out. On November 4th and 5th, your group can enter The Compound in pitch blackness — and try your best to exit.


Fort Collins Tours | Fort Collins

Fort Collins Haunted Tours

Photo courtesy of Fort Collins Tours

Fort Collins Tours provides year round tours of Fort Collins highlighting local breweries, distilleries and, of course, hauntings. They have five different haunted tours around town — each with its own unique attraction for those hoping to learn about the genuine haunted history of Fort Collins.


The Fort Collins Ghost Tour

The Fort Collins Ghost Tour, offered year round, will take you through Old Town and underneath it. Along the way, you’ll learn about local legends, hauntings, ghostly sightings and paranormal happenings. You can check the current schedule and purchase tickets online.


Haunted Pub Tour

Explore Old Town drinking holes and learn their haunted histories on the Haunted Pub Tour. Guides will lead you from pub to bar, telling ghostly lore and sharing the legends of Old Town while you partake in local beers and cocktails.


Horse and Buggy Ghost Tour

Colorado Carriage and Wagon partners with Fort Collins Tours to provide the Horse and Buggy Ghost Tour. Pulled along by horse, you’ll take a journey beyond Old Town and learn of hauntings outside typical Haunted Tour venues.


The Ghosts and Goodies Tour

This delectable tour combines The Dessert Tour and The Ghost Tour to create the best Halloween outing! You’ll see favorite haunts, venture underneath Old Town, and learn about hauntings and paranormal happenings. This is similar to the traditional Ghost Tour, but along the way you’ll also sample desserts, chocolate concoctions and cookies from local shops.


The Late Night Ghost Walk

Beginning at 9:15 p.m. this walking tour takes you to haunted stops at the dead of night. You’ll visit a Civil War graveyard and walk the paths that led to brothels, gambling establishments, murder and mayhem. Guides will teach you the true dark history of Fort Collins alongside ghostly legends.


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