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Food Truck Friday: Win a Free Entree at Big’s Meat Wagon or Umami Mobile Eatery!


Today we’re launching a new series, Food Truck Fridays, where we highlight FoCo food trucks and give users the chance to win a free voucher from participating vendors. First up this week are Big’s Meat Wagon and Umami Mobile Eatery! Like and share our post on Facebook for a chance to win a food voucher from one of these awesome food truck vendors!



“Serving up BBQ and other fresh fixings at special events & farmers’ markets around town.”

First up in our #FoodTruckFridays series is Big’s Meat Wagon! This truck serves a variety of barbequed meat products and offers Big’s Original BBQ Sauce – the godfather of all sauces. Whether you are a local here in Fort Collins, or live just miles away wanting some good BBQ Sauce, Big’s is the truck for you!

“I’ve been participating in BBQ competitions for years, and even started selling my own sauce back in 2011,” commented McQuain. “My truck originally developed from a need for good BBQ in town, and ended up being much cheaper than selling my BBQ individually.”

He has found that what makes customers seek out and return to Big’s is simply that it offers a great product that has an amazing taste.

Although 99% of the time Big’s operates solely at the hand of McQuain, he does “employ” a few of his friends from time-to-time to assist with the truck’s service. What’s their compensation? BBQ, of course! As McQuain jokes, it’s a deal they cannot resist.

One reason Big’s is truly irresistible is due to it’s locally sourced ingredients, which he gathers from places such as Miller Farm in Platteville, CO, Sam’s Club and at Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse. McQuain explains that, to him, it’s all about getting the best product and the best deal.

“As a food truck owner, I don’t put out a product I wouldn’t want to order myself at a restaurant. I know exactly what’s going out the window at all times,” said McQuain. “It’s a super hands-on business, whereas restaurants tend to be more corporate-owned.”

Interested in trying Big’s Meat Wagon? McQuain will be traveling around Fort Collins today, so give him a call at  (970) 980 – 3988 with your delivery or catering requests!

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one of your menu items would you want to have an endless amount of and why?”

“ The beef brisket. It speaks for itself” – Joe McQuain, owner, Big’s Meat Wagon.



“UMAMI… the fifth taste.  When you know it’s not sweet, salty, sour or bitter, and you can’t quite put your fork on that mouth-watering taste you’re sensing… that’s Umami!”

Also kicking off our #FoodTruckFridays series is Umami Mobile Eatery! Umami is an asian-style FoCo food truck whose dishes have been inspired by owner, Sara Gilman’s travels abroad and through a universal desire to eat and share good food everyday.

“I wanted to try something different. I worked in restaurants for ten years and love learning and trying new things. I also have dreams to open a brick and mortar restaurant and this is a good first step in obtaining my goal,” proclaimed Gilman.

Her truck, which utilizes a variety of recycled and compostable products, obtains its ingredients largely from local sources when applicable, and food distributors otherwise. Umami Mobile Eatery’s usage of fresh, local ingredients prepared from scratch, in combination with excellent customer service, truly keeps customers wanting more of Gilman’s menu items.

“Food trucking is not for the faint of heart,” explained Gilman. “It’s the hardest thing I have ever done, but I love every minute of it. The best advice [I have] is to keep it simple and organized. My business is always evolving and the journey has been rewarding, even with the many ups-and-downs of this summer.”

Busiest on Friday’s and during the evening hours, Umami is perfect for someone looking for fun, healthy, and fair-priced meals. Taking the lead in local catering, food trucks such as Gilman’s continuously provide Fort Collins with something to do while keeping up with the ever-changing community.

Coming this fall, Umami has planned some exciting sustainability programs, and hopes to see you around town, campus or out at the breweries! Currently the company’s most popular locations are New Belgium and Odell Brewing Companies.

“There has been some talk of a future “Mini Umami”- We will see what comes of that in our crazy schedule. Until then, I want to keep Umami local in Fort Collins, for she is a FoCo staple,” stated Gilman.

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, which one of your menu items would you want to have an endless amount of and why?”

“Seared Dumplings hands down! I have to have our dumplings once a day because they are that good.” – Sara Gilman, owner, Umami Mobile Eatery.

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