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The Best Places to Go If You Have the Fort Collins Passport

Have you heard of The Passport Program? And no, we’re not talking about an international passport that gives you access to countries all across the world. We’re talking about a local passport that grants you access to exclusive deals at some of the best local bars, restaurants, distilleries, breweries and wineries in the area.

Fort Collins is one of 12 U.S. cities included in The Passport Program — four of which are in the state of Colorado.

Purchasing the $20 book allows you to get two signature drinks for the price of one at 34 participating local venues. Whether you’ve lived in Fort Collins your entire life or this is your first summer in the city, this is the perfect way to get acquainted with the best of the best — for an extremely reasonable price! The passport is valid all summer long — from May 27 (Memorial Day weekend) through September 5 (Labor Day).

Because there are 34 venues on the passport list, we thought we would break it down to several of our absolute favorites you must try if you purchase the Fort Collins Passport this summer! While you should definitely venture to all 34, these are just a few of the must-visits…


For Beer:

Since Fort Collins is a town well-versed in craft beer, there is an abundance of beer offered through the Fort Collins Passport program, so that seems like the best place to start. We’re assuming you’ve already visited the big dogs in the local craft beer scene, such as New Belgium and Odell (which are conveniently included in the lineup of Fort Collins Passport venues). So we decided to shed some light on a few of the city’s hidden gems producing some top-notch brews.

Fort Collins Passport Beer

Photo Courtesy of The Passport Program

Black Bottle Brewery

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Black Bottle Draft Beers

Head to Black Bottle Brewery to sample some of their Black Bottle draft beers brewed on-site. This well-loved Fort Collins brewery doesn’t shy away from some unique experiments, but their expert brewers know to brew a tried-and-true classic at the same time.



Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: All Draft Beers (Excluding Barrel-Aged)

There’s never a dull moment at Funkwerks — a small local brewery that is making big waves in the craft beer revolution. Stop by their taproom to get two draft beers with your passport. While Funkwerks is fun all the time, we suggest visiting on a Friday or Saturday night to enjoy live music while you sip on your beers!


Jessup Farm Barrel House

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Draft Pints (Of Equal or Lesser Value)

After you’ve spent the day at Jessup Farm shopping, caffeinating, and eating, you’ll want to unwind with a drink or two at Jessup Farm Barrel House. Their creative beers are carefully blended with different fermentation variations to create unique and original flavors that are complex yet approachable.


Pateros Creek Brewing Company

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Pateros Creek Beer Pints

Sample the best of Pateros Creek Brewing Company’s beers by grabbing two pints for the price of one. Relax in their laid-back atmosphere while you sample their creations — either inside or out on their patio! Keep an eye on their event schedule so you can plan your visit during the next live music event.


Pour Brothers Community Tavern

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Fort Collins Local Drafts (5 Dollars or less) or Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Get a taste of various local flavors with two-for-one Fort Collins local drafts at Pour Brothers Community Tavern in the heart of Old Town. If you’re not feeling beer, you can grab two of their famous “Dark ‘n’ Stormy” cocktails instead. Pair your beer or cocktail with some delicious food, and the experience is complete!


Prost Brewing

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Regular-sized Prost Drafts

Having the Fort Collins Passport is the perfect excuse to visit the brand new Prost Brewing taproom in Fort Collins. This Denver brewery featuring German-style beers expanded to FoCo this April, drawing much attention and excitement around town. Sample any of their Prost drafts with your passport!


Road 34 Bike Shop, Deli & Tavern

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Draft Pints

You’ll step inside Road 34 Bike Shop, Deli & Tavern to see the bikes hanging from the ceiling, and you’ll stay for their incredible beer selection. Select from their long lineup of draft beers, featuring lots of local brews — including Odell, New Belgium, Funkwerks, and more!


Snowbank Brewing

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Draft Pints

Snowbank Brewing is a local brewery with a heart for adventure and an exhilarating life spent outdoors. And what goes best with such activity? Two-for-one draft pints!


Zwei Brewing Co.

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Medium-Sized Beers

Zwei Brewing Co. is another one of our favorite breweries in town. Sample one of their medium-sized German beers to see what all the hype is about!


