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Laurel & Wolf: Affordable Interior Design at Your Fingertips

So much of what we do nowadays is online. In fact, that’s how you’re reading this very sentence, right? We shop online (for both homes and everyday items), get ideas and inspiration online, access entertainment online and even find potential spouses online.

As much as we promote stepping foot inside local businesses and making a physical transaction, we also understand the necessity of online interactions in this day and age. Let’s face it — it’s convenient. This Internet perusal can be done on your own time, from the comfort of your dining room table or favorite coffee shop, and oftentimes it takes less time.

That is certainly the case for services like Laurel & Wolf, which provides interior design at your fingertips. The website’s virtual nature means you have access to the best interior designers in the nation, no matter what your zip code is.

The process is simple. You create an account with Laurel & Wolf and complete a fun and free quiz that helps determine your style. We took this style quiz for fun! It involved choosing which type of room you would like to remodel and selecting “Love It” or “Leave It” on a series of photos that cycle through. You then answer more detailed questions about your space, including things like tastes and budget. Once you’ve done all that, you are then prompted to upload photos and provide dimensions of your specific floor plan to provide more information for the designers and a better understanding of your situation.

Laurel & Wolf Interior Design

(Via The Manchette Studio)

Several designers will then look over your design brief and submit “First Looks” back to you. Depending on which package you selected, you will either be automatically matched with a designer or you will be able to manually choose a designer to work with.

Now it’s “Design Time” and this is where your personalized look will fully evolve into something you love. You will have the opportunity to meet virtually with your paired designer using their online platform to plan out the design for your space. This process can last a week or more, depending on how many rooms are under discussion.

But how do these plans become a reality? We’re so glad you asked! Once the details are hammered out, you’ll receive your “Final Design Package” filled with all the necessities for a seamless execution process. This will include a shopping list, floor plan, final style board and setup instructions.

So maybe you’re thinking this process sounds convenient and almost magical. Awesome! But now you may be thinking this will cost you an arm and a leg, so you’d rather peruse Pinterest and make your own design decisions.

Laurel & Wolf has several pricing levels. In short, their Classic package matches you with professional designers and costs $299 per room. Their Premium package matches you with their most expert designers and is recommended for those designing a kitchen, bathroom or more complex space, and costs $499 per room. Laurel & Wolf also provides design assistance for commercial properties, costing between $499 and $899. Interior design assistance is often an expensive commitment, but this service brings the financial intimidation down a notch. And as mentioned, the convenience is hard to deny.

This 23-year-old chronicled her Laurel & Wolf experience, proclaiming “I Hired an Interior Designer Without Going Broke (And I’m Only 23!)”. Her sentiments are similar to others’ in that she was surprised by the affordability of a typically expensive service.

Browse Laurel & Wolf’s designer directory to check out the wide variety of styles available at your fingertips. You are looking at actual people scattered all across the country, with years of experience under their belts and the photos to prove it.

Or maybe you’re an interior designer yourself and want to further your client reach beyond your neighborhood. Get involved with the online design revolution! Apply to be a Laurel & Wolf designer and maybe you’ll be redesigning a Brooklyn flat someday.

Either way, we want to leave you with some serious home inspiration from interior designers who work with Laurel & Wolf. Which one is your favorite?

Laurel & Wolf Interior Design

(Designed by Studio Matsalla)

Laurel & Wolf Interior Design

(Designed by Courtney Bates Design)

Laurel & Wolf Interior Design

(Designed by Claire Zinnecker Design)

Laurel & Wolf Interior Design

(Designed by Erica Johnston)


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