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Get the Farmhouse Look | Home Inspiration

Design trends come and go year after year. Some completely disappear from view while others take on a slightly new form and evolve over time. For example, we’re glad that all-pink bathrooms came and went so quickly. But other trends are a bit more timeless and can work in just about any space — and quite frankly, we’re glad they have stood the test of time.

One of those trends that we have admired for quite some time is the farmhouse look. We enjoy its rustic, natural and downright cozy features, and how it feels so inviting and warm. It is one of the most inviting yet classy looks out there, as the very idea of “farmhouse” emits a sense of family, comfort and a rough-around-the-edges durability.

We wanted to debut a few farmhouse looks for some inspiration that puts this style in a wonderful light. There are also several ways to incorporate the farmhouse look into your own space. That’s why we wanted to show a few ways that might be possible, in the form of DIY projects and home decor purchases.

A lot of these spaces put a modern twist on an old-school concept. We appreciate this trend’s ability to adapt and mesh with current trends, and how these looks bring a lot of life to a potentially outdated look.


Farmhouse Kitchens

The kitchen is often the first place you might picture the farmhouse look making an appearance, as this is where a lot of traditional farmhouse lifestyle activities take place — cooking eggs straight from the coop, baking fresh bread, and gathering around a fresh pot of coffee. We love these farmhouse kitchen looks, particularly for their fresh, airy and clean feelings they emit. White is a prominent color in the farmhouse style, and it brings such brightness and purity to the kitchen!

Farmhouse Kitchens

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Farmhouse Living Rooms

We also admire the farmhouse look in the living room, as it makes for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Once again, white is a powerful force in this look, which can visually enlarge a smaller living room or lighten up a darker space.

Farmhouse Living Rooms

[SOURCES: POPSUGAR, Liz Marie Blog, Town and Country Living + DigsDigs]


Farmhouse Bathrooms

Get inspired by these fresh farmhouse bathroom looks. As you may have noticed by now, there are endless possibilities for this look and it truly looks good in every room!

Farmhouse Bathrooms

[SOURCES: Hometalk, CountryLiving, MagMent + One Kindesign]


Farmhouse Bedrooms

And of course, let’s examine the farmhouse style in some bedroom spaces. A nightstand or dresser is an easy way to capitalize on this look, with accessories and the distressed look of the structure itself. You might also draw inspiration from some rustic headboards or artwork hanging over the bed, and there are some farmhouse-like patterns out there to complete the look in your bedding and accent pillows. Overall, the farmhouse style has a way of making a room feel rustic and elegant all at the same time.

Farmhouse Bedrooms

[SOURCES: Liz Marie Blog, Tante Monica, Knick of Time]

Farmhouse Barn Doors

One way to add the farmhouse style to your space in a more obvious way is with some barn doors. And you think these doors are only reserved for a barn itself? But alas, it can be added to your interior, and doesn’t simply come along with horses and cows. See how this unique addition worked in these homes!

Farmhouse Barn Doors

[SOURCES: Centsational Girl, HouseBeautiful, The Row House Nest + Worthing Court]


Get the Farmhouse Look!

So now you’ve seen how others have successfully achieved the farmhouse look. Now it’s time to gather some practical ways you can get the same look in your own space.

Thankfully, there are several DIY projects you can do if you’re feeling crafty. There are also several unique home decor pieces you can buy online that will really pull the farmhouse look together. Whatever you do, these are a few small ways to turn your home into a farmhouse, whether you live on an actual farm or in the very heart of downtown Fort Collins.


Make Your Own DIY Farmhouse Project

Take “farm to table” to another level by making your own farmhouse table in a matter of hours. We love the finish of this wood! In fact, you can even learn a specific way to achieve that coveted farmhouse style finish.

Add some seating to your fabulous table with these DIY farmhouse benches. One of the best parts of this project is the permission to beat up the benches with rocks, hammers or other miscellaneous tools. Consider it a cost-effective form of therapy!

DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench

We also love this DIY yardstick mirror that transforms a thrift store find into the perfect farmhouse accessory.

If your living room lacks a fireplace mantel to decorate, consider using a vintage piano as a mantel. We love this simple cottage farmhouse mantel look that is perfect for the spring!

Speaking of spring, this DIY spring wreath will bring life to the interior or exterior of your home, and screams “rustic farmhouse”.

DIY Farmhouse Accessories


Purchase Farmhouse Home Decor Pieces

We adore these unique farmhouse home decor pieces from Dot & Bo. They add a modern and industrial twist to this beloved style! Some of our favorite pieces include…

Farmhouse Home Goods


Get a taste of country living!

Try to incorporate this look into your interior, and let us know how it goes! We always love hearing about successful — and even unsuccessful — renovations.

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