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12 Northern Colorado Homes With Serious Curb Appeal

While the interior of a home is of course important, the curb appeal of a property simply cannot be ignored. It provides an initial impression when you’re looking to buy, it’s the first thing guests see upon visiting, and it’s what your neighbors have to look at day in and day out.

That’s why curb appeal is so important. With a few simple fixes to your home’s shell, you can feel completely confident about its integrity — inside and out. Let’s take a look at a handful of homes in Northern Colorado that have this whole curb appeal thing mastered.


Ivy-Covered Fort Collins Home on 112 Acres

This Fort Collins home (on 112 acres!) is breathtaking from the exterior, with its unique pale green color, brick features and romantic ivy. From every angle, this home wows you as you approach it, and the view looking out isn’t half bad either. (Okay, it’s incredible…)

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Huge Home With Clean Lines and Exterior Lighting

This massive home in Fort Collins has so much to offer — and it looks especially impressive from the curb. We love the clean lines and unique boxy infrastructure of its exterior, and the bright lighting that helps illuminate the walls at night. Fun fact: this home has 10 bathrooms!

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Rustic Windsor Home With Amazing Landscaping

This Windsor home presents itself well from the outside during both day and the night. It gives off a rustic Colorado feel with its wooden beams and stone wall accents, and the well-maintained landscaping completes the look.

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Fort Collins Home With Regal Columns

The stately columns and unique structure of the front entryway of this incredible home make quite the statement from the curb. The shrubbery, beautiful landscaping and bright green grass only contribute to this overall impressive look!

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal

Cabin-Like Home With Unique Red Accents

This home looks like an inviting, cozy cabin from the road, with exquisite wooden details, stonework and unique dark red accents. We love the long window in the center of the house that creates an attractive focal point from the curb.

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Lakeside Home With Farmhouse Elements

We adore this home’s barn-like garage doors and the stark contrast between the white exterior and wooden elements. When you step back, the serene lake in the background takes the curb appeal up a notch. And when you step a little closer, you’ll fall in love with the adorable front porch setting with farmhouse details.

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Colorado Craftsman With Incredible Backyard

This is a true Colorado Craftsman home through and through. The view of this home from the front is a small sample of what you can expect inside — and in the amazing backyard! We love the masculine wooden elements and touches of stonework on the exterior.

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal

Farm Property With Striking Contrast

There’s something so striking about the contrast between this home’s white exterior and the pieces of dark wood. The peaceful farm setting sets it apart as well, making you feel like you’ve escaped it all with 5.6 acres of land and incredible views!

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Loveland Home That Lights Up

There isn’t much of a “curb” to view this home from, as it is tucked away on the property’s 20 acres of land. However, we love the way it lights up at night, the unique angles of the roof and the stately covered area in the driveway.

Northern Colorado Homes With Serious Curb Appeal


Green House With Unique Features

Alright, alright. We’ve mentioned this home before — a lot. But just take a look at the striking green exterior and you’ll understand why! We are quite obsessed with its cheerful color, the wooden beams and the rustic stonework.

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Beautiful Home With Stonework and Green Accents

Here’s another tried and true Colorado-esque home, with its cabin-like features and earthy tones. We love the stonework on the right side, complemented by neutral colors and clean lines throughout the rest of the exterior. The subtle green door and shutters are a nice touch as well!

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


One-Story Mid-Century Modern Home

This one-story wonder provides a break in the styles we’ve seen thus far, offering a striking mid-century modern look you just don’t see every day. We adore the bright orange front door, the mixture of materials used (is that a copper metal piece in the center?), and the out-of-the-box way this home was remodeled.

Northern Colorado Homes With Great Curb Appeal


Which home draws you in the most at first glance?

In this case, it’s okay to judge a book by its cover.

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