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14 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

So you have two weeks until Halloween and you haven’t decided on your costume yet. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. In fact, we’re there almost every year! To help with the search for the best and most clever Halloween ensembles, we put together a list of our favorite last-minute DIY costumes.

Break out the hot glue guns, because we found no-sew tutorials and ten-minute craft projects that anyone can do!


For the Group


Milkshake Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of Studio DIY

If you’re looking for an outfit for you and a couple of friends, you can all be a different milkshake flavor! All it takes is finding white, pink and brown dresses from a thrift store (or wearing one you already have) and creating a few adorable matching cherry-on-top hats.


The Grinch

Grinch Halloween Costume

Photo courtesy of Bombshell Bling

Perfect for a family or a group of friends, this costume will get everyone feeling festive and ready for Christmas! With some face paint, a fuzzy suit and a lot of hairspray, the whole crew will be ready to go.


Party Animals

Party Animals Costume

Photos courtesy of Our Fifth House

We love the way this family used clothes they already had to transform into party animals. Use one of these awesome mask DIYs and throw on some animal ears!


For You


Strawberry Costume

Photos courtesy of Studio DIY

With a simple red dress, hot glue gun and a few craft supplies you can be a strawberry this Halloween. You could even turn this into a group costume and be a whole handful of fruits. Here’s an easy DIY pineapple costume that would fit in perfectly!



Burger Costume

Photo courtesy of Please Note

This no-sew burger costume comes complete with a pickle slice hat. Made almost entirely out of felt, this is an extremely low-cost option and all it takes is a hot glue gun to put it all together!



Gnome Costume

Photo courtesy of Please Note

This gnome costume only has two elements to DIY, so it’s a great last minute option. With simple cut outs and gluing, you’ll have a beard and a hat fit for any garden. And the dress and boots can be worn for the rest of the year!



Cactus Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of Shrimp Salad Circus

Not only does this blogger manage to make a cactus adorable, but she also makes it glow. You can leave out the glowsticks, but we think it’s a great idea if you’ll be out late! A sweater and tights make this the perfect costume to keep you warm this Halloween.


For the Kids


Fisherman Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of C.R.A.F.T.

This blogger turns a brown paper bag into an adorable fisherman costume — complete with fish! With clothes your child already has, they can have one of the cutest costumes on the block.


Organic Carrot

Carrot Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of C.R.A.F.T.

Put a few stickers and a tulle hat on your baby and suddenly she’s a charming organic carrot. The best part is the costume doesn’t ruin the orange onesie at all so you can reuse it after Halloween!



DIY Halloween Costumes

Photos courtesy of Creative Green Living

With a mermaid crown this luxurious, your child will be the talk of the town this season. You can create one of the most adorable mermaids we’ve ever seen with just a little bit of sewing!



Kid Ghost Halloween Costumes

Photos courtesy of Bombshell Bling

For another no-sew option, these ghost costumes are festive and can be made to fit anyone! And you can cut the faces into any shape you’d like — terrifying or charming.


Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of Make It & Love It

This adorable gumball costume could be made for any age! This tutorial walks you through sewing the skirt yourself, but it could be imitated with a store bought one as well. Just stick some foam balls on and make a hat and you’re ready to go!


For the Couple

Bob Ross + The Happy Tree

Bob Ross Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of C.R.A.F.T.

Spread the cheer (and the paint!) this Halloween and create this Bob Ross and The Happy Tree costume. We love this one because it only requires a few easy props and you’ll definitely stand out for creativity!


Milk + Cookies

Milk & Cookies Halloween Costume

Photos courtesy of Studio DIY

There is nothing better than a chocolate cookie with milk, so harness your inner sweetness and become a cookie this year! With a milkman as a partner, you’ll be a match made in heaven. All you need is a hot glue gun, a few craft supplies and clothes you might already have in your closet.


Happy Halloween!

Share your clever DIY costumes with us this season and spread the Halloween cheer!

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