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Northern Colorado Nature Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

Northern Colorado is a haven for photographers — particularly nature photographers, who focus on landscape and wildlife photos. Our mountains, rivers, lakes, wildlife and sunsets are just waiting to be captured.

#OptOutside (without having to leave your house!) by following these talented nature photographers in Northern Colorado. They will take you along on their adventures through our picture-perfect surroundings!

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A post shared by Brandon Batman (@brandon_batman_photography) on

Brandon Batman has an eye for capturing the beauty around him as he explores all that the Northern Colorado area has to offer. Brandon’s Instagram account mostly includes photos of stars, wildlife, mountains, lakes, trees and sunsets — all of which blow us away. And his equally as “Instagram famous” dogs, @juneau_meeker_adventure_team, regularly make an appearance on his feed.



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A post shared by J u s t i n ↟ T y l e r (@justinroams) on

Justin Tyler beautifully documents Colorado in all its glory from season to season. While he roams the Rockies, Justin has a special eye for capturing moody sunsets and sunrises casting a warm glow on our region’s towering mountains. His use of saturation and contrast is absolutely breathtaking.



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A post shared by Frank A. Nøvøtny (@franknovotny) on

Frank Novotny uses his Canon camera to capture the stunning scenes in Colorado, from the majestic mountaintops to the serene rivers. His photos have a magical glow about them, as he works with existing light and adds artistic touches of his own. Frank’s photography evokes delightful drama and an almost surreal sense of beauty.



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A post shared by abigail lafleur-shaffer. (@abi.lafleur) on

Abigail Lafleur-Shaffer is the talented human behind the highly successful @kodiak_thebeardog and @kuma_thehuskybear accounts, two adventurous pups who also happen to make excellent models — especially with Colorado scenes as their backdrop! Abigail has an incredible ability to capture the region (and wherever else she travels) in a truly artistic way.



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A post shared by Anders J. Ipsen | Photographer (@anders_j_ipsen) on

Anders J. Ipsen was born and raised in Upstate New York but moved to Colorado a few years ago — and we’re so glad he did. Anders spends a lot of time backcountry hiking, biking and splitboarding, which is why many of his photos are landscapes. He does an especially beautiful job at capturing sunsets and sunrises — and the unique cloud formations they illuminate.



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A post shared by Ben Thomas (@itsbentumnus) on

We are swooning over Ben Thomas’ colorful feed displaying the best views in Northern Colorado — and across the country. He is a New Jersey native studying wildlife biology at CSU. An adventure seeker and photographer, Ben shares a diverse variety of scenes on his account, from Oregon Coast beaches to waterfalls tucked away in the forest.



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A post shared by izzy libby (@izlib) on

Izzy Libby offers a unique perspective on life in Northern Colorado with his minimalist, low-saturation squares. He is an adventurer “fueled by coffee” — and we’re thankful he takes his followers along on his travels both near and far.



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A post shared by Jess (@jessica_m_barr) on

Landscape designer and photographer Jessica Barr has an incredible ability to capture wildlife — particularly birds. You’ll find a mixture of soaring eagles, squirrels, moose, trees, sunsets, flowers, mountains and more on her feed.



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A post shared by Evan Gerstung | Photography (@evang_travels) on

Fort Collins resident Evan Gerstung is a photographer, adventurer and traveler. To date, he has visited 35 out of the 62 national parks in the country and has even ventured to five of the 46 Canadian parks! His photos are so complex and surreal that many look like they could be paintings.



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A post shared by Omar Peña | Photography (@pena_o_photography) on

Omar Peña is another talented wildlife photographer. He captures up-close-and-personal shots of birds, raccoons, moose, insects and more, many of which are moving, which gives an animated, action-packed feel to his work.



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A post shared by Lorie (@wurly_bird) on

Lorie is a trail enthusiast who calls the mountains her home — and thankfully, she brings her camera along on her adventures! She captures stunning skies, towering trees, detailed flowers, serene rivers and waterfalls, and much more.



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A post shared by Conor O’Shea (@coloradoconorr) on

Conor O’Shea is a New Yorker living in Colorado who loves to explore, create and inspire. While there is a lot of variety on his feed, from mountains to lakes and forests to meadows, there is a consistent bright blue hue to his photos that gives his photography a distinct look.



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A post shared by Chat (@coats_73) on

Chat has a knack for capturing moody fog, mountain and tree shadows, sunsets and sunrises, whether he’s traveling to Hawaii or exploring Rocky Mountain National Park here in Northern Colorado. The detailed texture on his mountain photos is particularly inspiring!



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A post shared by Heather Hanson (@msheathernoel) on

Heather Hanson’s feed is a world of kaleidoscopic color and contrast, from golden aspen groves to cotton candy pink skies. Her bio simply reads “life is a beautiful adventure” — and we couldn’t agree more!


What Nature Photographers Do You Follow?

Let us know what photographer(s) we need to add to our list! Comment below with your suggestions.

Photographers Featured in Header Image (Left to Right): @anders_j_ipsen, @abi.lafleur + @justinroams

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