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Investigate Real Haunted Places in Fort Collins

You probably know that The Group, Inc. is in the business of homes — or real estate, more specifically. But we also happen to be aware of the several haunted homes, hotels, cemeteries and even trees in and around Fort Collins. If you’re feeling brave during this Halloween season and beyond, and those seasonal haunted houses don’t quite cut it for you, consider visiting one of these spooky locations just around the corner. But please keep in mind that we do not promote trespassing, so only visit these properties if allowed to do so, and if you think you can handle it…

Avery House

The Avery House was built for Franklin and Sara Avery and their three children in 1879 and now hosts a history museum. In fact, the Avery House is considered a National Historic Landmark and visitors can wander through its rooms and hallways in order to step back in time to view this restored Old Town home from the late 1800s. But some visitors have witnessed some strange activity while inside these historic walls. Many have reported an unhappy child’s spirit in the middle upstairs bedroom and others have mentioned interactions with other members of the Avery family during their visit.

Take a tour of the Avery House to find out for yourself what might actually exist in this space. The doors are open Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4 p.m., but watch your back as they may shut behind you…

Bingham Hill Cemetery

It’s not surprising that a cemetery has some eerie activity inside its gates. Located just outside of Fort Collins in Laporte, Bingham Hill Cemetery is a popular haunted destination. It houses several unmarked graves, damaged and covered by weeds due to years of neglect and inactivity. Several Colorado pioneers lie below the surface of the uneven terrain, dating back to as early as 1862.

A woman who lives on a farm next to Bingham Hill Cemetery, named Rose L. Brinks, decided to research some names and stories from the inhabitants of the cemetery and was able to successfully identify 150 of the graves. In 1998, she published a book detailing her discoveries, titled “History of the Bingham Hill Cemetery”.

Despite Brinks’ valiant efforts to unearth some of its mystery, the place still hosts an abundance of eerie happenings. Several people have reported a sensation of being watched or experiencing cold spots while on the premises. The more extreme cases include being chased out of the cemetery by an unseen presence and hearing sounds of a baby crying or a woman screaming. Some have even seen a black blob or shadow-like figure.

Don’t buy into these reports? Maybe you should visit and check it out for yourself.

Centennial High School

Unlike a cemetery, you might not expect hauntings to occur in a high school. However, several have reported some strange happenings in Centennial High School, located near Colorado State University. It has been told that a young girl fell to her death from a large wooden staircase in the center of the building. Since that day, people have heard strange noises, felt cold spots and had the creepy feeling that someone was watching them. Another rumor mentions that there have been numerous seances conducted on the grounds of Centennial High School.

Apparently a janitor once quit because he couldn’t handle the strange sights and sounds he experienced. Can you?

The Hell Tree

Travel a bit into the country and you’ll discover a property that gives you chills while simply looking at it. The abandoned goat farm and haunted tree are located a few steps down CR7 where it intersects with Horsetooth Road. It is believed that a goat farmer in the early 1900s went insane and hung some of his farm hands, who later rebelled against him and hung him on the cottonwood tree in front of his house. This tree was later called “The Hell Tree” because of its evidently horrid past.

It is said that at night, when the moonlight turns the tree into a stark-contrast silhouette, you can see a noose and even outlines of bodies hanging from the tree. Some have reported hearing laughter, screams and jingling bells while visiting the property. See if you can see mysterious silhouettes on the night of the next full moon or hear any sounds out of the ordinary. However, be careful not to trespass on this private property — and be careful what else you might encounter during your daring adventure.

Helmshire Inn

Travel to the third floor of this inn located on an ex-battleground to visit figures from the past. Or rather, have them visit you without warning. A housekeeping worker claims to have had their work undone while tidying up rooms on the third floor of Helmshire Inn. They reported beds becoming unmade, toilets flushing and curtains opening. There have also been strange happenings in the basement, where there is a bit less light available to watch where you’re stepping.

Dig into the unsolved mystery a bit further by booking a night or two on the third floor of this haunted hotel. We’re curious to hear what you might discover.

Holiday Inn Holidome / Plaza Hotel

Meet three ghosts at Plaza Hotel, which was formerly called Holiday Inn Holidome. It is said to be haunted by a little girl who enjoys practical jokes, like hiding belongings or spontaneously turning the air conditioner on full blast. She apparently resides in a room across from the hotel’s king suite. A male ghost hovers throughout the northwest wing and a female ghost peers out at the swimming pool from one of the rooms.

Get chills — from both the ghost-powered AC and the creepiness — at Plaza Hotel.

Stanley Hotel

Speaking of haunted hotels, let’s travel a bit off the beaten path for this last one. You can’t get through a conversation about famous haunted landmarks in Colorado without mentioning Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. This place has a long and detailed history, but we’ll state it simply. It once housed the upper class during the turn of the nineteenth century, and most notably horror novelist Stephen King, providing inspiration for his 1977 novel, “The Shining”. Paranormal activity has been reported in the state rooms on the hotel’s main floor, various guest rooms, the fourth floor and the concert hall.

Feeling brave and want to experience the hauntings for yourself? Luckily, you can request the Ghost Adventure Package during your stay at the Stanley Hotel. You will be guarantee a fourth floor room, receive a K2 Meter per reservation, a glow-in-the-dark Stanley Hotel squishy ghost and REDRUM (say it backwards!) mug per guest. You may also request an upgrade to a haunted room upon check-in if one is available.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to write the sequel to “The Shining” during your stay — or maybe you’ll check out early instead.

Scared yet?

Check out one of these real haunted locations in the Fort Collins area and report back to us what you find. We know there are more places with strange happenings out there just waiting to be discovered.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Wikimedia, Only in Your State, Colorado Preservation, Lost Fort Collins and The Denver City Page

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