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Solve the Mystery at Enigma Escape Rooms in Fort Collins

Imagine you’re stuck in a room with ten people for an hour without knowing how to escape. And no, we’re not talking about Thanksgiving with your extended family.

The concept of escape rooms as entertainment has recently become a worldwide phenomenon and now we have access to one just down the block. Enigma Escape Rooms has already made an impression in Boulder and opened a second location in Fort Collins in the spring of 2015. The setup is simple: ten people enter a room for 60 minutes and attempt to find hidden clues that will help them escape. This live-action, interactive puzzle is a popular group activity that has quickly spread across major U.S. cities, following the example of the first escape room in Japan.

It was this very escape room in Japan that inspired business partners Matthew Sisson and Tommy West to open Enigma Escape Rooms in Boulder in the fall of 2014. They had never set foot in an escape room and wanted their version to be a completely unique interpretation of the concept rather than a pre-influenced replica. We admire their sense of ingenuity and highly inventive spirits. Sisson and West saw immediate success in their business model and are therefore providing this mysterious entertainment option for the curious in Fort Collins.

Enigma Escape Rooms Fort Collins

Attempt the (nearly) impossible. But first, let’s set the scene. It’s 1953…

“A University Professor was working on cutting-edge technology that could save the world or destroy everything, until one day, he vanished without a trace. He left everything behind, and University officials are on their way to steal his work. Find the schematics and escape before they arrive in 60 minutes.”

Try to beat the record by escaping the missing scientist’s tidy quarters within 32 minutes. Or just attempt to escape altogether, because there is no guarantee that your group will unlock the secret to freedom before your time is up. Thankfully, there is no penalty for inability to crack the code. Just a sense of disappointment, we assume!

You can play an active role in this interactive experience, hoping to solve the mystery with your friends, family or coworkers — or maybe some strangers! There’s nothing like trauma bonding and a common mission to bring people of all walks of life together.

Enigma Escape Rooms Fort Collins

Word on the street is spreading fast and tickets for this popular ongoing event sell out quickly. You can buy tickets on their website for $26 per person and must do so ahead of time to reserve your spot(s). If you’re planning a group event, Enigma suggests buying tickets for every member of the group to ensure everyone will be in the same session. To reserve a private session, you must purchase tickets for all ten spots. Escape rooms have become a popular exercise for corporate team building, and Enigma graciously welcomes private parties during their off hours.

Enigma Escape Rooms is located in a revamped former office space under The Drunken Monkey in Old Town. This mysterious underground location makes so much sense for the nature of your visit. Be on the lookout for a runaway scientist on your way in…

Enigma Escape Rooms Fort Collins

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Enigma Escape Rooms

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