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The Ultimate Guide to (40!) Fort Collins Food Trucks

It’s no secret that the food truck game is strong in Fort Collins. Just take a walk through town, visit a local brewery, or attend a community event, and you’ll know. Food trucks are popping up left and right, offering delicious and affordable meals on wheels.

In fact, the growing number of food trucks in this fleet means there are several legal changes underway, that while controversial and disheartening to many, keep in mind brick-and-mortar businesses as well. And thankfully, food trucks aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

But one thing has not changed — and that’s Fort Collins’ love for food trucks. That’s why we decided to park the top local food trucks on one convenient list, split up by category. We’ve also provided the best way to track these ever-moving trucks down, so you can stay updated on their whereabouts when the next hunger strike hits!


American Food Trucks

The Goodness Food Truck

Photos Courtesy of The Goodness

A Little Goodness / The Goodness

Type: Sandwiches + Burgers

Track Down the Truck: Calendar

You’re likely to find The Goodness, specializing in sandwiches and burgers comprised of local ingredients, at a local brewery. Keep an eye out for the smaller version of the truck — A Little Goodness!


Bear’s Backyard Grill

Type: Sliders, Tacos + More

Track Down the Truck: Calendar

Bear’s Backyard Grill serves up creative and internationally diverse fare from their sliders to their tacos, emphasizing locally sourced ingredients.


Daco’s Green Chile Shack

Type: New Mexican Food

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Daco’s Green Chile Shack serves up an authentic New Mexican menu, featuring their original Daco’s Green Chile, based on a recipe that has been handed down to the family’s relatives through generations.



Type: Macaroni and Cheese

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Mac’N is a fairly new food truck in town already making waves with its fresh twist on a comfort food classic, showcasing “a lustful marriage between macaroni and cheese.”


The Silver Seed

Type: Sandwiches + Tacos

Track Down the Truck: Calendar or Facebook

The Silver Seed is on a mission to show the world that healthy, ethical food can be insanely delicious. You can find them serving tasty and earth-conscious meals from their tiny 1964 Serro Scotty all over town!


The Sustainable Spoon

Type: Comfort Food

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

The Sustainable Spoon serves up comfort food with a twist, with menu items like mac and cheese, sandwiches, sliders, brats, and more!


Taps’ Food Truck

Type: Sandwiches, Brats, Ribs + More

Track Down the Truck: Regular Location (Zwei Brewing Co.)

You can usually find Taps’ Food Truck parked outside Zwei Brewing Co., serving hungry guests delicious sandwiches, brats, ribs, and more!


The Tramp About

Type: Sandwiches, Burgers, Tacos + More

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

The Tramp About specializes in American food made with local ingredients, serving up sandwiches, burgers and tacos smothered in tasting toppings and bursting with flavor.


BBQ + Hotdog Food Trucks

Corndoggies Food Truck

Photo Courtesy of Corndoggies

BIGS Meat Wagon

Type: BBQ

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

BIGS Meat Wagon doesn’t mess around when it comes to BBQ and all the fresh fixings! In fact, they recently won the People’s Choice Award for Best Food at the Taste of Fort Collins. Take home their famous BBQ sauce to enjoy all summer long!


Common Link

Type: Sausages + Sides

Track Down the Truck: Website

You’ll often find the Common Link truck parked outside of local breweries or other happening spots around town, serving up unforgettable sausages and sides — including poutine!



Type: Corn Dogs

Track Down the Truck: Upcoming Events Page

Who knew artisan corn dogs existed?! Corndoggies is cooking up something you may not have experienced — handmade varietal sausages dipped in their unique batter and complemented with the perfect sauce.


Feeney’s Weenies

Type: Hot Dogs + Beef

Track Down the Truck: Schedule

Feeney’s Weenies delivers delectable Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches to Fort Collins and the entire Front Range.


