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11 Stereotypes of Coloradans That Are True

Colorado is stereotyped for a lot of reasons, but not all the rumors are true. Well, not completely true. We don’t all drive Subarus.

However, there are a few things that help you spot a Colorado native no matter where you are in the country. These 11 characteristics will help determine if you’re a true Coloradan. See how many ring true for you!

1. We’re always a mile high (or higher)

Stereotypes of Coloradans

It’s not what you think…

Because Denver sits one mile above sea level and our statewide elevation generally goes up from there, we sometimes forget altitude sickness is a real concern.

We’re proud climbers, hikers, bikers and mountaineers — so much so that our state coined the term “fourteener”. There are 58 fourteeners across our state and it’s pretty common to meet a “peak bagger” around town who’s planning to climb them all. That is, if it’s not you!

2. We’re beer snobs

Craft beer has exploded in Colorado and we’re all about it. With 7.3 breweries per capita in 2015, we come in at number three for having the most breweries in the country. In fact, some of the nation’s most popular craft breweries are right out of Fort Collins — including New Belgium and Odell Brewing! Across the state, you’ll find us sipping on one of the most artfully crafted brews you can find, from neighborhood brewhouses to the nationwide crafters. Though that doesn’t mean we won’t partake in a Coors every now and then!

3. We love sunshine

Stereotypes of Coloradans

The original sunshine state, we have an average of 300 days of sun a year! That means we’re outside more often than we’re inside — whether it’s kickball in the park during the summer, biking in the fall, spring hiking, or skiing in the winter. Even on snowy days, we get at least an hour of sun, which just makes our views from the peaks that much more beautiful! And our ski goggle tan lines more radical.

4. But we’re not surprised by April snowstorms

Although we experience all four seasons in Colorado (sometimes in a single day), we know that our first warm spring day is never a cue to stash our winter coats. But we’re okay with that, because it means the ski season keeps going! On any given day, you’ll see a native of our home state sporting flip flops, a winter jacket, and a pair of sunnies.

5. We’re Sports Fanatics

Stereotypes of Coloradans Broncos

Photo courtesy of The Denver Ear

The pride we feel for our Denver Broncos is so strong that even our skies are known to bleed blue and orange. We proudly support our sports teams and stand by them through thick and thin! And we’ll be talking about that Super Bowl 50 win for years. Whether it’s the Broncos, the Nuggets, the Rockies or the Colorado Avalanche there’s someone to cheer for year round, and man do we cheer!

6. We all have a little hippie in us

We may not actually eat granola, drive a Subaru and wear Birkenstocks, but we are extremely proud of our state’s local and organic makers, growers and producers. We take advantage of any excuse to buy local, including shopping at the local farmers markets! No matter where you are in the state, it’s likely you’ll find us supporting local makers with multiple markets, art shows, festivals and craft or maker fairs.

7. Our favorite day of the week is powder day

Stereotypes of Colorado

We’ve all skied or snowboarded at least once in our lives, if not every single day of the season. You can count on your office being empty if the snow report comes in over six inches that morning, but the highway won’t be. We wait in traffic or hop on 5 a.m. buses to get to the mountain, but we don’t mind. It’s worth it to experience the feeling of our skis gliding through the soft, fresh snow.  

8. We go to Red Rocks even when there aren’t shows

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, one of the most famous music venues in the world, is right in our backyard and we go there to… work out?! That’s right, if you go during the day you’ll see dozens of people running stairs, climbing planters, and practicing yoga with Denver in the distance. If you grew up close enough, your high school soccer (or basketball, or football, or baseball) team probably held a few practices there.

That’s not to say we haven’t all been to a show or two (or twenty) in our lifetimes. But because it’s so accessible and beautiful, we’ll find any excuse to visit.

9. “Do you have a dog?” is a question we get asked often

Stereotypes of Coloradans Dogs

In 2015, Forbes ranked Colorado Springs the number one dog friendliest city in the country and, with Denver at number ten, Colorado was one of only two states to have more than one city in the top ten. No matter what city you’re in, you’re guaranteed to see a dog during your adventures — whether you’re climbing a mountain, enjoying a beer at a local brewery, or shopping downtown.

10. We have a good sense of direction

Whether you’re in Grand Junction in the west or Denver in the east, the mountains are your compass. We grew up knowing how to find our way around this state using Colorado’s most significant landmark — the tallest mountains in the country. If you’re ever lost, find a Colorado native or look for the Rockies to help guide you.

11. We’re so proud to be from here

Stereotypes of Coloradans

Photo courtesy of booj

We’re from Colorado and we want everyone to know it. We don’t just fly a Colorado flag in our home, we wear it on our t-shirts, hats, socks and swimwear. Our cars, water bottles and electronics are covered in stickers sporting our state’s logo…You get the point.

And if you ask us if we’re from Colorado you better have a couple of hours. We can talk for a long time about all the amazing things that make our state the best place to call home. Oh, and if we meet someone from Colorado while we’re traveling? Automatic best friend.

How Colorado are you?

Let us know how many of these Colorado-native traits apply to you! What else makes you a true Coloradan?

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