Market Activity, December 2018

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New Listings

674 listings

Previous month: 967

Homes on Market

4,231 listings

Previous month: 4,390

Sold Listings

745 listings

Previous month: 846

Average Days on Market

87 days

Previous month: 115

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In 1976, twelve Realtors began The Group, Inc. with the dream of having a company where everyone was an equal owner. This concept was untried; there were no models to follow. The Group, Inc. became a laboratory for experimenting with group dynamics, teams, self-directed work groups, employee empowerment, and leadership—all the while working to find the very best way to help our customers buy and sell real estate.

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The Real Estate Source

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January 15, 2019

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The Group's downtown Fort Collins office provides a fresh approach to learning about real estate, recreation and more! Where to live? Places to go? What to do? Such questions can be common to both newcomers and longtime residents in the Fort Collins area. And The Group has established a source for answers that's unlike any in the community.

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