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24 Colorful Couches That Make a Statement | Home Inspiration

We think it’s valuable and healthy to have boldness and confidence when it comes to your home decor decisions, as it creates a more eye-catching and interesting look. Besides, if you simply stuck to neutrals and a mundane color palette, you’d end up with something that’s safe, but lacks personality and interest.

On the other hand, we also understand that committing to a more bold color, pattern or texture can be quite risky. It’s not something you can decide haphazardly, as a change of heart — well, style — down the road could cost you quite a bit of money. It’s difficult to commit to a more permanent piece of furniture that has a bright color built into its DNA, as opposed to a wall or wooden piece of furniture that can easily be repainted or re-stained.

That’s why we wanted to show you some photos of colorful couches that work extremely well in their respective spaces. We hope these looks might inspire you to consider a similar bold move in your own home. These red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple couches bring their surroundings to life, and we believe they can do the same for you!


Red Couches

Red is a deep, romantic color that adds just the right amount of brightness to a room’s color palette without being completely over the top. You can add just about any color — in the form of pillows, throws, lamps, and other room accessories — to surround a red couch.


Red Couches

[SOURCES: Apartment Therapy, My Domaine, Urban Outfitters + Apartment Therapy]


Orange Couches

Incorporating an orange couch into a room takes a bit more bravery, but we think the end result is well worth the risk. Orange does really well with greens and blues, and makes enough of a statement on its own that you can keep the rest of your decor pretty simple.


Orange Couches

[SOURCES: Design Sponge, Better Homes and Gardens, Vintage Revivals + Home & Garden]


Yellow Couches

There are so many shades of yellow to choose from, and we think they are all wonderful. Yellow is undeniably a bright and cheerful color that can do nothing but enlighten and enhance your living room landscape.


Yellow Couches

[SOURCES: Sarah Le Donne, Homedit, CR Decoration + A Cup of Jo]


Green Couches

Green has a natural way of bringing a feeling of warmth and comfort to a space, and what better place for such coziness than a couch? We love the look and feel of green velvet couches, as the texture seems to pair well with a deep and calming green. We also love some of the brighter olive green couches that we’ve seen!


Green Couches

[SOURCES: 204 PARK, oh joy!, Domino + POPSUGAR]


Blue Couches

Blue is a safer shade than some of the other colors on this list, but it has the potential to be bold at the same time. We love blue’s ability to stand out but also blend well with the rest of the color wheel.


Blue Couches

[SOURCES: Annabode + Co., Apartment Therapy + Oh Happy Day]


Purple Couches

We love the rich and vibrant feel of a purple couch. It emits a feeling of royalty and luxury, and also proves you’re willing to have some fun with your space. Purple doesn’t have to be inherently feminine, and can instead bring a depth and sophistication to your space that you can’t find with other colors.


Purple Couches

[SOURCES: Simon Bevan, Flickr + MSN]


Would you ever buy a colorful couch?

Let us know if you’re willing to join the brave who committed to a colorful couch!

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