Nomad Street Cuisine

Type: Burgers, Sandwiches, Brats + Hot Dogs

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

We can’t think of a better name for a food truck than Nomad Street Cuisine. While they may be nomadic in nature, their quality is quite serious — from their burgers to their hot dogs.


Uncle Jim’s Dogs

Type: Hot Dogs + Brats

Track Down the Truck: By Chance!

Uncle Jim’s Dogs delivers quality brats and dogs to wandering folks in Old Town and at local breweries!


Wing Shack Food Truck

Type: Chicken Wings

Track Down the Truck: By Appointment

Wing Shack Food Truck has mastered the art of crafting sweet and spicy buffalo-style chicken wings, smothered in an assortment of sauces from mild to “Bear Hot.” Their culinary creations are comprised of fresh and local ingredients!


Coffee Food Trucks

Human Bean Coffee Truck

Photo Courtesy of The Human Bean Coffee Truck

Cranked Up Coffee

Type: Coffee

Track Down the Truck:

What better form of food truck transportation than a bicycle in bike-friendly Fort Collins? Cranked Up Coffee is delivering caffeination on two wheels, including unique creations like Nitro Matcha!


The Coffee Stop

Type: Espresso, Coffee, Tea + Small Bites

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

The Coffee Stop is a mobile espresso bus setting up shop all over town to on-the-go caffeine consumers in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. They also serve iced and hot coffee beverages, assorted teas, smoothies and lots of light bites!


The Human Bean Coffee Truck

Type: Coffee, Tea, Smoothies + Snacks

Track Down the Truck: Parked at CSU or at Other Events

The Human Bean Coffee Truck is usually parked at CSU on the south side of Moby Arena, but can be seen at various events around town serving up coffee, tea, smoothies, baked goods, snacks and more!


Tiny House Coffee

Type: Coffee

Track Down the Truck: Twitter and Instagram (Coming Soon!)

Tiny House Coffee is coming to the local food truck scene soon, dishing out all your coffee needs from their unique tiny house on wheels!


From All Over the Globe Food Trucks

Waffle Lab Food Truck

Photos Courtesy of The Waffle Lab

Günter’s Bavarian Grill

Type: Bavarian

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Gunter’s Bavarian Grill is owned by a musical couple with a fascinating story, serving up a simple authentic Bavarian menu, including currywurst, kraut burgers and spaetzle.


Kolaveri Chicken

Type: Indian

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Kolaveri Chicken is a brand new food truck in town, already making waves with their South Indian Kabobs, Naan with garlic, cheese and spinach, and Samosas (a type of deep-fried potsticker).


Taste of Brazil / The Brazilian Snack Shack

Type: Brazilian

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Taste of Brazil / The Brazilian Snack Shack is known around town for their delicious authentic Brazilian food, like their Lanche de Pernil, a well-loved Brazilian pulled pork sandwich.


The Waffle Lab

Type: Waffles

Track Down the Truck: Usual Location

Get swept away to Belgium with the sweet and savory flavors at The Waffle Lab, offering highly evolved, gourmet, Belgian-style waffles from their mobile truck. They are also in the middle of opening their first brick-and-mortar location on the corner of Mason and Olive Streets in Old Town!


Tumbleweed Gyro Cart

Type: Greek

Track Down the Truck: Usual Location

You can find the Tumbleweed Gyro Cart satisfying the late-night crowd at their usual location in Old Town on the corner of Mountain Avenue and College Avenue. Stop by for delicious gyros, hummus wraps, brats and more!


Umami Mobile Asian Eatery

Type: Asian

Track Down the Truck: Calendar or Facebook

Umami Mobile Asian Eatery creates sensational Asian fare inspired by the founder’s travels abroad and composed of as many locally sourced products as possible. From seared edamame to their famous Umami Tacos, you can’t go wrong!



Type: A Variety of Ethnic Foods

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

FoodTopia recently transitioned from a permanent parking spot to traveling all over town for events throughout the summer! Follow along to grab some burgers, Brazilian food, chili con carne, curry, and other dishes from all over the world!


