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Unique NoCo Vacation Rentals from Airbnb

Whether you’re planning a visit to Fort Collins as a guest or you already call the city your home, spending some time at a vacation rental is a wonderful way to escape from reality or simply see the beautiful Northern Colorado area from a different perspective. One of our favorite ways to find a vacation rental home, condo, or simply a room, is through Airbnb.

It’s pretty simple. On Airbnb, you can search for a place in a certain area, specify your price range or other requirements (entire home, private room or shared room) and choose from a large variety of properties available for rent. You can request specific dates for your stay, which will then be approved by the renter, depending on their schedule and room/home availability.

Thankfully, we have done a portion of the window shopping for you by selecting a handful of our favorite NoCo area Airbnb listings. They range from small and simple to large and grandiose. So whatever the state of your lifestyle and wallet, there is bound to be a listing here that intrigues you. If not, you can always do your own search!

Climber’s Cave Crash Pad $40

If you’re desiring an authentic Fort Collins experience, are looking to save money, and don’t mind something a bit more rustic, consider spending a few nights hanging in a hammock within this rock climbing wall paradise. This “Climber’s Cave Crash Pad” is for those who can’t quite decide between a camping trip and a hotel stay. We can’t possibly describe this place better than the hosts themselves:

“This one-car-garage-turned-climbing-cave offers none of the amenities of home, including a central queen sized mattress, multi-tiered hammock suite with breathtaking views of backyard garden/driveway, and a full bouldering cave festooned with exotic chili pepper lighting.”

NoCo Area Best Airbnb

The playful and adventurous lifestyle of this couple comes through in their listing verbiage and even more clearly in their eclectic space.

Guests have access to the home’s bathroom and kitchen, as the crash pad sleeping area is simply an ex-garage. The couple mentions that this inevitable interaction means they are more than happy to share their favorite Fort Collins happenings with guests, which they mention are both in abundance and close by.

In fact, one of our favorite aspects of this place is the location. It is situated in a safe neighborhood that is only a few blocks from Colorado State University and all there is to do in that area. Take a 15-minute walk or 5-minute bike ride into Old Town and indulge in the abundance of shops and restaurants at your fingertips. Or wander off the beaten path to the Front Range, consisting of a wide variety of hiking, biking, climbing and floating activities. If you have no clue where to go, just ask your hosts! They have lived in Fort Collins for 15 years and would love to gift you with a personalized to-do list during your stay.

Downtown Artery Multi-Person Room $110

If you can’t quite swing a European getaway, but want to experience a taste of overseas travel right in your backyard, this apartment located in downtown Fort Collins might just be your solution. It has just the right amount of modern European hostel vibes to bring us back to the days of backpacking and train rides. This would be the perfect urban campground for a group of young friends or an easy-going family that doesn’t mind the close quarters and simple interior that this place offers. That happens to be what we’re drawn to most — the lack of clutter and the bright, modern furnishings and paint job.

NoCo Area Best AirbnbThis is one of two apartments for rent within the Downtown Artery, an art, music, cafe, venue and recording label of sorts located in downtown Fort Collins. They have generously opened up this space to provide a unique and exciting stay for travelers.

As a guest, you will be completely immersed in their world of art, as the building hosts visual artists, photographers, a recording studio, an art gallery and a second-floor deck. Their mission is “to bring travelers into [their] world; where art, music and collaboration are the everyday focus and the betterment of community and self are daily goals.”

NoCo Area Best Airbnb

If a boring stay in Fort Collins is your goal, maybe skip over this listing. The Artery just opened a cafe and music venue below their apartment rooms, so music can often play until 1 a.m., especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To avoid a noisy stay if this thought scares you, check out their events schedule before you book!

But if this concept excites you, grab an event ticket and book a bed, which will be conveniently situated just feet from all the activity! The apartment includes a brand-new full bathroom, a kitchenette and two new bunk beds. Guests are also welcome in all spaces within the Artery, besides private studios rented by working artists. This includes a full kitchen, spacious deck and large gallery.

Call a few friends, pack your sense of adventure and stay in this centrally located, exciting urban dorm!

Stunning Mid-Mod Mountain House $575

Travel into the wilderness and climb an elevation of 7,000 feet to this mid-mod home bordering Roosevelt National Forest with captivating views of the Continental Divide. This space is highly innovative and unique, with a bold and sophisticated design. Just look at the interior and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the design surprises that await inside.

NoCo Area Best Airbnb

The spiral stairwell, unpredictable ceiling shapes and mid-mod accent pieces are what stick out to us the most. The home was designed by celebrated Colorado architect, Charles Haertling, who was known for combining elements of modernism with organic architecture. That is certainly the case with this property, as Haertling managed to place blatantly mod architecture in an organic and outdoorsy setting.

This home can host up to six people, which means it would be the perfect rental for a group ready to hit the slopes or a family seeking a cozy holiday getaway. However, we are also under the impression that this tucked-away cabin would make a romantic setting for an intimate getaway for two.

There’s not much else we can add about this stunning property. Let the photos of its impressive interior do all the talking.

NoCo Area Best Airbnb

NoCo Area Best Airbnb

Blue Sky Mountain Ranch $800-$1250*

Another woodsy getaway awaits you at this exclusive private ranch estate positioned atop a 500-foot enclave overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

This vacation rental is perfect for an extended family vacation or reunion, corporate gatherings and retreats, or a small wedding of less than 75 people. (And several weddings and events have occurred on this property!) The home comfortably hosts a whopping 14 people with one king-sized, four queen-sized and four twin-sized beds. This home has hosted quite the lineup of guests, including an Oscar award-winning director, sports celebrities, and several authors and screenwriters.

NoCo Best Airbnbs

Hang out as a group in the luxurious common area, with huge glass windows displaying the surrounding views. What do these surroundings entail? In short, you can expect rock cliffs and ridge lines, flowery meadows, a seasonal stream running right through the property, a diverse forest of Evergreen species, Aspen groves, and a complex trail system. And don’t miss the sunset while reclining on the private dining deck!

You can enjoy hiking, biking, ATVing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or archery right outside your doorstep, but can also reach civilization within 5 to 30 minutes of the ranch. So you get the best of both worlds! And after all this activity, unwind in the theater that supplies a 65-inch smart flat screen TV, surround sound, a Wii gaming system and a stereo system that emits sound by the outdoor hot tub and dining deck.

We could go on and on, but we’re just wasting the time that you could spend booking this ranch for your upcoming gathering, or simply daydreaming as you check out these photos.

*Blue Sky Mountain Ranch’s varying nightly rate depends on the number of guests, the season and whether it’s a weekday night or weekend night.

NoCo Best Airbnbs

Here’s another thought.

If you’re not looking to escape on a getaway any time soon, you might even consider renting out your own home or apartment through Airbnb. Sometimes it only takes a spare bedroom or basement space. But if you travel a lot, you could rent out your entire space while you’re away. You might even be able to pay for your travels using the money you make with Airbnb!


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