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Old Town, new possibilities for visualizing Fort Collins

The SOURCE provides a fresh approach to learning about real estate, recreation and more.
Where to live? What to do? Where to go? Such questions can be common to both newcomers and longtime residents in the Fort Collins area. And The Group has established a source for answers that’s unlike any the community.
Our new downtown destination, 121 E. Mountain Ave., is part information center, part welcoming committee, and part real estate office. It’s aptly called The SOURCE.
Our friendly Ambassador and knowledgeable Realtors are there seven days a week to make sure you get the information you need. We are committed to being THE source of real estate information in Northern Colorado.
Want to see the locations of three-bedroom houses for sale? It’s here. Checking out hiking or biking trails for the upcoming weekend? We can show you. Want to map out restaurants or brewpubs for a night on the town? We’ve got that too.
All that information and more are at your fingertips with the innovative Google Earth™ Liquid Galaxy™ technology that’s now available at The SOURCE. In cooperation with the Geospatial Centroid project at Colorado State University, The Group and The SOURCE provide an immersive digital experience-on three 60″ screens-that invites users to fly over streets, neighborhoods, cities and mountain ranges to satisfy their curiosities.
Our theme is “” and our purpose is to bring insight to information. Data means so much more if you can visualize it, and The SOURCE is equipped to make your data come to life.

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