Italian Food Trucks

Ripe Tomatoes Wood Fired Pizza Food Truck

Photos Courtesy of Ripe Tomatoes Wood Fired Pizza


Type: Pizza, Salads + Sliders

Track Down the Truck: Usual Location or Facebook

Fresh is fresh to the Fort Collins food truck scene, having officially opened at the start of this year! Their wood-fired pizzas are made with garden-fresh ingredients, as the name implies.


La Piadina

Type: Italian Flatbread Sandwiches

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

La Piadina Food Truck delivers piadina flatbread sandwiches, one of Italy’s finest street foods, to the streets of Fort Collins from their red restaurant on wheels.


Ripe Tomatoes Wood Fired Pizza

Type: Pizza

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Ripe Tomatoes Wood Fired Pizza accomplishes the seemingly impossible by serving up authentic wood-fired pizza from their mobile eatery. Their emphasis on organic and locally sourced ingredients is absolutely inspiring.


Mexican Food Trucks

Austin Taco Food Truck

Photos Courtesy of Austin Taco

Austin Taco

Type: Tacos

Track Down the Truck: Twitter

Austin Taco is a quirky truck serving incredible breakfast burritos, tacos, and as is synonymous with Austin, a “weird taco of the month.” Grab a tasty creation made with simple ingredients and old family recipes.


Las Delicias Carniceria

Type: Tacos, Burritos + Tortas

Track Down the Truck: Usual Location

Las Delicias Carniceria has some of the best Mexican food around, operating out of a mobile eatery with a simple but satisfying menu.


The Taco Stop

Type: Tacos

Track Down the Truck: Usual Location or Facebook

You’ll want to make a stop at The Taco Stop, a well-known local food truck with delicious street-style tacos that usually parks in Old Town or at local breweries on occasion.


Seafood Food Trucks

Mile High Lobster Shack

Photos Courtesy of Mile High Lobster Shack

Mile High Lobster Shack

Type: Lobster Rolls

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Experience the tantalizing flavors of Maine Seafood right here in Colorado with Mile High Lobster Shack, dishing up Maine-style lobster rolls and brats at their typical Old Town location or at local breweries.


Sweet Treats Food Trucks

BaNomaNom Food Truck

Photos Courtesy of Ba-NOM-a-NOM

A-maize’n Kettle Corn

Type: Kettle Corn

Track Down the Truck: Events Page or Facebook

Make every day feel like a carnival with a sweet bag of kettle corn from A-maize’n Kettle Corn, found at many local events and farmers’ markets!



Type: Vegan Frozen Treats

Track Down the Truck: Schedule or Facebook

Ba-NOM-a-NOM is a unique truck in town serving up vegan frozen soft serve treats made with 100% fruit that is completely healthy. What a combination!


Divine Ice Cream

Type: Ice Cream

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Divine Ice Cream puts a new spin on your typical ice cream truck, offering 40+ novelties your family already knows and loves.

Koby’s East Coast Snowball Stand

Type: Snowballs

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Not only does Koby’s East Coast Snowball Stand serve a mean flavored snowball, they are in the business of helping kids with and without disabilities.


Kona Ice of Northern Colorado

Type: Shaved Ice

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Kona Ice is a major dessert company with over 750 franchises all over the country. Kona Ice of Northern Colorado is the local extension of this worldwide phenomenon, scooping up sweet and delicious shaved ice on wheels.


Maddie’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Type: Shaved Ice

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Combine the tropical tastes of Hawaii with winter snow at Maddie’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, serving soft shaved ice as smooth as snow made with syrups straight from the islands.


Maddie’s Kettle Korn

Type: Kettle Corn

Track Down the Truck: Facebook

Maddie’s Kettle Korn *pops* up at several community events around town, offering various flavors of fresh popped kettle corn!

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