For Cocktails:

Fort Collins Passport Cocktails

Photo Courtesy of The Passport Program

CopperMuse Distillery

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Summer Special, CopperMule, or Gold ‘n’ Stormy

It’s quite simple. CopperMuse Distillery serves some of the best specialty cocktails in town, comprised of their very own spirits distilled in-house. Their selection is always changing, so stop by to taste the summer special they’re currently excited about, or try their always-tasty CopperMule or Gold ‘n’ Stormy cocktails.


Elevation 5003 Distillery

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Specialty Cocktails

Elevation 5003 Distillery is a family-owned distillery that creates small-batch spirits from grain to bottle on site at their location in the heart of Fort Collins. See the difference their quality ingredients make by sampling a couple of their specialty cocktails!


The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Spring/Summer Signature Farmhouse Cocktails

You may know The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm for their exceptional farm-to-table food, but may not realize their cocktails are wonderful as well. Pair your zucchini pasta or golden beet and apple salad with one of their spring/summer signature cocktails to complete your meal!


Jax Fish House

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: House-infused Cocktails or Post Howdy Drafts/Cans

Jax Fish House is another restaurant with a knack for cocktail creation. Order a house-infused cocktail or a Post Howdy draft or can to accompany your seafood plate. Jax is dedicated to all things fresh, local, and of the highest quality — and that certainly includes their drinks!


The Kitchen

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Seasonal Summer Cocktails

Head to The Kitchen in the heart of Old Town for a fresh and inventive dish, accompanied by a seasonal summer cocktail! Their light and refreshing interior is the perfect place to enjoy a summer afternoon with friends and family while sampling their wonderful cocktail creations.


The Whisk(e)y

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Pours of Breckenridge Bourbon or Prohibition Old Fashioned

There’s no better place in town to sample whiskey than The Whisk(e)y, hosting a selection of over 1,700 whiskeys. This approachable whiskey bar is offering two-for-one pours of Breckenridge Bourbon or their Prohibition Old Fashioned to each passport holder.


William Oliver’s Publick House

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Cocktails, Draft Beers, or Colorado Whiskeys

William Oliver’s Publick House started as a whiskey bar and has since expanded to become a well-loved neighborhood pub serving whiskey, beer, and food in their fun and inviting atmosphere. We love William Oliver’s dedication to all things Colorado, made clear with their Colorado-heavy whiskey selection, which you can try with your passport! Not feeling whiskey? Grab one of their amazing cocktails or draft beers instead.


For Wine:

Fort Collins Passport Wine

Photo Courtesy of The Passport Program

Downtown Artery

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Beers or Wines On Tap

A visit to the Downtown Artery is an artistic experience through and through, as the space hosts an air gallery, art studio, three Airbnb rooms, a cafe, and a venue for concerts and events. Make your visit all the more enjoyable with their wines and beers on tap!


Nick’s Italian

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: House Red or White Wines or Select Draft Beers

An Italian meal is just not complete without a glass of wine on the side. Head to Nick’s Italian for some Italian and New York style pizza, and get two glass of their house red or white wines for the price of one! Or grab one of their select draft beers if you’re not in the mood for wine.


RARE Italian

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: House Wines or Draft Beers

RARE Italian is another local Italian restaurant capitalizing on the necessary pairing of wine and Italian fare. Order a menu item composed of fresh, seasonal ingredients and a glass of one of their house wines or draft beer.


For Cider:


Compass Cider House

Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Compass Ciders

The cider lounge at Compass Cider House in Old Town serves super premium Blossomwood Ciders, their very own craft premium Compass Ciders, and gourmet small plates. Sourcing from their 170+ varieties of Cider and Perry fruit trees at the Blossomwood Orchard in Cedaredge, Colorado, Compass Cider House makes exceptional ciders with rich flavor!



Included in Two-for-One Passport Offer: Summit Hard Cider Pints

Scrumpy’s is another hard cider bar in town with a heart for cider and the community it serves. Scrumpy’s ferments and kegs their own ciders on site, serving four of their creations on tap in addition to 18 ciders from around the world. With your passport, grab two pints of their Summit Hard Cider for the price of one!

Fort Collins Passport

Photo Courtesy of The Passport Program

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