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Food Truck Friday: Mile High Lobster and The Goodness



As part of our weekly #FoodTruckFriday series, we’re featuring Mile High Lobster and The Goodness food trucks! While Mile High Lobster showcases its famous New England lobster roll, and The Goodness specializes in sandwiches and burgers made from fresh, local ingredients. Each week we’re giving away free entrées from our featured food trucks. All you have to do is share our post on Facebook or retweet our posts to Twitter to be entered in a chance to win!



“From the coast of Maine to Colorado’s mile-high Front Range, ex-Mainers Nancy & Doug Van Reeth bring you culinary royalty: one kingly WICKED-good lobstah roll!.”

Serving Maine-style lobster rolls and brats in their regular spot in Old Town, as well as at various breweries, Mile High Lobster Shack seeks to provide locals and “transplants” alike with their authentic East Coast dishes.

Returning to Fort Collins after eight years in Maine’s bleak economy, the Van Reeth’s anticipated finding jobs in the area relatively quickly. However, as time went on without success, the couple looked towards practical alternatives. One day, after they had a “light bulb moment”, and they began to research the possibility of importing lobster meat from the Maine Coast, New England-style. After a bit of organization and planning, all of the pieces seemed to fly into place – literally!

Having been previously unfamiliar with the food truck industry, the people in the Health Department initially intimidated Nancy. Yet, since sitting down with employees of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) with a list of questions, they have come to be some of the company’s greatest supporters.

“Each hurdle makes you stronger and more confident. Conquer what scares you the most and you’ll be so proud of yourself. We forget to be proud of ourselves for doing something so outlandish and making it succeed!” she noted.

One reason why Mile High Lobster’s success has been indisputable is due to the Van Reeth’s commitment to serving only the best seafood, proving wrong the statement, “You can’t get good seafood in this state!” And with so many ex-East Coast residents now living in Colorado, the owners knew they couldn’t serve anything less than the best, or, as they joke, they’d surely be run out of town!

“We get great joy in introducing folks to their first lobster roll and pleasing those that thought they’d never have another one unless they went back east!” explained Nancy.

The company, who often gets its products from Sam’s Club, Walmart, Sprouts, Wicked Whoopies, Restaurant Depot, etc, admits that it’s biggest challenges involve rain and wind, winter, running out of lobster and late night events. Yet, combatting these struggles is always their love for Fort Collins and its people.

“When we moved back from Maine the friendly, helpful, talkative people here just amazed us. I guess when we lived here before we were one of them so we didn’t notice!” pointed out Nancy.

Mile High Lobster is scheduled to be located at Odell Brewing Company every Thursday. So next time you’re nearby, look for the red inflatable lobsters and get yourself a “wicked good lobstah roll!”

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one of your menu items would you want to have an endless amount of and why?” 

“LOBSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! on a toasted split top with lots of fresh lemon juice! They are so refreshing and their flavor is so out-of-the box.” Nancy Van Reeth, owner, Mile High Lobster.




“We want you to leave our truck with the ‘warm fuzzies’ that only comes from food made with care and love. It sounds cheesy, we know! But when your heart is in what you are cooking, it really comes through in the food, especially comfort food.”

Focused on unique combinations of only the freshest local ingredients, The Goodness is another Fort Collins mobile food truck in business since June of 2013. Owners Andrew and Abby Andrews, are known across the city for making all of their sauces, making from scratch their dressings and rubs, and for picking their produce right off the farm.

Influencing their decision to open a food truck, both co-owners admit that they have always loved to cook. One year, while on a roadtrip driving to and from British Columbia, the couple was first introduced to the food truck scene.

“When we got back to Fort Collins we realized food trucks might do pretty well here, so we took the crazy leap of faith. We quit our jobs and bought a truck in April of 2013 and had our grand opening June 19, 2013 in the Odell parking lot,” explained Abby.

After spending quite some time outside of breweries, The Goodness has acquired numerous, beer-loving return-customers. Through fostering these relationships, and the partnerships with local businesses, the truck has ultimately established a fanbase of loyal FoCo customers.

“The people of Fort Collins are what make this city amazing. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the partnerships we have made. Supporting local business seems to be a priority for residents of Fort Collins and we are so appreciative of that,” said Abby.

Included in the list of local businesses who are supported by The Goodness are: Fiddletown Bakery, The Shire CSA, Colorado Mills, Quatrix Aquaponics, Fagerberg Produce, LOCO Foods, Gilberto’s Gourmet Goodness, Noosa Yoghurt, MouCo Cheese Company and the Savory Spice Shop.

Whether it’s the utilization of local products, the combination of delicious food and great customer service, or because people have come to actually be addicted to their burger, it is clear that The Goodness is a FoCo fave and is here to stay!

“Our truck itself is a giant billboard! When we decided to open a food truck, we really wanted the full food truck experience. We love our truck and she is by far the best investment we ever made,” expressed Abby.

Busiest during the lunch/early evening hours, The Goodness will be at their co-hosted event, The Growing Project every first Friday through October. Here, they meet at The Shire CSA for a night of live music, beer and of course, food truck fun!

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one of your menu items would you want to have an endless amount of and why?”

“Beer Cheeseburger. Hands down. Often proclaimed by our customers as “the best burger in Fort Collins,” it is ½ lb of Black Angus mixed with porter, cooked to order, delicious mouth watering Goodness. And since we’re stranded on a desert island, why not load it up with our house BBQ pulled pork and caramelized onions?! Yes, please!”  Andrew & Abby Andrews, owners, The Goodness.

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